10 Amazing Magical Girl Anime Everybody Forgot

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In the 1990s Sailor MoonFans from all over the globe were drawn to this anime, including children who had never seen it before. Many Magical Girl anime series have gained cult followings both in the West and East since then. Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew, Pretty CureAnd Little Witch Academia.

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There are many Magical Girl series that don’t get the attention they deserve, despite this. Sometimes it’s because they didn’t get a worldwide release as other shows. Similarly, most shows predating the anime boom of the 1990s probably aren’t too well-known outside of Japan — except with hardcore anime fans. Because they were short-lived, some shows are still obscure.

10 Princess Tutu: In this dark fairy tale, the ugly duckling meets the Swan Lake

Princess TutuIt is a fragmented fairytale. A duck falls in love and is enchanted by a handsome prince who has broken his heart. She is transformed into a human with the power of becoming a magical girl — the graceful titular Princess Tutu — who’s tasked with returning the fragments of his heart. Nothing is as it seems in fairy tales. She might not have fallen for the handsome prince, or the dark and magical girl may be the true heroine. The storyteller may have other plans for each person and even death cannot stop him.

9 Tonde Burin: Even the Magical Girl Series can have a sense of humor

Tonde BurinAlso known as Super PigThe parody of?, is Sailor MoonWith a little bit of Superman For good measure, a few extras were added. For those who don’t know, you can expect to see heroines dressed in tutus and hairstyles during an anime series called Magical Girl. However, this series features a main character who transforms into a superhero Pig with the help magical alien Pigs.

With her good deeds, the super-swine hopes that she will be able to get magical pearls that will enable her transformation into a more traditional Magical Girl. Karin has to deal with the same stories that many superheroes do. Her love interest, despite being an anthropomorphic porc, has a crush upon her alter-ego.

Majokko Meg-chanIt is an homage to Sally the Witch’s days. However, instead of a human girl who discovers a world of magic, the heroine is a witch who’s been sent to Earth — test her worthiness to become the ruler of the magical world. She’s not the only one.

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Majokko Meg-chanMany tropes related to later Magical Girl books were popularized by her. For example, Meg’s foster-mother — a former witch — uses her powers to make her husband and children think Meg has always been part of the family. Similar stories could be found in Minky MomoAnd with Sailor Moon‘s Chibiusa. It was also the first Magical Girl animation to have a proper villain.

7 Akazukin Chacha – The Series Reimagines Little Red Riding Hood as A Little Witch

In Akazukin ChachaThe heroine is a little girl called Chacha, who is a magician’s apprentice but is not very skilled. She lives in a fantasy land with fairy-tale-inspired characters. Riiya, from a werewolf family, can transform into a cub wolf, and Shiine are her wizard students.

The original manga was a more traditional “majokko,” or “cute Witch” series. However, the anime adaptation gives Chacha the ability with the help her friends to transform into a superheroine known as the “Magical Princess”. The popularity of the anime “Magical Princess” inspired this change. Sailor Moon.

6 Mahou No MakoChan: Even the Little Mermaid can be a Magical Girl

Mahou no Mako-chanAlso known as Maco the Mermaid, an early Toei Magical anime loosely retelling the story The Little Mermaid. Mako, a mermaid princess, saves Akira the young man and pretends to be Mako Urashima, a human girl named after a Japanese fairytale. However, her human alter-ego still possesses some magical powers.

Other supernatural characters include the Witch of the Sea (Mako’s grandmother) as well as Ryuu-oh the Seaking, Mako’s dad. The anime has been influenced by the series. Many Sailor MoonMany believe Makoto Kino received her famous ponytail, and nickname, Mako-chan, in honor of the Toei heroine. Makoto sometimes wears an outfit that looks like the Mako’s earlier.

5 Majokko Tick: This Magical Girl Series Came from Go Nagai

Go Nagai’s Cutie HoneyAlthough it is often considered to be the first Magical Girl series ever, the same creator also created a traditional “majokko”, Magical Girl heroine. Majokko Tickle. Tickle is a fairy who has been rescued from a book. Tiko, a human girl who befriends Tickle, sets her free and allows her to use her powers as her twin sister.

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Tickle, despite living in the human world had her own methods of getting things done with the help her magic. According to some reports, Pink Lady inspired the idea of having a duo of two girls headline the series.

4 Hana No Ko Lunlun was the First American Magical Girl to Reach The United States

In Hana no Ko LunlunAlso known as AngelLunlun, a young girl, was given the task of searching for the Flower of Seven Colors in order to help the Prince of the “Flower Star”. With the help of a talking cat, a dog, and Serge, a mysterious photographer Serge, she travels all over the world, from Europe to North Africa.

Hana no Ko LunlunThis anime is also quite a novelty to anime fans. Its English dub was the first for a Magical Girl animation and was the first to reach the United States. The episode’s English dub inspired an internet meme about an episode about bees.

3 Ultra Maniac – The Anime Is A Throwback to Majokko Anime

Ultra ManiacThe story focuses on two best friends, Ayu (a human girl) and Nina Sakura (a witch from a magical world who is studying magic to strengthen her magic). It is notable that the manga and anime go in completely different directions with the same premise.

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Likely as a throwback to traditional “majokko” anime, the anime had Nina involved in a contest to determine which young witch would marry the prince of the magical world — even giving her a rival character named Maya. According to some, there was an interest in adapting the manga into anime before it was published.

2 Prétear: This Magical Girl Comes Complete With Seven Magical Boys

In PrétearHimeno’s mother died, and her father married a cold woman with her two daughters. Himeno’s fairy tale life is made more magical when she meets seven young men who possess power over the different elements. Himeno must now fight an evil princess with her minions and summon the Snow of Miracles.

Luckily, Himeno can fuse with each of her new knights to become a magical heroine known as the “Prétear.” There are a few differences between the manga and anime, including the identity of the main antagonist. It is possible that the series is obscure because the anime aired for only thirteen episodes.

1 Vampire Princess Miyu – This Magical Girl is For Horror Lovers

Some anime fans are able to classify Vampire Princess MiyuWhile it is a horror series, some argue that the heroine is a typical Magical Girl Warrior who fights monsters. Sailor Moon. However, Miyu is just a beast as the creatures that she battles.

Miyu is a manga, anime, or OVA character. However, her exact personality, origins, and appearances may vary. She may want to be like the rest of us or treat saving lives as her job. She’s usually the daughter of a human and a monster — although different versions differ on which parent was which. She is most well-known for her ability to conjure fire. But she also has the ability to place people into dream-like states through drinking their blood.

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