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Bleach 195

oh boy..what to say about this episode..Nel’s release! her mask looks like a ram..should’ve guessed she would have an animal form. Pesche..dear Pesche..he makes everything so gutter! pulling his sword from between his legs and leaving Szayel horrified!! then his comments..his “thingy” is more useful than Ishida’s “thingy” and his finger movements.. with Ishida replying […]

Katimusha Reviews: bleach 193

KATIMUSHA REVIEWS: Bleach 193 RAMBLING SECTION Holy crap a new review I am flabbergasted yes that was a big word and its spelled correctly so I am proud of myself sorta anyways. There’s quite a few different reasons why I haven’t been doing reviews lately such as a slight Heroes Myspace app addiction. Well addiction […]

Katimusha Reviews: Bleach 190

KATIMUSHA REVIEWS: Bleach 190 RAMBLING SECTION Hey everyone welcome to me saying stuff that you guys don’t care about but since you are here reading this lets talk about nothing. Ok some people might enjoy reading this so lets start with some news Bleach is no longer in filler, Tokyo Game show just ended, and […]

Katimusha Reviews: Bleach 189

KATIMUSHA REVIEWS BLEACH 189 RAMBLING SECTION Hey everyone guess whats back besides me well….. its Bleach yep it seems they decided to take 2 weeks off to do whatever it is they were doing over those two weeks. Also you wanna know one awesome thing about this episode of bleach is that its the end […]

Katimusha Reviews: Bleach 188

Leave Blank:Do Not Change:Your email: By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. KATIMUSHA REVIEWS BLEACH 188 RAMBLING SECTION Okay okay I know this is late but I actually had no idea this episode existed until Biggity aka Burt told me about it. Yeah I bet you guys are all asking […]

Bleach Movie: Diamond Dust Rebellion

BiggityB: Its 1am in the morning here in Oregon. What else better to do than watch Bleach. Trey (Katimusha) just sent me the torrent for Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion. Now while I do enjoy anime and writing I don’t post as much as I would like to. I do a lot of the boring back […]

Rock Musical Bleach The All and Live Bankai Show Code 002

ok, so it’s not the anime series itself, but the two new bleach musicals “The All” and “Live Bankai Show Code 002 are up online to view!! for those who don’t know, Bleach Rock Musical is a take on the bleach series done live action with musical numbers, that covers from beginning to end the […]

Stark is a powerful espada?

Though little is known of Stark’s true abilities what you can be sure of is that he is in the top three ranked of the espada. His powers are rarely used due to his extremely lazy personality. His careless attitude often causes him to be reprimanded by his own fracion. Though his fracion, Lilinette, looks […]

Another Bleach Character: Yammy

Yammy is the lowest ranked and weakest of the espada. He is not very intelligent and therefore relies on his brute strength to fight. Always eager for battle Yammy utilizes the bala form of cero and his skin is stronger steel. His special ability is to inhale the souls of people with little reiatsu. Yammy is […]

A Bleach friend of mine named Ulquiorra Schiffer

First of all, I have to say this is the first character review from Bleach. I wanted to review a character with some flavor, so here you go. In Aizen’s army the Espada are the generals, and the fourth most powerful is Ulquiorra. He was given the task of protecting Hueco Mondo whilst Aizen schemes. Ulquiorra […]

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