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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls – Playstation Vita

Hello everyone I am Sir Shabadoobie also known as Katimusha, and I know it certainly has been a while since my last review. I have had some issues with my computer which pretty much left me without a decent computer. So without further ado I bring you my review for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls for the Vita.

Danganronpa Another Episode 1

I am going to go ahead and get this off my chest, my only interactions with anything in the Danganronpa series up till this point has been the anime. So I went into this game  with just the bare minimum amount of knowledge for the Danganronpa series.


monokuma Danganronpa

The game introduces us to  Komaru Naegi a girl who has been imprisoned inside of what looks like a apartment of some sort. Turns out she has been imprisoned for half a year after the events of the first Danganronpa game. Then one day a monokuma breaks into the apartment and attempts to kill her, but she gets away and is “rescued” by Byakuya Togami. This is where you are given a gun to fight the monokumas who appear to be killing everyone. Then shortly into the game you meet the antagonists of the game the 5 lil ultimates who are 5 little kids who want to kill all the adults. Then we are introduced to Toko Fukawa who becomes your partner for the remainder of the game. The rest of the story is pretty much trying to escape from towa city which is under siege by monokumas.

Danganronpa 5

Honestly the story for this is pretty much a Danganronpa version of Resident evil but instead of zombies you get monokuma which are just a bunch of robot bears for those of you who didn’t know. Its not just the story elements they lifted from resident evil though, Most of the gameplay is lifted right out of Resident evil 4. However unlike in resident evil 4 you get to play as another character. That character is Toko Fukawa who changes things up quite a bit since she plays like a third person action game character instead. She also has specials she can unleash if you fill up her scissor gauge which can be entertaining at times. Such as the Spirit bomb made out of scissors, you know it’s a spirit bomb because she says “give me your energy”. My major gripe about the gameplay though is the camera though, it is pretty bad at times. It was the one thing that kept frustrating me during the entire game. They give you two choices for the camera and as far as I could tell they both sucked. Still though the gameplay wasn’t nearly as bad as what I am describing though, as it is actually quite fun to play even if it does not innovate anything.

Danganronpa 2

There are a few things with the gameplay that really annoyed me and that was the escort missions or the missions where you have to protect people from hordes of monokumas. These missions are terrible and they really annoyed me every time I ended up running into one of them. They seemed kinda like filler at times and just took me out of the game quite a bit, maybe the missions would be better if you werent also fighting the camera at times.

When i say fight the camera I do mean fight it since at times when you go into first person mode to aim it will look in the opposite direction sometimes. To be honest I think a majority of my gameplay complaints stem from either the bad camera or terrible lock on and this game would play so much better if they fixed that. However there is one other thing I didn’t like that much about this game though and that would be the puzzles. A lot of the puzzles just didn’t feel very good to me, and some feel like they got messed up in localization since a lot of puzzles you have to read from right to left to get the right answer at times. That threw me for a loop several times and glad I figured it out before I got too frustrated with them.

The music and audio department is probably the one part of the game that I can’t take anything away from because they were really good. Majority of all the characters in the game are voiced, and the background music isn’t bad either. My only complaint really is the overuse of one particular track but it still wasnt that bad considering some of the other games I have played.

Danganronpa 3

Now the real question is did I enjoy this game? The answer would be yes, I did enjoy the game quite a bit and I would recommend picking it up when it comes out, especially if you are a fan of the danganronpa series.


interesting characters

Decent Music

Unique Artstyle (Pretty much in the style of the rest of the Danganronpa Series)

Mostly enjoyable Bossfights



Bad Camera

Bad Lockon – if you enable it since its a skill

Escort Missions


The Score for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is a 8.5/10


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Otherwise stay tuned. Within the next week or 2, we will be returning. Got a lot of great things already planned.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Review

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Video Review by Katimusha

BiggityB’s 2 Cents

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 is a wonderful game. First off I will say I have not been into gaming on Steam. ?I am a console game. The opportunity to review this game came to me and I decided to create a Steam account.

One thing I do enjoy is RPGs and anime. I found the game not only entertaining but it had me laughing.

Game play was quite fun and the graphics/animation are superb.

I would rate this game 8.5/10 overall and say that for less than $30 on Steam this game is a good buy.

Idea Factory definitely deserves a nod for bringing great games to North America.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 earns a buy rating:


Kaneki Ken, Tokyo Ghoul


Kaneki in his mask, drawn in all black ink. This is one of my favorites right now and also my current favorite anime. its a great one to watch if you haven’t already seen it, a lot of great action and and a good story. What really gets to me in it is the art work, really inspiring with all the graphics and color :)

Awakened Fate Ultimatum – NIS America Game

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum ps3


Fans of the retro gaming genre will love this updated take on the timeless classic hack and slash formula. Beautiful graphics, with as much attention placed on the cutaways and transitions between the scenes as the scenes themselves. This flows through into the sprites during gameplay, with fully and beautifully animated characters

If you played Zelda when you were younger, you will definitely appreciate the modern approach to the gameplay. Even the audio is reminiscent of those old 8 bit days, with a new school edge. Voice acting was a pleasant surprise, even though it wasn’t constant during scenes.

