10 Animations from the 90s that failed to be Disney-worthy

Movie posters for The Swan Princess, Quest for Camelot, and Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

The release The Little MermaidIn 1989, Disney animation would enter a golden age known as the Disney Renaissance. Disney’s films would be the standard for animated musicals, dominating both the box office and Academy Awards over the next decade. They were so successful that other companies released animated films quickly to enjoy their success.

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Although it was great to see so many animated features in the 90s, they don’t have the same longevity as the Disney ones. They copied Disney’s formula too closely, leaving them little room to create their own.


‘An American Tail, Fievel Goes West’ (1991).

The sequel Steven Spielberg Don Bluth’sA story about a family that immigrated to America as Jewish mice. Now, they are looking for a better lifestyle in the west. Fievel, the son, is now on his own again after he overheard a plot by cats for mice to be exploited for labor and then eaten. He tries to warn the family, but also encounters an old gunslinging legend. James Stewart.

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It trades in the deep glimpse into the lives immigrants have for a more traditional children’s story. It replaces scenes of immigrants being exploited and orphan kids forced into sweatshops for western clichés and comedic villains, including a spider cowboy played by John Lovitz.Animation is also a step down, with Bluth’s unique movement and detail being replaced by something more Disney-like.

‘The Princess and the Goblin (1991)

Based on George Macdonald’s book of the same name​​​​​, After saving Princess Irene from goblin-pets, Curdie becomes her friend. Curdie, who was captured listening to the plans of the goblins to abduct Irene, spy on Curdie and captures him. Aided by her great-great-grandmother’s spirit, Irene rescues Curdie, and together they must convince the king of the threat.

The film was a joint effort by Hungarians and Welsh, but it wasn’t made available in America until 1994. This was in 1994. Aladdin The Lion King They were so popular that the movie was compared to them. Yes, there are plenty animal sidekicks in this fairytale story featuring a princess. But there are worse options.

‘Ferngully, The Last Rainforest’ (1992).

A colony of fairies lives in the rainforests of Australia. Crysta accidentally uses magic on one of their border loggers to shrink it to her size. Crysta’s teacher is on hand to help them, and the other loggers release an evil spirit that causes destruction as they travel to Ferngully.

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Thought Ferngully, The Last RainforestAlthough it tells a decent story about the environment, it doesn’t necessarily need to be animated musical. The songs feel disassociated from the movie. Only three songs are sung in the film by the characters. The villain song is the best, and it’s the only one that deserves to be mentioned. Tim CurryThis is a great choice for a diet disney villain.

‘Once Upon a Forest’ (1993).

A highway accident releases toxic gas into nearby forests. Michelle, a young badger who inhaled it, became fatally ill. Her uncle tried to save her, and she and her friends ventured outside to search for rare herbs. However, they had to avoid predators and the dangers that urbanization brings.

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Once Upon a ForestIt’s almost a decent children’s movie. The movie does a good job of conveying the environmental message. Phantom of the OperaStar Michael CrawfordAs Michelle’s uncle, he gives a solid performance. It is hindered by the main characters, who feel like someone wants to make a movie in which Disney side characters are protagonists.

‘Thumbelina’ (1994)

Bluth’s attempt to imitate Disney stars Jodi Benson As a tiny thumb-sized girl who falls for a fairy prince. She gets lost in the garden after a late-night flight, and she tries to find her way back. She is soon captivated by Thumbelina and wants to marry her.

The movie’s romances and musical numbers are Disney’s result, as if it wasn’t obvious enough that Ariel’s voice actor was a curious redhead with singing talent. The fairy prince is not as well-developed as the prince. Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDespite being from the same place, none of these songs are great. Barry Manilow.One of them is “Marry the Moel.”,”Made ThumbelinaThe first animated film to win a Razzie.

“The Swan Princess” (1994).

Since their childhood, Prince Derek was promised to Princess Odette. Odette is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, who wants her father’s kingdom. Derek attempts to locate her but the sorcerer transforms Odette into an eagle to force her to marry him.

Director Richard RichIt’s clear that he started his career at Disney. This Disney ripoff has everything you’d expect, including a romance between Prince and Princess, musical numbers, and sidekicks from animals. The movie was re-released. The Lion KingThe film did not do well at the box office, but was successful enough to be remade on home video.

‘The Pagemaster’ (1994)

Young Richard Tyler, an overtly anxious and obsessive about statistics, is trapped in a library during severe storms. As he searches for a telephone, Richard is engulfed by a searing sea of paint. He becomes an illustration. Richard is surrounded by three anthropomorphic books, which represent horror, fantasy, and adventure. He searches for a way to return home, while also finding his courage.

While the movie makes a good effort to inspire children to read, it has a dull script and too many ideas competing with each other for time. Richard and his friends meet many literary characters. However, they move so fast that it’s impossible to get a sense of their personalities and themes. The voice acting of the voices made the book characters a great Disney sidekick. Patrick Stewart, Whoopi Goldenberg Frank Welker.

‘Balto’ (1995)

Based semi-on real events BaltoThis is the story about a wolf-dog hybrid who lives in Nome, Alaska. To save the lives of children in Nome, Alaska when diphtheria outbreaks, a team made up of sled dogs is dispatched to search for antitoxin. Balto, despite being despised by both dogs and people, helps the team when it is caught in a snowstorm.

Nearly all of Disney’s 90s protagonists were outsiders. That is why Balto was likely changed from Siberian Husky to purebred wolf-dog. This makes for a more compelling character story. Beauty the Beast and Aladdin were available at that point so the audience had more choices. The animation is still beautiful, and Disney-veteran. Jim CummingsDoes a great job portraying the villain in the film.

Quest for Camelot (1998)

The Kingdom of Camelot falls to ruin when Excalibur is stolen by a Griffon. Kayley, a young woman, sets out to find the sword. However, it’s lost in the Forbidden Forest. She is joined in her quest to save the kingdom by a blind monk and a twoheaded dragon.

Quest for Camelot is a tapestry of Disney clichés pulled from better movies. Bell is the main character, but Bell’s design is used as a template. The humor relies on meta references like AladdinThe musical numbers and, while they are good in their own right, attempt to replicate the scale of Howard Ashman Alan Menkin.The film’s best-known song, “The Prayer,” is the one that will last the longest. It has been covered many times by singers including Celine Dion Josh Groban.

“The King and I” (1999)

Richard Rich teams up with Quest for CamelotWriters Jacqueline Feather David Seidler To bring the Rodgers and Hammerstein play of same name to younger audiences. Based on the notes made by an English schoolteacher Anna Leonowens It describes her trip to Siam and her meeting with the king. Mongkut. She tries to educate her king’s children but the evil prime minster of Siam uses his powers to instill conflict to get the king to fall as a tyrant.

Apart from poor writing and character work the film is overloaded with adorable animal sidekicks such as a monkey and baby elephant who save the day. It has to reduce many of the more mature elements of the 1954 movie and the original play, such as a happy ending rather than the bittersweet one.

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