10 Anime Heroes who couldn’t win by themselves

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There are many epic one-on-1 battles between heavyweight heroes or their villains in Anime: Vegeta versus Goku. Dragon BallHisoka’s Heaven’s Arena fight against Gon Hunter x HunterAnybody who has not been blessed enough to be the recipient of Saitama’s One Punch in One-Punch Man. Nothing is more satisfying than watching the battle with the big guy, and the hero’s victory at its end.

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Some heroes are unable to handle the situation on their own. Sometimes, outside help is needed so that good prevails. Some anime characters might not have found it easy, regardless of whether it was planned or unintentionally, if it wasn’t for their friends.

10 Syaoran’s Time-Stop Assured Sakura’s Success. (Cardcaptor Sakura).

In Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura adventures focuses on finding the ever-elusive Clow Card while wearing fun, functional outfits. As a fellow magician and Sakura’s rival-turned-boyfriend, Syaoran initially competed against her for master of the Clow Cards; he obtained several during the duo’s various exploits.

Sakura was not happy to play in the Tug-of-War game because Sakura had to use her Power card. Despite having two elephants to help, Sakura looked set to lose. Syaoran, who was able to use his magic to freeze the time and then deftly pulled the rope from Power’s hand, was seen above the tree. Sakura claimed the Power happily, not realizing that Syaoran helped capture it.

9 Veldora was able to escape imprisonment with Rimuru’s help (That time I got reincarnated as a slime).

Veldora was a Catastrophe Class and True Dragon in That’s when I got reincarnated as a slime. Veldora was later imprisoned using the Hero’s Unlimited Imprisonment method. He was now facing immortality in isolation before Rimuru was created from his magicules.

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Veldora found a way to escape, and Rimuru became a friend and ally. After accepting himself to be absorbed Veldora was released from prison and the pair were released. Then, after Rimuru’s exploits in Forest of Jura, Veldora received a body to live in. He was restored to Catastrophic strength through their friendship.

8 Sister Krone’s sacrifice saved the children (The Promised Neverland).

The Promised NeverlandGracefield House was home to children. When they learned that they were being raised to be demon-food, they plotted their escape to the rest of the world. Mom, their caretaker, called Sister Krone for help to stop them. Krone was assigned to keep them on track until the shipment date. Later, she tried to blackmail Mom but was eventually railroaded.

Sister Krone died on the day she was due to die. She continued her fight and left several tools for the children to escape. These tools included keys to Gracefield House, as well as a pen with the coordinates to William Minerva’s hideout. This pen, once it was discovered outside the world, became a crucial key to the survival and well-being of the children.

7 Team Rocket Teamed With Ash To Save The World (Pokémon)

In Pokémon The Movie 2000, a Pokémon collector foolishly captured the Legendary Birds and tipped the balance of nature. Lugia, Beast Of The Sea was his intention, but he accidentally put the world at risk. Ash was assigned to save it. To do so, he traveled to the shrines for three Legendary Birds in order to liberate them and restore order.

This trial saw Ash face many obstacles, including the distance between shrine islands. Team Rocket used their boat to ferry Ash around knowing what would happen if he failed. Team Rocket also rode on Lugia’s back, and they leapt into the water to keep him from being weighed down.

6 Tanjiro Owed His Life To Tomioka’s Timing (Demon Slayer)

Rui was one of the Twelve Kizuki Tanjiro demons that were first encountered. Demon Slayer. After Rui attempted to induct Nezuko into the “family”, a group demons he frequently abused, they dueled. Tanjiro tried valiantly to save her, but Rui broke his sword and ended up trapping him in Rui’s ropes.

Giyu Tomioka saved Tanjiro from a horrible fate. Tomioka arrived in time to stop Rui’s attack. As Rui’s Red Demon Art was cut to ribbons, he walked calmly towards him as the demon launched an offensive. Tomioka sliced Rui’s head into ribbons in a fraction of second to save the Kamado sisters from being destroyed.

5 Gaara Gaara Lee Away from Kimimaro, (Naruto).

In NarutoAfter Naruto decided to rescue Sasuke from him, Rock Lee took on Kimimoro. Kimimoro was initially impressed by Lee’s Drunken Fist technique. However, the tide quickly changed and Lee was unable to match Kimimoro at his speed. He was eventually trapped in the bone cage jutsu.

Lee was at the brink, but Gaara’s sand stopped him. Before Gaara used Giant Sand Burial, the Sand Tsunami created a distance between Lee and Kimimoro. Gaara used Ultimate Defense Shikaku Shield for protection against Kimimoro’s attack and suspended them in the sky to avoid Kimimoro’s Braken Dance.

4 Killua Ravaged Rammot Protecting the Gon (Hunter X Hunter).

Killua, Gon and Rammot met during the Chimera Ant Arc. Hunter x Hunter. Rammot was furious at the defeat of the youngster’s duo and sought revenge. He found Killua in the Ininge area and was able to track him. Killua was desperate to save Gon, but he couldn’t use Nen then, so he faced Rammot alone.

Killua also battled Illumi’s stingray during the battle. Illumi had implanted an invasive needle in Killua’s brain which forced him to flee. Killua removed Rammot’s head and snatched the needle from his head. Gon wouldn’t have survived without Killua as he couldn’t defend himself.

3 Naruto used The Ultimate Shinobi Alliance Jutsu to Obliterate Obito. (Naruto Shippuden).

Obito was Madara Uchiha’s partner in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Naruto ShippudenThey wanted to revive the Ten-Tails, and then cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi all over the world. Naruto was forced into fighting for his life after Kurama was captured. He was protected and the future of the free planet were secured by the whole war.

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The Ultimate Shinobi Alliance would’ve been the end of the world without them. The Ultimate Shinobi Alliance Jutsu was used for incapacitating the Ten-Tails. It combined the ninjutsus of all five great nations to help Naruto protect and change the shinobi universe.

2 Goku Freed Frieza to Fight the Juggernaut Jiren(Dragon Ball Super).

As the Tournament of Power ended, Dragon Ball SuperThere were only four remaining competitors: Jiren of Universe 11 against Goku, Frieza and Android 17, from Universe 7. Universe 7 was still the tournament’s strongest competitor, despite their superior numbers. Jiren remained in control of the tournament. Every man, android, and alien fought for their lives, because losing meant the end of his universe.

Goku joined forces with Frieza to defeat the juggernaut, in an unexpected act of teamwork. The two attacked together, pushing Jiren to the limits. They both forced Jiren off his feet, and then forcibly took him off the stage. Andoird 17 was named the Tournament of Power winner.

1 Deku’s Death was Assured Without Eri in My Hero Academia

After LeMillion lost his quirk, Deku fought Overhaul. My Hero AcademiaHe protected Eri, Overhaul’s captive and key to his plans from harm. Deku chose to fight Overhaul, despite Sir Nighteye telling him that he would be killed. Deku was determined to save Eri even though it meant sacrificing his life. He accessed One For All with all his strength, despite the fact that it would kill his body.

However, it didn’t happen due to Eri’s quirk, Rewind. Eri reset Deku’s bodies to a time before he was hurt, even though he suffered heavy damage from Overhaul’s attack. Deku managed to create a strategy that would defeat Overhaul and keep Eri and himself alive by ensuring that the damage he sustained was greater than Eri’s healing abilities.

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