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum scr 4

There is a twist however, as a little bit of strategy will come into play when fighting the different types of enemies as you crawl through the dungeons. Dungeons which, by the way, generate at random, so no two trips through any single one will be the same. Full layout changes, and monster generation (and regeneration) add to the replay value.

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum scr 2

Now, back to the strategy on enemies. With 2 additional forms at your disposal, that both use your SP gauge, you will be switching between the three a lot. Fear not, because the gauge does refill itself with time and diamonds you pick up from defeating enemies.Additionally, those fans of the skill upgrade style of gaming will like the system in use in Awakened Fate Ultimatum. Use points gained by either heroic or evil actions on their respective upgrade wheel. There are also points gained that can be used on either side. As well as a store to purchase items prior to going into each dungeon, to make sure you’re never unprepared for the next challenge.

The story is interesting, and features choices to make along the way. Moral choices, such as deciding whether to stay and fight, or go and heal the rest of the good guys, will earn you the points to upgrade your forms. The often used good vs evil storyline is prevalent from the beginning, pitting you with Angels fighting to save the world from Demons.

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum scr 3

My only criticisms of the game are as follows:

When you die in a dungeon, you lose things you had prior to entering that dungeon. Which is a minor thing, but when you first start out and they don’t mention that fact, you may find yourself going back into a dungeon and have no weapon, shield or accessory, which could make for some frustrating moments.

Also, the big one is the cutscenes, which drive the story. The graphics are amazing, but the still frame image would have looked so much better fully animated. Especially when they are essential to knowing what is going on, seeing things happen and move would have made this a Must Own for any gamer. The text box format, stopping at every block of wording and having to press next can get a bit tedious as well. I’d have been fine with auto-advancing as a default, it IS available in certain situations however.

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum scr 1

All in all, this game is one I would definitely recommend to people who are after a bit of nostalgia, but want to be able to experience amazing graphics and sound as well.

BiggityB’s 2 Cents

I got a chance to play this the other day while hanging out with Aria. I enjoyed the game a lot.

The story was entertaining and kept me interested. The delivery via cutscenes, some with voice acting, reminded me of the days playing similar games on my Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo. Like Aria said this game has definite nostalgic appeal. They did a excellent job with the character design. ?Lovers of anime & manga will?enjoy the characters. I sorta hoped to see more animated cutscenes but once I got into the game I forgot about my complaint.

Gameplay was what did it for me. I had a lot of fun playing the dungeons. Once I played my first one, ?I could hardly wait for the cutscenes to finish. ? ?After my first death I was quite annoyed that not only did I lose all my items but the dungeon wasn’t the same

Added reply value is there for new versions of each dungeon upon death.

Overall score 7.5/10


NIS America 2015 Press Announcements

Disgaea 5

About?Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance😕
The sixth home console entry to the legendary Disgaea series tells a tale of revenge, and of rebellion. As a new and terrible Overlord named Void Dark seeks to enslave the countless Netherworlds, one young demon has stood to end his reign?Killia. In Disgaea 5, lead Killia and his tenacious army of rebels on their dark and dangerous path to vengeance. Filled with more over-the-top action and hilarious writing than ever before,Disgaea 5‘s damage numbers are surely headed for the record books.

anganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

About Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls:
Komaru Naegi, little sister to Makoto Naegi, has been imprisoned inside a mysterious apartment for over a year. One day, she is rescued by Byakuya Togami of Future Foundation, but the rescue is derailed by a sudden attack of hundreds of Monokumas. Komaru soon discovers that the city has been taken over by a group of children calling themselves the Warriors of Hope. Their leader, Monaca, declares that the city will be the site of a Children’s Paradise, and to accomplish this, all the adults will be exterminated. Komaru teams up with Toko Fukawa to try to survive the rampaging Monokumas, escape the crafty Monokuma Kids, and uncover the secrets of the city.

Rodea the Sky Soldier

About the game:
1,000 years ago, Emperor Geardo of the Naga Empire sent an army of machine soldiers to invade the sky kingdom of Garuda. Thanks to the efforts of Princess Cecilia and Rodea, a machine soldier who promised to protect Garuda, Emperor Geardo’s assault was thwarted.

In present day, a spirited inventor named Ion discovers an abandoned robot that has fallen into disrepair in the heart of a scorching desert. Upon completing her repairs, the robot stirs to life and reveals itself to be none other than Rodea. Stunned to find himself in the future, Rodea learns that the Naga Empire is no more and that Garuda has known peace for 1,000 years.

