Decendents of Darkness

Decendents of Darkness Review by Miki


Asato Tsuzuki is a ‘Guardian of Death’ for over 70 years. He has the power to call upon twelve shikigami, mythical creatures that aid him in battle. The manga portrays Tsuzuki’s relationship with the shikigami in much more detail. Tsuzuki is the senior partner of the Second Division, which watches over the region of Ky?sh?.  There are 4 arcs in the series the first is Nagasaki file, The Devil’s Trill, King of Swords, and finally The Kyoto file.

The story begins when Chief Konoe, the boss, and the other supporting characters begin talking about murders happening in Nagasaki. The victims all have bite marks and a shortage of blood, which leads to the case being dubbed “The Vampire Case”.

After some food troubles, Tsuzuki travels to Nagasaki with Gushoshin, a flying creature/helper who can speak, and together they do a bit of investigating. The rule is that Guardians of Death are supposed to work in pairs, and until Tsuzuki meets up with his new partner, he needs someone to watch his back.

While exploring Nagasaki, Tsuzuki hears a scream and has a literal run-in with a strange woman, who leaves blood on his collar. Coming to the conclusion that this is a sign that the woman might be a vampire, Tsuzuki tries to follow her, coming into a church called Oura Cathedral. The church scene is the first encounter between Tsuzuki and the antagonist of the story, Muraki.

Doctor Kazutaka Muraki is painted as a pure figure in his first scene, with much religious and color symbolism. He meets Tsuzuki with tears in his eyes, and Tsuzuki, a bit thrown off by this, manages only to ask if Muraki has seen a woman go by. Tsuzuki leaves when Muraki says no one has been in the church.

From there, Tsuzuki continues through Nagasaki, into the area of the city known as Glover Garden, where he is held at gunpoint from behind and told not to move. His attacker tells him to turn around, and when he does, he discovers a young man glaring at him. Tsuzuki calls him a kid and is nearly shot, saved only by his helper, Gushoshin. From there, Tsuzuki learns that the boy is Hisoka Kurosaki, his new partner, and the rest of the story is heavily based on character development and the relationships between characters.

Later in the Nagasaki Arc (the first of four arcs), Hisoka gets kidnapped by Muraki, and the truth about his death is revealed to him. Tsuzuki rescues him after his “date” with Muraki, and the entire series begins following the relationship between these three characters, supported and embellished by the rest of the cast. Later in the series, Hisoka decides he wants to capture a shikigami for himself, creatures that live in the imaginary world that help Guardian of Death in battle.

The City of Nagasaki is shown throughout the series. Many tourist sites such as The Peace Memorial, Glover Garden, and Oura Cathedral are shown.

The devils Trill is my favorite arc it starts with Hijiri Minase having a cornea implant.  Then he starts having weird dreams and hating himself he goes to thank the daughter of the man whose eye he now has but she is a little girl named Kazusa Otonashi.  This makes him feel guilty and lets the devil in.  The guardians of death find that Hijiri has a contract with the devil in his implanted eye.  Like Kazusa’s father Hijiri also plays the violin and after promising to play for Kazusa they try to destoy the devil but complications happen.

King of swords takes place on a ship with Asato, Hisoka and the doctor Muraki all on board but people keep disappearing and now murders are taking place.   The killer is leaving love letters to Tsubaki-Hime the daughter of the ship owner who has a bad heart.  Things start heating up as the murders increase and even the doctor is killed?

In the Kyoto file Dr. Muraki is visiting his mentor Dr. Satomi and bringing hair samples trying to clone body parts.  Unfortunately things don’t go so well and murders again pop up and Dr. Satomi is uncomfortable with the idea so things go awry.

This is an interesting series but can be kind of slow in spots.  I really enjoyed watching it and each arc had some enticingly special moments.  There is a little hint of yowie but its never expounded on.

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