Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara by Miki

tears to tiara anime

The story is set in a world based on British, Celtic & Roman mythology during the dark ages.  This series is very pagan and shows the path of king Arthor and the Gaels who follow him.  With the help from the Demon King Arawn, who has been resurrected since his death a millennium ago by Drwc, a priest from the Divine Empire.  Both Arthor and his sister Riannon are decedents of the Elf king Pwyll and leaders of the Gael tribe.  Drwc intends to use Riannon as a sacrifice and gains her true name by threatening children he then awakens Arawn but things don’t go as planned.  Riannon gives herself completely to Arawn saying she will love him always and he frees her.  He then becomes her husband and the chieftain of their clan.  We set out on a journey to find a land of peace but we must fight against The 12 White Spirits and their constant search for purity.  They wish to enslave humanity but Myrddin gives fire to a small human girl and grants her language through his son who raises her.

Warning there is religious undertones and may offend watchers remember this is a fictional story of mythology.  I have always enjoyed the old Gaelic fables and myths but their stories aren’t told from that of our point of view.  Together with Arthur and Ogam, a wizard, Arwan leads the tribe along with a group of warriors who follows them against the Empire who plans to destroy all those who oppose them.  They fight a couple of the empires dogs but end up befriending one as well.  Octavia is an empyreal warrior who comes to see the Gaels side and realize they aren’t much different.  We also meet other friends Morgaan a loud mouth drunk, Taliesin a minstrel, Rathy a mine elf, Epona a merchant elf, Limwris and Ermin house elves, and Llyr a selkie.     The main enemies are Gaius and Lydia who lead empyreal troops and then Lector one of the white spirits.  We also meet through flashbacks Pwyll the Elf king and Primula the first human.  I really liked this series and plan to buy it but like  I said before it has undertones that others with a more closed mind may take offense too.  So even though I believe it’s a great piece of work I know this could be controversy and cannot recommend it for everyone.

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