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Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Review

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Review


Normally I try to make all of my reviews video reviews, but this time around I screwed up and lost my mic so I can’t create any videos. So without any further delay here is my review for Hyper Dimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed.

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed is the latest Neptunia Game on steam, But this one is quite a bit different from the others. This is the first Hack and Slash Neptunia game, all of the other neptunia games before it were pure rpg goodness. Normally I enjoy Hack and Slash games quite a bit however this one feels extremely average in regards to gameplay. Not to say the gameplay is bad but it just feels like any other Hack and Slash. There are some rpg elements in this game though so it didn’t fully leave the genre. The rpg elements are pretty much limited to levels and equipment though.

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

There are some issues I have with the equipment as well, mainly enemy grinding. In order for you to get specific weapons for the corresponding character you have to kill so many of a specific enemy.


The main thing I was disappointed with was the story for this game was also extremely average, and the story only starts to pick up once you have beaten 50% of the missions given to you. In regards to the missions they all have levels associated with them in which you have to be that level or higher to not get destroyed by all the enemies in the level. Even going after missions of your own level can result in some difficulty spikes that can be a hassle at times.


You might be thinking I have said nothing but negative stuff so far is this a bad game? The answer to that is no it’s not a bad game. The reason it’s not bad is there are quite a bit of positive things with the game.


The story pretty much is about the Neptunia squad (not sure what to call them to be honest) going through quests given by Dengeki and Famitsu. Dengeki and Famitsu are also represented by 2 new characters in this game. One of the new characters i enjoyed quite a bit because she is basically Misaka Mikoto from Railgun (well her move set is anyways). While the story is lacking in substance it does have quite a bit of personality, with characters making jokes quite a bit. They know quite well they are in a game and make full use of it to make appropriate jokes. Including jokes involving the new clothes break feature, where they state that this wasn’t in their contracts etc. The characters are pretty much what pulls the average story though the whole game.

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

Earlier I did say that the gameplay was average, I didn’t quite mean it in a bad way mainly because this style of gameplay is still fun. But it’s more of a game you want to play in small doses since it gets boring quite soon into the game, due to the repetitive nature of the gameplay. Also the controls for this game are actually pretty good which is quite a plus. Idea Factory has always been pretty good about their ports and this one was not an exception.


All in all I enjoyed the game quite a bit however it’s not nearly as good as the other Neptunia games. If you enjoy the Hack and Slash format then you will probably enjoy this game quite a bit. However if you are expecting a good RPG?experience then you will be disappointed. I am going to have to give Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed a 7 out of 10. Before anyone starts complaining a 7 is considered good by my ratings so I’m saying its a good game despite its many flaws.




Fun but repetitive gameplay

Mostly Funny Characters

Good Controls

Railgun Reference (i’m a to Aru Kagaku No Railgun fan so the game gets extra points for this)




Average story

Disappointing RPG?elements



If you are interested in purchasing this game you can find it here:?

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion


(JAP title: Code Geass : Hangyaku no Lelouch)


Code Geass is one of the most popular anime of all time. It completely deserves this honor as it has an excellent plot that has many twists, great fights between human controlled robots and intricately designed characters. The story is the high point of the series and like Death Note?s Yagami Light, this anime?s protagonist, Lelouch is ruthless and is a genius. Watching him mastermind seemingly impossible operations is a blast. This series is just so enjoyable, that it leaves you begging for more. And thankfully, there is a season 2. This anime is definitely worth checking out. Don?t judge the anime by its first few episodes. It will appeal to fans of all genres as this anime restricts itself to no single genre, drifting from Shonen to Mystery to Drama to Slice of Life to Fantasy effortlessly. Code Geass : Watch it.


When I first heard about Code Geass?s storyline, I was not very impressed. I mean come on; a guy can tell anyone what to do and they?ll just do it without any hesitation? Sounded like an overpowered protagonist to me at first. And his aim? To defeat an empire which covers 1/3rd of the world. Right about now, I lost interest. But then one day I was really, REALLY bored and picked this series up. I expected a typical shonen with a guy who doesn?t talk much, a girl with a crush on him for no reason, extraordinary hidden talents, blah blah blah? And that?s exactly what I got for the first few episodes. But after around the 6th episode, my oh my? the series just kick starts its engine and goes into high gear. The story from then on has a breakneck pace which will keep you at the edge of your seat.

The story of Code Geass is that the protagonist (note that I don?t use the word hero. You?ll find out why.) Lelouch Lamperouge, is a prince of Britannia, the empire that controls a third of the world, who renounces his title as the Britannian army massacred his family and disabled his sister. Lelouch lives on, praying each day to get revenge on the Britannian Empire. And one fine day, he runs into an alien girl called CC. She offers him a contract ? She will give him the power of Geass and he must fulfil his part of the bargain, regardless of what it is. Lelouch, of course, agrees and obtains the power of Geass. With a Geass, you can turn one of your eyes into a Geass eye and use the Geass power on any human being. And what is the Geass power? Well, if you use Geass on a person, they simply do whatever you ask them to. Yes, he can ask them to die, rollover, do pushups, run on fire and whatever the heck he wants. And Lelouch is a master strategist, who has exceptional chess skills which builds his battle tactics. Now that he has a Geass, taking over an empire should be simple, wouldn?t it? Not quite. The story is set in 2017 a.t.b where soldiers use battle bots (like the ones in Mobile Suit Gundam) called Knightmare Frames to fight. And all Knightmare Frames are insanely powerful. Thus begins the story of how Lelouch, a high school student, tries to take down the world?s largest empire using his brilliant mind and the power of Geass. To keep his identity a secret he becomes Zero, the oddly dressed savior of Japan.

