10 Angriest Naruto Characters

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NarutoIt is known for its many expressive and dynamic characters. Although each character is unique, the majority share one key trait: anger. Many characters dealt with their anger, no matter how loud or outgoing. Some people just have a temper while others become angry due to war and hatred.

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All NarutoMany people learned how to manage their anger and rise above the negative emotions of revenge and bloodlust. The end of NarutoAll characters felt content and happy, and no longer felt intense anger.

10 Sakura Had Anger Issues

Since the beginning of NarutoSakura was known for her anger issues. Sakura was very rude to Naruto. She would punch him about minor things. Sakura’s exaggerated anger made her a hateful character.

Sakura was angry at Naruto’s actions throughout their teens, and Sakura’s violent attacks against Naruto continued into their teen years. Even as a young adult she would still throw a punch at Naruto about small things. Fortunately, in BorutoShe seems to have stopped being so harsh about Naruto. As a result, her fans have become more accepting of her.

9 Tsunade was angry with dreams

Lady Tsunade was disillusioned and upset by the dreams of others after losing her loved ones. Her brother and mate dreamed about becoming Hokage. However, they were both killed in combat. Tsunade believed that the Hokage role was a result of a negative ambition, and she refused to accept the responsibility. She slammed Naruto’s dream to become Hokage and thought history would repeat itself.

Tsunade was finally given hope by Naruto, who proved that he could become a Hokage. Tsunade made the decision to become Hokage and protect Konoha. Tsunade is still prone to temper but her anger has subsided and she became a more peaceful person.

8 Kushina Beat Up Her Bullies

Kushina was bullied because of her red hair. Kushina was called tomato by the boys and would then beat them up. She earned the nickname “Red Hot Habanero,” a girl who beat all boys who dared cross her.

Kushina, as an adult, was always calm and friendly. Kushina was easy to anger. When someone treated her rudely, she would either yell or use her fists to lash out. A Kushina-like form met Naruto and lost her temper. Kushina held resentment towards her bullies and became both angry and content when she recalled beating them up. Kushina would have been scared of Naruto if he had been alive to raise her.

7 Neji hated his destiny

Neji was angry at his fate and harbored a lot of resentment toward Hinata. He was resentful of his father’s servitude to Hinata and the Hyuga Clan. Neji also denigrated other shinobi, who he thought were weaker than he.

Naruto was the reason Neji chose to fight against fate. He was determined to make his own destiny and even helped Hinata become stronger. He was happier than he was as a teenager and made friends with people he didn’t like. Neji was happy to see his family after the war. He knew that he chose his own life path and went against the tide of fate.

6 The Fourth Raikage was Angrily Because He Cared

The Fourth Raikage was quick with his anger and had little patience for other people. Although he was furious at other villages, he was quick to forgive his village’s mistakes. He would often scream and hit his brother Killer Bee. Sasuke’s rogue behavior led to the Fourth Raikage refusing to forgive Sasuke when he attacked Killer Bee and Killer Bee.

The Fourth Raikage was always motivated by love for Killer Bee, their village and the cause of his anger. The Fourth Raikage worked with all the villages, putting aside any differences he had during the war. Even after the war, he forgave Sasuke. By BorutoFourth Raikage was able to keep calm even in the most dire of situations.

5 Naruto held Hatred all His Life

He was optimistic but also held a lot more anger than his younger brother. He resentful for the way villagers treated him, and he detested the fact that he was selected to carry the Nine Tailed Fox. Naruto was also averse to himself, which was exacerbated by his flaws. Naruto would let his inner rage out through the Nine-Tails Chakra, leading to him losing control over himself.

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Naruto learned to control his anger and hatred over time. He found inner peace and forgave his village, his enemies, as well as himself, for his inner flaws.

4 Nagato felt tragic pain

Kabuto’s backstory was one of the most horrific in Japan Naruto. He saw his parents being killed by Konoha soldiers, and was forced to kill the man he loved in war. Kabuto had originally hoped to bring about world peace through civil dialogue, but his pain forced him to abandon that goal. He wanted to forcibly bring about peace through shared suffering and destruction.

Kabuto was angry with the nations for their violence, and he was disgusted at Naruto’s attempt to make peace through unrealistic means. But, Kabuto was seduced by Naruto‚Äôs ideas and words. Kabuto ultimately decided to believe in Naruto and seek world peace. He and Naruto were able to forgive each other and Kabuto ended up a happy and hopeful man.

3 Gaara Became Bloodthirsty

The Sand Village snubbed Gaara because he had a Tailed Beast in him. He was hated by everyone, regardless of how nice he may be. Gaara was driven to hatred and bloodlust by his father, who sent a relative to murder him. Gaara would kill anyone, without mercy, and seemed to fight only for his own survival.

Naruto encouraged Gaara to live a life that was filled with love and peace. Gaara worked through his hatred and anger, and even united all nations during the war. Gaara, who was once a hateful child, is now a peaceful Kazekage and protects his village.

2 Kurama became the Embodiment of Hatred

Kuruma lived his entire life fearing humans. Kurama developed hatred towards humans over decades of abuse and imprisonment. Kurama saw them as evil beings who only wanted their power and he and the other Tailed Beasts. Kurama felt so angry and hateful that he couldn’t love anyone.

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Kurama’s experiences with Naruto made Kurama embrace companionship. The fox not just defended the village, but he also stayed with Naruto. Kurama’s hatred was subsided and he now considers Naruto his family.

1 Lies Made Sasuke Seek Revenge

Sasuke saw his clan being massacred and decided to make revenge. He also abandoned all his relationships. Sasuke’s discovery that Konoha was behind the massacre made him rage and hateful. He even made a vow to destroy Hidden Leaf Village and his former comrades.

Sasuke was a victim of anger and hatred. Naruto convinced Sasuke to change his mind. Sasuke still has the ability to be distant but he is trying to make stronger connections and atone for his mistakes. He is calmer, and has made a happy family with Sakura & Sarada.

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