10 anime to watch if Yuri interests you! ICE

Yuri!!! on ICE (Image via MAPPA)

Yuri!!! Yuri!It caused quite the stir in the anime community in 2016 when it first appeared on screen. The anime’s visuals are stunning and the choreographies are precise and detailed. Yuri!!! Yuri!critical acclaim for depicting queer love among the male leads, Victor and Yuri.

Yuri!!! Yuri!The story of Yuri Katsuki is about a professional figure skating competitor who loses his passion for the sport following a humiliating defeat in the Grand Prix Final. After Victor Nikiforov, his idol, decides to mentor him and help him on his way back up, he is able to get back to his feet.

The enormous success of Yuri!!! Yuri! The online anime industry dominated for a while and it was a major player in the mainstream pop culture.

If you enjoyed anime, you will find 10 shows we’ve curated in this article. Yuri!!! ICE.

Ginban Kaleidoscope, and 9 Other You can binge-watch anime shows if you like them Yuri!!! Yuri!

1) Kuroko’s basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball actually is a great anime about sports. I recently started it and it is a fun, character driven story. As a basketball fan I liked alot about the show https://t.co/sbeRLbLm4V

Kuroko Tetsuya’s basketball skills are exceptional and make him a valuable asset to the team. After leaving his middle-school team that consisted of five basketball prodigies, he joins Kagami Taiga and his new high school Seirin team to defeat his former teammates at the tournaments. The sports anime shows that losing is acceptable and not just glorifying wins. It is admirable that the series features stark character development. They highlight the various depths of the relationships between the characters and enhance the viewing experience. Yuri!!! Yuri!.

2) Banana Fish

Although they are thematically different from each other, Yuri!!! Yuri!, Banana Fish contains the same mentor-protégé dynamic that the fans lauded in the former. Eiji and Ash have a complex relationship which will be recalled by many. Yuri!!! Yuri!Victor and Yuri fandom. The story follows Eiji Okumura, a Japanese photographer who becomes involved with a 1980s New York City gang leader Ash Lynx, who unravels a conspiracy surrounding a drug named “Banana Fish”. They form a close bond throughout the series that occasionally hints at romantic attachments.

3) No. 6

This anime explores the depth of male relationships. Yuri!!! Yuri!. The story is set in No. 6 created by the Treaty of Babylon where Shion lives. On his 12th birthday, he meets Nezumi, a fugitive, and offers him help. He is in trouble with the authorities for this. They cross paths again four years later when they discover the dark secrets of No. 6 are revealed. Like Yuri!!! ICEThe show’s central point is the love story between the male leads.

4) Your Lie In April

Kosei Arima loses his mother, which is a great tragedy. He suffers a mental breakdown, which causes him to become uninterested in the sound of the piano and gradually loses his enthusiasm to play. Kaori Miyazono (a musical enthusiast) pulled him back from the depths. A free-spirited girl, she is open and free-spirited with an eclectic musical style that mirrors her chaotic personality. She is a violinist and helped Kosei overcome trauma by introducing him to music and the possibilities it offers. Its similarities to Your Lie in April is a clear indication of the premise of Your Lie InApril. Yuri!!! Yuri!.

5) Haikyu!!

this would always be one of the most iconic haikyuu scenes https://t.co/7wDWEoCZSR

This anime is another one that encourages friendship and teamwork. The motivational commentary is typical for top-tier shonen series. Shoyo Hirata dreams of being a great volleyball player even though he is small. When he meets Tobio Kageyama, a prodigy on the court with his highly accurate setting skills, the pairing between him and Hinata’s powerful jumping skills proves to be a recipe for success in the Karasuno Volleyball team. Haikyu! There are many powerful opponents featured throughout the series, drawing much-deserved attention by the fans.

6) The Ballroom is open to you

Caught up with Welcome to The Ballroom.Didn’t want to, but shit was too good, now I gotta wait. The series has provided everything I needed for the last few months. It inspired passion, triumph, frustration and understanding. I felt every emotion that it brought to me. Simply magical. https://t.co/xggms5gwcF

Yuri!!! Yuri!This book is all about ice skating. It’s a sport where athleticism meets aesthetic grace, much like ballroom dancing. The Ballroom is open to you. The series centers on Tatara Fujito, an average middle schooler who has no purpose in life and struggles to find one. After being saved by Kaname Sengoku (a champion dancer), Tatara Fujito is finally given something to strive for. The teacher-student relationship can be similar. Yuri!!! Yuri!In this series.

7) Ginban Kaleidoscope

Remembering Hiro Suzuhira, OMG I’m suddenly nostalgic about Ginban Kaleidoscope, the figure skating anime before Yuri on Ice made it cool.That was my *jam* as an early teen. A ghost called Pete Pumps is guiding girl how to skate. https://t.co/YPtkOhOg3g

If you’ve been enticed by the world of figure skating in anime, then Ginban KaleidoscopeThe promise of the same visual grace is made. Yuri!!! Yuri!. The story centers on Tazusa Sakurano (an Olympic figure skater) who is possessed by Pete Pumps, a Canadian pilot who was killed in a plane accident after becoming unconscious from a performance mistake. In this series, romance is more prominent than in others. Yuri!!! Yuri!Fans looking for a feeling-good romance in a sport anime will enjoy the.

8) Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Haruka Nanase, a high school student, decides to rejuvenate his school’s swim club in dreams of facing off his childhood rival Rin Matsuoka in the upcoming tournaments. Rei Ryugazaki and Nagisa Hazuki are also part of the team. Each student has their own specialties in the pool. The friendship is strengthened by the fact that they do not win every competition. As in any good sports anime. Free!Is emotionally driven and explores all aspects of friendship and life.

9) Tsurune

Similar to Yuri!!! Yuri!, TsuruneThis story features a protagonist who gets pulled from his lowest point and is then reintroduced by a mentor to reach his full potential. Minato Narumiya was unable to love archery due to an incident at his middle school tournament. After a mishap at a middle school tournament, Minato meets Mr. Tommy. He is a gifted archery talent and agrees to mentor him. Minato’s love for archery is rekindled as he gears up to fight his way back to the top with the support of his friends Seiya and Ryohei, along with the guidance of his new teacher.

10) The Slope for Kids

Do you have a favorite anime sequence? This one’s mine from Kids on the Slope: https://t.co/zzKjr9togj

Despite not being a sporting anime, Yuri!!! Yuri!, The Slope for KidsFandoms can enjoy it as a happy slice of life, with core elements such as friendship and love.. Shinichiro Watanabe’s style is evident in the series’ musical elements, which become a main focus. Kaoru Nishimi has always been a wallflower with no real friends owing to the fact that his father’s job never let them stay in one place. When he meets Sentaro Kabuchi, a student who is delinquent at his new school, he discovers jazz and the two boys become closer.

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