10 Best Anime Similar to Overlord According To Ranker

10 Best Anime Similar To Overlord, According To Ranker

The fourth season OverlordAfter a long hiatus, the series was finally released in July 2022. After the conclusion of the previous season in 2018, many viewers waited patiently for the next four years.

Many anime fans kept busy during this time by watching shows that closely resembled their idols. Overlord. Users of Ranker decided to vote up and down on these anime series. They sorted them according to how similar they were to the anime they waited so many years to see again.


10Accel World

accel world anime dinner

Haruyuki is an overweight high school student who only finds joy by playing video games. Brain Burst allows him to stop the clock. He can keep this time-stopping ability if he continues to win games, and he hopes to reach the game’s highest level.

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Ainz was like Haruyuki. He didn’t care about the real world, preferring the life he had in YGGDRASIL. Haruyuki may not be trapped in a game like Ainz, but they’re both on a quest to obtain status and power. Haruyuki would like to be able to play Brain Burst at level 10, while Ainz would like to rule the world and strengthen his kingdom.

9 Btooom!

A young girl gives side eye to a young man standing behind her in Btooom!

Sakamoto is a regular player of the combat videogame Btooom! and is one of the world’s best players. He and a group of others are suddenly placed on a tropical island. They are forced to kill one another with mini bombs just like in the videogame. Sakamoto’s goal is to survive this game and find a way to get back home.

Ainz, just like Sakamoto, was also an excellent player of his favorite videogame. They were forced to experience a real-life version. They were able use the strategies and skills that they learned in video games to survive the environment they found themselves in. Sakamoto’s ability to survive was even entertaining enough for audiences to say that Btooom!This anime deserves another season.

8 Re:Zero − Starting Life In Another World

Subaru and the gang

Subaru was transported to a fantasy realm by a sudden event. Re:ZeroThe highest-rated anime manga. Subaru’s ability to return from the grave is what makes him unique among anime characters. Subaru can instantly go back in history and redo the things that prevent him from dying.

The similarities between Re:Zero OverlordBoth series are so similar that they have been merged in the Isekai Quartet series. Ainz, Subaru and their magical powers were both granted. On the other hand, Subaru’s ability to cast magic and his control of his “return by death” ability aren’t as well-tuned as Ainz’s impressive magical skills.


Samurai attacks in moonlight in Drifters

The series focuses on DriftersA group of warriors, all drawn from different periods in human history. In the hope of defeating The Ends, they were transported to a magical land. Another group of historical figures, The Ends, are attempting to conquer the new world and eliminate all the Drifters.

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Similar to what occurred to the DriftersAinz was also taken to another world with magical creatures. Ainz, nor the DriftersHave an interest in hurting innocent people. Ainz has killed multiple people, but most of them were armed soldiers, and he’s even gone out of his way to protect unarmed civilians. The same is true for Ainz. Drifters.

6One-punch Man

Saitama One-Punch Man Season 2

Saitama was an average man who didn’t have much to offer. But that all changed when he decided he wanted to be a superhero. Saitama trained for three years to push his body beyond its limits, and at the end of that time, he was one of most powerful heroes in history.

Ainz was also able to become an overpowered being, much like Saitama, but it was done through a videogame. Ainz spent a lot of time collecting items and leveling-up his character while playing YGGDRASIL. He eventually reached the max level and couldn’t get any stronger, like Saitama. Both characters can defeat any enemy easily, but Saitama does so in a more humorous way.

5 Log Horizon

log horizon season 3

Elder Tale is an immensely popular game with thousands of people enjoying it every day. These thousands of people found themselves in the game after a game update. Shiroe became a magician and led a small group to survive in this fantasy world.

Ainz and Shiroe both got stuck in a videogame, so they were forced to become sorcerers. They had to be magicians because their fictional characters in the game were magicians. They were also promoted to leadership positions. Shiroe is not in control of Ainz as a whole, but he makes important decisions to protect his family and new home.

4Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?

The main characters from the anime series Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon.

Bell is a young adventurer. He often enters dungeons in his quest to kill enough monsters to improve his fighting skills. It’s during one of his dungeon raids that his life is saved by a beautiful adventurer who’s leagues stronger than him. Bell sets out to be just as strong and as good as her in order to be able date her.

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Both series feature plenty of monster-killing, and main characters are eager to gain more fame. Ainz has a side mission to make Momon, his alter ego, the most famous adventurer in the universe. Bell is attempting to achieve the same goal but is motivated more by his love for his country than his desire to strengthen it.

3The King’s Avatar

Characters underwater in the anime The King's Avatar.

Ye Xiu was a veteran player of the video game Glory and was considered the best in the world. His teammates forced him to quit and he had to give over his player account. Ye Xiu, who was unwilling to give up the game of soccer, created a new player profile and plans to regain his number-one spot.

Ainz, Ye Xiu, and Ainz played their respective videogames for years and gained a lot experience. Ye Xiu draws on that experience to build his character, while Ainz tries increase Nazarick’s power. They both make monster killing look like child’s play, the difference being that Ye Xiu is playing a game and Ainz is doing it for real.

Notice: Ranking lists are fan-voted and live. Votes can continue to accrue so rankings could have changed after publication.

2No game, no life

Jibril from No Game No Life drinking tea.

No game, no lifeIt is one of the most beloved fantasy animes of all time. The story tells the story Sora (and Shiro) who spent almost every waking minute playing video games. They jumped at the chance to live in a world where they could play games. Later, they learned that winning enough games would allow them to rule the whole world.

Ainz had an idea when he first arrived in his new environment. It was how much fun it would have to conquer it. Sora and Shiro got a similar idea but they’re doing it by playing games rather than killing armies of people. The series both focus on characters who were magically transferred to another world and use their gaming skills to gain both power and status.


A magical gate appeared in Tokyo, and suddenly an army of dragons, monsters, and knights entered. The army decimated innocent civilians until the Japanese military stopped them. The Japanese army ordered a group to pass through the gate in an attempt to make peace with the medieval civilization who had attacked them.

Although the military force that passed through the gate was small in number, they possess superior firepower and can easily defeat the armies from the new world. Similar results can be made for the forces of Nazarick. However, instead of 21st century weapons, they possess incredible magical items. The main characters in both anime are placed in leadership positions, and they love the fantasy genre.

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