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New Anime for Summer 2014

Been wanting to post this before it is too late. Check out some of the new anime airing in Japan, and let us know what you would like to see reviews of.




Summer 2014 Anime Chart v3

Happy 4th of July

Anime Salvation 4th of july 2014




Happy 4th of July to all our readers. We are currently in the works of redoing the site some. So stay tuned to a new AnimeSalvation.


Anime North 2014 Teaser

Hey there everyone, we’re working on the coverage for Anime North 2014, but in the mean time here’s a small teaser of what we got to see there.

Golden Time review by miki

Golden Time Review

By Miki

This series deals with a college student who has amnesia.

NHK Review

Welcome to the NHK

By Miki


NHK: Nihongo Hikikomori Kyoukai: Japanese anti-social association. (Anime)


Chaos; Head


The Friendly Winter (Web-Manhwa)

Min-Seong and Da-Jeong Da Jeong Da-Jeong Mum and Dad

Name: The Friendly Winter, Author: Lee Jun, Scanlators: SCS, Vintage: 2012-2013, Type: Manhwa, Genre: Psychological-Drama, Age-Rating: 13+, Rating: 10/10.

This manga revolves around a girl named Da-Jeong. She is 19 years old and longs to be a normal girl. But what’s so different about her? In-fact, due to a defect from when she was little her body has not matured since the age of about 7 and thus she is often mistaken for a child. Now an adult she has become incredibly prickly and is quick to anger, it was on one such occasion after she ran away after getting angry with her father while clothes shopping, that she met with Min-Seong. Da-Jeongs meeting with Min-Seong is one of mere coincidence but almost seemed pre-destined, whereas she is an adult whose body never grows older, Min-Seong is a 17 year old boy whose mind is that of a 7year old. A touching story is about to unravel as they both become good friends and protect each other as their emotions go up and down.

This is a wonderful story which deals well with the issue of handicapped people as well as accurately portraying the strong feelings of abandonment and sorrow they both share. This is a very depressing read with many sweet outcomes. As a first project by Lee Jun, this manga signals a great start to his career in the business. Though generally I am not a fan of webcomics, my preference being mostly for those setup in a standard format, I found this story had me hooked from beginning to end. This is a great read for anyone who likes stories of a dark emotional nature and it also deals with the matters of mental and physical disability without providing any areas of insult to them both.

Though this may seem long at 5 Volumes and 64 Chapters, the added length of this webcomic seems completely necessary having almost doubled from the authors original intention. Unlike most extended manhwa / manga, this series does not feel stretched and the ending will leave you thirsting more like all good manga should whilst also providing that sense of completion at the end of a story. I recommend this read to anyone and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Anime North 2013 Coverage

Hello everyone, it’s your boy Curser656 aka Anthony aka uh, well you get the idea.
So it’s that time of year again. Firstly I want to personally apologize that this coverage has taken so long, we had no contact with admins and no access to the site. So to begin.

This year we’d opted for a hotel room, this way we’d get to go to the really late panels that Anime North now has, or we hadn’t noticed it had last year.

Here are the highlights of Friday:

Opening Ceremony

We started our day with the opening ceremony, I don’t know who the lady talking to us was but we got to meet our guests, have a few laughs and of course kick off Anime North.

Big shout outs to the great drumming performance and of course to all the guests.

openingceremony1 openingceremony2

But I have to ask, when did Anime North become My Little Pony North?

I don’t think we should just be doing things to please people, for example throwing in clips of My Little Pony in the opening video.

I have a thing against bronys, you’ll figure that out soon enough.

On top of this, unfortunately the opening ceremony ran over an hour late. Meaning we missed our friend Initial P’s panel, still unhappy about that.
Late night with John and Tyson

This panel ended up being Late night with John, Tyson, Chris, and Michael.

If I had to sum up this panel in as few words as possible, it’d probably go something like this: Holy F***ing S**t.

I have never laughed so hard, this panel was great.

It’s just four guys telling stories that anyone under 18 would be shocked and confused about. (Then again let’s be realistic in this day and age 14 year olds know more than they should.)

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures or video and technically we shouldn’t be talking about it. But if I had to pick one panel as my favorite during the Anime North weekend, it’s this.


We woke up a bit late to attend the early panels on Saturday, so we started our day with a good all day breakfast, and watching Shingeki no Kyojin air in Japan.


Funimation Panel

This consisted of Funimation blatantly lying to fans, pretending they actually make anime, and licensing the worst titles of the season.

Stick to Crunchyroll.

(This is my opinion and it doesn’t reflect the overall opinion of the site, blahblahblah.)



The Dealers Room


Gallery Momiji


Gallery Momiji Staff

These guys put a lot of work into the displays and the security of the artists works. Honestly, hats off to them.

As press we are allowed to take pictures under artist approval. Even with our guide with us we had multiple staff approach us to double check our privileges.

As a little treat we’ve taken our favourite picks from the gallery and the piece that I wish I’d bought.


Ruwinda’s Favourite


Anthony’s Favourite


The one that got away


To Summarize

Some people may think this con is a bit backwater and that it doesn’t live up to the big boys. But to be honest it’s one of the better conventions I’ve been to. And it’s definitely the effort put in by the staff that makes it that awesome.

A Bridge to Starry Skies review

A bridge to Starry Skies

By Miki

Also known as Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi is a cute and funny comedy about brotherly love.

There Is No Such Thing As HD: Final Fantasy X & X-2, Final Fantasy XIV and Beyond

Some people may not notice but when you turn your Wii U on, PS3 (Playstation 3), or Xbox 360 that there is something called HD, hi-def, high definition, high-def… this is an ignorant persons tutorial to hi-def.

As an anime & game lover, HD is my friend. I’d give anything for FLCL to be in high def (HD). It is not yet. Hell, I wish it was. Tonight, I was playing Final Fantasy 14 beta on the PS3(Playstation 3) and was told it does not look any better than FF X for Playstation 2.

HD High Definition Versus Vs SD Standard Definition
Sorta insulting to us game geeks. How do u explain HD? I am gonna Google right now for an answer to that. Look above, see the difference spelled out for you? Why buy a Blu-Ray? In my ultimate opinion, because if I have a high def (HD) television, you do not want it to look like shit.

In doing so I found a good example:

Difference versus HD and SD


See the difference in the island? I do. See the difference overall? Yes. There is definitely a difference. Clear island vs cloudy island. Now imagine that in anime. Imagine that in video games. Imagine that in anything.

The thought HD doesn’t exist is an ignorant assumption. It is truly sad that people, not I, but several people are too ignorant (I fucking hope that is the word to use) to grasp HD.

Are you excited, an HD version of Final Fantasy X & and Final Fantasy X-2 are coming out? Can you tell the difference between them and the original PS2 ( playstation 2) versions? Fuck I do not care how ignorant you are. I can and several other fan boys can.

I am an official beta tester for Final Fantasy 14 (final fantasy xiv). I love the game because of its beauty. It’s true best as it is the fact I have to read everything, minus the pretty intro, says. The story is good but come on! Give me a break!

By signing up for the game’s beta we are not allowed to disclose anything yet. So hey anyone, take the time to look at a game, HD and & SD. Do not be ignorant. There is a difference. Maybe I am insulted but the people that put the time into the games we love, we play, will be unhappy to read shit from you.



Next people will be there is no difference between 2d and 3d.

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