The animation is done by CLAMP, so you can expect the bots, the Knightmare Frames, to look good. Transition is smooth and there is almost no recycling of frames. Almost all the bots, especially the ones that come in the later episodes, look slick. However, the character design did not appeal all that much to me. Almost every character in the anime had the same build- lanky. But still, all the characters look different and you rarely ever get confused. I really though Zero could?ve had a better attire, the mask looked like an egg on a stick. There are a few tit flashes, a lot of scenes where the female characters are shown being in tempting poses and it has tons of open gory violence so it?s definitely not recommended for kids below 14. As far as the animation department, I am impressed and don?t have too many complaints.

The music in Code Geass, is overall, good. The first season opening and ending theme were pretty good. As far as soundtrack goes, it is done well, but there is nothing standout. Because of the noise made by the Knightmares, you can hardly hear the soft background music sometimes. Not much to criticize, but not much to appreciate either.

The story is much deeper than the synopsis above says. The story also plays the Best Friend vs. Best Friend card. And I just love anime which play that card. While Lelouch tries to take down the Britannian empire, his best friend from childhood, Suzaku, tries to stop Zero. And the best part? They don?t know each other?s secret identity. In the initial episodes, Lelouch simply does not care how many people he kills and abuses his Geass to the core. Just as it is about to get stale, the story switches paths, minimizing the role of the Geass and giving greater importance to his tactical and strategic abilities. There are constant twists in the plot, which keeps you engaged. Whether it may be a new Knightmare or a new character, the tight script keeps the action going. Although you may initially think Code Geass is just a rip off of Death Note + Mobile Suit Gundam, you soon change your mind. Agreed, they have a lot of similarities, but it is handled and presented in a different manner. For those who are familiar with Death Note, Lelouch might seem similar to Yagami at first, but around mid-way in the series, you stop comparing the two and realize both of them are completely different characters. Code Geass is far more dramatic and emotional than Death Note. It answers several critical questions Death Note did not. It?s not as intelligent, sophisticated or subtle, but that?s not to say it?s a bad thing. Geass has grandeur, which surprisingly appealed to me. The balance of Code Geass continuously shifts between the power of the Geass and the power of the Knightmare Frames. The characters in the anime are really good, each of them showing depth in their personalities. The notable side characters are Shirley, Kallen, Cornelia, Nunally, Ougi and Euphemia. The main characters ( Lelouch, CC, Suzaku ) are all excellently made and make the show a cut above the rest.

The ending, is well, hardly an ending. It?s like the prequel of season 2, Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. Yet, you will savor every moment of it. You shouldn?t have much problem choosing between the sub and the dub as both are, surprisingly, done extremely well. You should be comfortable with either.

The Bottom-line:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a mind-blowing anime that should satisfy Detective, Sci-fi and shonen fans alike. It is by no means overrated and it?s hard to criticize such a fast moving, engaging and fun anime. Enjoyement guaranteed.

Trillion: God of Destruction – A Boss With A Trillion HP?

Just got a press release about this games upcoming release on the PSP Vita. ?I will just sorta cut and paste what caught my attention:

About Trillion: God of Destruction

More than a thousand years passed since the legendary battle against theHeavens. The demons of the Underworld lived an evil, yet fulfilling life in peace. And so it remained, until the appearance of Trillion, a demon god of destruction that sought to consume the world.
Its power unfathomable, it destroyed the Underworld’s forces. Even Zeabolos, the Great Overlord himself, was defeated.
On the brink of death, Zeabolos heard a mysterious voice from deep within. “It is too early yet for the lineage of the Great Overlord to fall…” Zeabolos?was revived, his shambled body patched together again by a young necromancer named Faust.
Zeabolos?gained the power of the Soul Grimoire, and decided henceforth to fight.


Key Features
  • A TRILLION HP! This big bad boss has 1,000,000,000,000 HP! How you defeat him is up to your individual strategy and training!
  • 6 Deadly Sins to Love! In between battles, you’ll get some quality alone time with each of your six Overlord Candidates leading your army. Can you have a love story even in war?
  • Prepare for Battle!?While Trillion sleeps, it’s training time! Hit the training grounds and discover randomly-generated treasure chests or strengthen weapons at the Blacksmith’s!
  • Replay, Replay, Replay! Stats carry over with each New Game+ plus and there are multiple endings to unlock! With over 10 endings, there’s even more reason to stand up and keep fighting!


Ok so a game with a boss that has a trillion HP and multiple endings too? Sounds like it has a lot of replay value. Has any one reading this played the Japanese version?

Makes me wish I had a Vita after seeing the trailer for it. Hopefully we ?will have a chance to review it soon.

In case you are too lazy to watch the trailer. I am going to post some screenshots.

Trillion_SS_1_1 Trillion_SS_1_6 Trillion_SS_1_7 Trillion_SS_1_11 Trillion: God of Destruction, PS Vita

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