But this peace was not meant to last, for the forces of Naga have returned to wage war against Garuda. Remembering the promise he made 1,000 years ago, Rodea takes to the skies to defend Garuda from the Naga Empire once again.


htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary – NIS America Game Review

 htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary

htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary is a great game for a hand held gaming system. The first level was engaging and smooth to operate. I didn?t find any difficulty using the touch screen style play on the Vita. The lay out and graphics came across great on the Vita platform. My only real con that I found with this game is that it did have it?s slow moments. I felt it dragged on a little bit in some places, but nothing different than any other game. Not being a big fan of process or puzzle style games, I found myself engaged in this one. I kept trying to piece together the main characters memories.

 htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary

Another feature I did like is the fact that it is child friendly and easy for them to operate. I love to get feedback from my 9 year old about certain games. Nothing is more honest than a 9 year old?s opinion! He never really had any issues with the game. It was easy for him to start, and get a handle on how it works relatively fast. Always a good sign when it comes to games. The touch screen is simple enough for him to operate. He spoke to me about how he liked the story line, and he liked how the character is drawn. He is a fan of anime, so he enjoys certain animation styles.

I will say it would be something perfect for an older child to play without any real struggle. It is stimulating enough for that audience, and wouldn?t bore them as fast as others. It may be harder for children under the age of 6 or 7 to operate without adult help. The little girl is very child-like in appearance (minus the antlers), and there is no real concern for parents allowing a child to play alone. I didn?t find it very violent or suggestive.


 htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary

This is the first time I have played a game from Nippon Ichi Software, and I am excited to see what else they have to offer. Overall, I would give my recommendation for htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. Especially for the audience that is into role playing, and strategy style games. The ability to use the touch screen to navigate was a real bonus for me. I am pretty cynical when it comes to story lines in games, and I enjoyed he htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. It is great to finally see a game on the Vita that is worth another look!

Overall score is 8/10


htoL#NiQ Hotaru no Nikki: The Firefly Diary

Maji Monster’s Kickstarter

If you have some extra cash and want to fund a great Kickstarter, check out Maji Monsters.

Maji Monsters

Enter a world ruled by Monsters, where humans have been driven to the brink of extinction, and all that remains of a once great empire are ruins and memories. MajiMonster is the name given to the creation of ancient maji?sorcerers ?of old. These creatures are the result of magics infused with common beasts or inanimate objects, and with their power they have escaped the control of the maji that created them.


Stay tuned for more information once we talk to the game’s creator.

21 hours to go.

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Review

Here I am on a Tuesday with nothing to do but look for a movie to watch then i remembered that there was a new Justice League movie out. So i payed the Google Play store a little visit to rent it and give it a watch since i do enjoy the dc animated movies quite a bit. I went into the movie with some hesitation since its mainly about AquaMan who is definitely not seen in the best of light due to shitty games and the old justice league cartoon. I just had to see if they could make Aquaman a badass light he was in the injustice video game and they mostly got him to be a badass.


Justice League Throne of Atlantis is pretty much the direct sequel to Justice League War which seen the formation of the Justice League. The main star of this movie is Aquaman since this is pretty much his origin story, since he wasn’t in the last Justice League movie. The basic plot of this movie is Arthur Curry finds out he is part Atlantean when his half brother sends assassins to kill him. He then has to team up with the Justice League to stop his evil half brother from destroying the surface world. You would think it would be pretty easy to do this story but they kinda screwed up with the filler content in the movie.Since there are times when you feel like you are watching two different movies? similar but different. Since at one point they introduce the trenchers which show up about halfway through the movie to try to randomly kill Arthur Curry. It just felt like they threw them into the story to pad the movie out a bit


Also something else the writers seemed to throw in to pad the movie out a bit is the romance bits with Wonder Woman and Superman which did take up a bit of time during the beginning of the movie. Even with the slightly uneven story i managed to still mostly enjoy it.


The visuals were pretty decent but then again i am usually not disappointed by the DC Animated movies in regards to visuals. The only thing that stood out as odd was when Arthur punched his brother in one scene which just looked odd, but it wasn’t anything negative it just felt very comic bookish.


The Audio I enjoyed for the most part since it had the same voice actors as Justice League War, along with a few new additions mainly the Atlanteans One of the stand out voices in my opinion was Orm being played by Sam Witwer who did a pretty good job of sounding like a stuck up brat who wished he was Loki. The other notable new addition was Matt Lanter who played Aquaman/ Arthur Curry; Matt actually did a pretty good job as a very conflicted Aquaman in my opinion ?So for the most part i liked the voice acting in this movie except for Black Manta which just disappointed me. The music was so-so it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad so it was in the middle of the road.. I’m not really good at reviewing music unless it was bad which i would just rant about it but this was just OK.

Justice League Throne of Atlantis

Overall I mostly enjoyed this movie so I will give it a 8/10 mainly due to the disjointed story and a less than memorable music score.


Remember this review is my personal opinion and everyone’s views on this movie may be very different.


Best Anime Opening and Ending – Need Your Comments!

Taking suggestions for the best openings and endings. You know when you are watching a series and the song gets stuck in your head so bad, that you must absolutely listen to the full version of it? Or maybe you have been used to heard the first opening when a new one starts on your next episode.



If you stop by here be sure to take a few seconds to drop your opinion, I know if you watch anime, you have a favorite.