Dance in the Vampire Bund Review

Dance in the Vampire Bund Review


By Miki

The series opens with whether vampires are real or fiction. Then Mina Tepe?, princess-ruler of all vampires, and her “protector,” Akira are reunited during an assassination attempt. The world is then confronted with the reality of vampires.  Like other vampires, Mina has been in hiding with her people for many years.  Seeking to end centuries of isolation, Mina gains permission to create a special district for vampires, The Bund off the coast of Japan by paying off the national debt of the Japanese government. Mina then reveals her desire for both races to live together. She even created the school for her people with the hope that vampire and human children will be able to coexist. Tensions, however, run high as fearful humans and extremist vampire factions begin to interfere with Mina’s wish for peace with the human world.

This series was enthralling once I started it I couldn’t wait to finish it.  The princess is calculatingly young, and piercingly cold.   She wants so badly to live as if she were a human but realizes after much turmoil that can never be.  She is steadfast and true fighting her battles with cunning and fierce defiance to all her enemies. It’s sad to see her try so hard but constantly being railroaded by those who should be her supporters.

The extremist tend to come from the other royals.  The royal families are controlled by 3 clans: Rozenmann, Ivanovic, and Li.  They plan to wed Mina and make her birth their children, so they can take over the throne thru her.  Vampire society is Matriarchal, but she holds them off by saying she has yet to mature enough to have children. So they then put her through a test to show she must still answer to them even if she is ruler.  There is a group called Telemear that is also trying to ruin the princess’s plans by turning humans into vampires.  Luckily at this time there is a vaccine for the vampire virus, because all it takes to turn is being bitten.  This is a turning point and one of the reasons the vampire society revealed itself to humans hoping to decrease fear and mass panic.

Akira is a member of the Earth Clan, a werewolf family who protect the Tepes.  His father is Wolfgang Regendorf the leader of the Earth clan and the Beowulf group.  There is also a werecat Mei Ren who tends to mirror Akira’s position.  We find the narrator is also Yuki Saegusa and Akira’s x-girlfriend.  This is an entertaining kaleidoscope of politics and racial prejudices.

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