Bleach Captains Guide

Captain and Lt.’s of the Gotei 13

1st division
Captain Commander
Shigekuni Genryuusai Yamamoto
Captain Commander of the Gotei 13
sensei to previous captains Ukitake and Kyouraku
zanpakutoh: Ryuujin Jaka, fire type zanpakutoh

Captain Commander Shigekuni Genryuusai Yamamoto Bleach

Lt. Sasakibe Choujirou

Lt. Sasakibe Choujirou Bleach

2nd division
Captain: Soi Fon
also in charge of Ops
Raised to protect the noble Yoruichi Shihouin
zanpakutoh: Suzumebachi (japanese for hornet)
Shikai: sting to death

Capt Soi Fon Bleach

Lt. Marechiyo Omaeda

Lt Marechiyo Omaeda Bleach

3rd division:

Capt. Amagai Shuusuke Bleach

Capt. Amagai Shuusuke

former captain Gin Ichimaru bleach
former captain Gin Ichimaru
Zanpakutoh: Shinsou
shikai: shoot to death/kill
known for never opening his eyes, always with a fox like look
spoiler: betrayed soul society with former captain Sousuke Aizen
currently resides in Hueco Mundo, the world of the hollows

Kira Izuru Bleach

Lt. of 3rd division Kira Izuru
zanpakutoh: Wabisuke
shikai: bow your head and prepare to die

Captain Retsu Unohana Bleach

4th division
Captain Retsu Unohana
Zanpakutoh: Manatzuki (more like her shikai, it’s a giant manta ray, with healing capabilities)
her division is more like a medical healing wing/hospital

Lt. Isane Kotetsu bleach

Lt. Isane Kotetsu

former captain Sousuke Aizen bleach

5th division:
former captain Sousuke Aizen
zanpakutoh: Kyouka Suigetsu
shikai: shatter
this is an illusion sword, translates to water moon flower, he can put anyone under his spell
by showing them his konsensaimine release, this illusion can make any illusion seem real,
a fly a dragon, a swamp a flower bed, etc.
Aizen is a sweet talking, advice giving wiseman, or so it seems. He is dorky, yet attractive,
called “genial” but this is all just an illusion. He looks at himself as a god who will “stand in heaven”
currently resides in Hueco Mundo, the world of the hollows

Lt. Momo Hinamori bleach

Lt. Momo Hinamori
Zanpakutoh: Tobiume (plum tree)
shikai: snap and deflect
a kido master, she has fallen in love with her former captain

Captain Byakuya Kuchiki Bleach

6th division
Captain Byakuya Kuchiki
zanpakutoh: Senbonzakura
shikai: Scatter
bankai: kageyoshi
his zanpakutoh releases deadly sakura blossoms, his pride keeps him from stopping the execution of his sister
until his fight with Ichigo Kurosaki, saved Rukia from Ichimaru’s attack. Head of the Noble Kuchiki clan.
was married to Rukia’s sister Hisana.

Lt. Renji Abarai bleach

Lt. Renji Abarai
zanpakutoh: Zabimaru
shikai: howl
bankai: hihiou (it’s a baboon snake)
best friends with Byakuya’s sister, Rukia, he grew up with her in Rukon

Captain Komamura Saijin bleach

7th division
Captain Komamura Saijin
Zanpakutoh: Tenken
shikai: Roar
Bankai: Black Cord Heaven’s Punishment, releases a giant
a wolf man, introduced to the idea of joining the seireitei Gotei 13 by Kaname Tousen.

Lt. Iba Tetsuzaemon bleach

Lt. Iba Tetsuzaemon

Captain Kyouraku Shunsui bleach

8th division
Captain Kyouraku Shunsui
zanpakutoh: Kyoukotsu
shikai: katen, flowers fall in the wind
one of only a few captains with two zanpakutohs, student of Yamamoto
known to be a drunk, trademark pink flower bud jacket and rice hat

Lt. Ise Nanao bleach

Lt. Ise Nanao
a bookworm, reserved, doesn’t approve of Kyouraku’s pervy ways

former captain Kaname Tousen bleach

9th division
former captain Kaname Tousen
zanpakutoh: suzumushi Emma Korougi
shikai: Suzumushi is like sword stabs
bankai: benehiko-nishiki creates a world of darkness, the only way to release from it is to touch the blade
of the sword itself.
Kaname is blind, and has a blurred sense of justice, betrayed soul society with Sousuke Aizen and currently resides in Hueco Mundo, the world of the hollows.

Lt. Hisagi Shuuhei bleach
Lt. Hisagi Shuuhei
trademark 69 on his cheek, he was saved by a previous captain who is now a vaizard, he also carried the 69 on his chest.
just recently saw his shikai release, which looks much like a staff.

Captain Toushiro Hitsugaya bleach

10th division
Captain Toushiro Hitsugaya
zanpakutoh: Hyourinmaru
shikai: sit upon the frozen heavens
bankai: Dai Guren (ice ring/ice dragon)
this little guy is quite powerful, grew up in Rukon district with Momo Hinamori, he’s protective of her.
was blamed in Aizen’s letter as the one who “killed” Aizen.

Lt. Rangiku Matsumoto bleach

Lt. Rangiku Matsumoto
zanpakutoh: Haineko
shikai: growl
let’s just say her “assets” make her very noticeable, she’s girly, but strong at the same time, she has a love for Gin Ichimaru,
but it only goes so far, she stopped him from attacking Hinamori during the fight between Gin and Hitsugaya. Her name literally translates to Chrysanthemum.

Captain Kenpachi Zaraki bleach

11th division
Captain Kenpachi Zaraki
zanpakutoh has no name currently
he killed the former captain to become it’s current captain, he’s a bloodthirsty fighter, he fought Kaname Tousen and won.

Lt. Yachiru Kusajishi bleach

Lt. Yachiru Kusajishi
zanpakutoh is unknown
she met Kenpachi in Rukon district zaraki, she’s little, but very powerful. She’s been known to give the people she meets
nicknames. She has a thing for eating sweets and staying by her “kenny’s” side.

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi bleach

12th division
Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi
zanpakutoh: Ashisogi Jizou
shikai: tear off
bankai: Golden, a giant beast resembling an ugly caterpillar of some sort, used against Uryuu Ishida.
a scientist Urahara released from the underground prison in 2nd division, he took over as captain after Urahara’s exile.
he created his Lt. who he refers to as his daughter. behind the mask he is a purple haired man, actually does look very much human.

Lt. Nemu Kurotsuchi bleach

Lt. Nemu Kurotsuchi
Mayuri’s “daughter” created by him.
the original captain of 12th division was Kisuke Urahara
zanpakutoh: benehime, the red princess
shikai: cry or scream
his original Lt. was Hiyori, who is now a vaizard, Urahara was blamed for the creation of the vaizards and exiled.

Captain Joushiro Ukitake bleach

13th division
Captain Joushiro Ukitake
zanpakutoh: Sougyo No Kotowari
shikai: every wave becomes my shield, every lightning bolt becomes my sword
This captain is thought to have Tuberculosis, he is always ill, he is one of few captains to wield two blades.

Lt. Kaien Shiba bleach

Has no Lieutenant, his former Lt. was Kaien Shiba, he was killed by Rukia Kuchiki when he was possessed by
a hollow created by Sousuke Aizen.

Kiyone Kotetsu and Sentarou Kotsubaki bleach

He instead is assisted by two seated officers, Kiyone Kotetsu and Sentarou Kotsubaki.

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