10 Best Husbandos From 2000s Anime, Ranked

Howl Sebastian Michaelis and Light Yagami

Everybody has their favourite anime characters. However, some characters resonate more with fans than others. Many people consider these characters their “waifu”, meaning husband or wife, and many others are “husbando” (meaning husband or wife). Some people view their favorite characters as ideal partners. However, most husbandos or waifus simply love the characters more than any other.

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Many anime characters of the 2000s are considered their husbandos or waifus by fans. There are many characters from the 2000s that make great husbando material, especially with so many famous shonen heroes. These characters are the greatest of anime’s most iconic decade, and they’re still beloved by many fans today.

10 Yuki Sohma Is The Charming, Kind, & Mysterious Prince Of The School (Fruit Basket)

Fruits Basket The series is filled with many charming characters, including the quirky Sohma relatives and the kindhearted protagonist Tohru. Yuki Sohma is a favorite among fans. He is as charming as he is kind, with his soft-spokenness as well as his prince-like charm that dazzles everyone around him.

Yuki’s popularity is not due to his family trauma or the curse. He becomes more open about himself and shows others his true smile throughout the series. Fans can’t help but fall for him again.

9 Itachi Uchiha Became A Fan-Favorite Before He Even Appeared (Naruto)

There are many beloved characters in NarutoThere are many men who can be considered husbando material. Itachi Uchiha, a husbando, has been a favorite of the series since his first appearance.

The Uchiha clan is beloved by fans. He’s been on the top of the list since Sasuke mentioned him at the start of the series. His popularity grew exponentially after he finally appeared, many people falling for his cold, threatening aura. When the truth about him is revealed, Naruto ShippudenIt only makes everyone more reason for him to be loved.

8 Uryu Ishida Is A Smart & Sophisticated Tsundere-Type (Bleach)

Fans love the tsundere character. BleachUryu Ishida,’s main tsundere, is one of the most important characters in the series. He is not the usual archetype character, but more like a “smart guy”. Although he appears distant and cold at first, he is actually a loyal friend and a kind person.

Uryu also enjoys sewing, even though his stern nature is a problem. His refined, sophisticated aura is accentuated by his dark hair and serious eyes. He also wears stylish glasses. He is the complete package. His intelligence, personality, and good looks make him a popular choice.

7 Tamaki Suoh Is The Charming & Handsome President Of The Host Club (Ouran High School Host Club)

It can be difficult for someone to choose between the classic and the new host. Ouran High school Host Club. Each one is so charming in their own way. Fans agree that Tamaki Suoh, club president, is the most beloved of all the boys. Few can resist his charms.

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Tamaki is a true ladies’ man. He sweeps guests off their feet with elegance and charm. Tamaki can sometimes be the most childish, but he still manages charm audiences with his outrageous dramatics and eccentricity.

6 Light Yagami Charms Fans Despite His Sinister Ways (Death Note)

It was at its peak of popularity. Death Note Fans were divided between Light Yagami, the protagonist, and L, his arch-nemesis. However L was equally popular, but many couldn’t resist Light’s bad-boy charms. He’s a complete villain and downright evil.

Light’s words were not understood by all his fans. Much like his poor victims in the series’, many people are overcome by Light’s wit and charms. His personality is infectious. Despite his terrible character, many love him even today.

5 Sesshomaru Has Always Enamored Fans With His Beauty & Coldhearted Personality (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha Fans love Sesshomaru’s stubborn, feisty title character. But it’s clear that he is the most loved of the demon brothers. Inuyasha is Inuyasha in every way, from his beautiful beauty to his cold demeanor. He is stoic, sometimes even heartless, and sees other life forms as inferior throughout the series.

However, he gradually changes his ways as the story progresses and shows more than his cruel side. He has been a fan-favorite from the beginning. YashahimeSesshomaru is now more popular than ever.

4 Kamina’s Strong Spirit Inspires His Teammates & Fans Alike (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Kamina is a beloved character in the series. Gurren Lagann. Even though he only appeared in the anime for a short time, his role is crucial in the series. Simon and the others are driven to make the world a better place.

Kamina’s charisma, strength, and belief in others inspire everyone to achieve their highest potential. He inspires even his fans to be their best. Although there are many amazing characters in the series, Kamina remains everyone’s favorite husbando.

Roy Mustang is the fiery Flame Alchemist Fullmetal AlchemistHe is also a well-known war hero. He serves as Ed’s superior and is a brilliant commander with the Amestrian State Military. Fans will always hold a special place for the Elric brothers but Colonel Mustang is one of the most beloved characters in the entire series.

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There’s no wonder why, from his amazing alchemy abilities to his cool, confident personality. Although he is a minor character in the series, Roy Mustang is a pivotal part of the show and his fans cannot help but love him.

2 Howl Enchants Fans With His Magic, Beauty, & Charm (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Everyone loves Sophie Hatter, the sweet and resourceful protagonist. Howl’s Moving CastleBut when it comes down to favorites, Howl Jenkins-Pendragon is the star of the show. He is a feared wizard and known for his ability to steal hearts.

While Howl may not be as powerful as the rumors claim, it is true that Howl has the ability to charm everyone and capture hearts. While he is vain and foppish, Howl’s fans are unable to help but fall in love.

1 Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) is One Hell of a Husbando

When Black Butler when it was first published, Ciel Phantomhive’s charming butler Sebastian Michaelis instantly won over fans. His striking looks and his charming banter were everything that made him stand out.

Sebastian is easily one of the most beloved husbandos at the end of the decade and his popularity rivals that of even the most famous 2000s anime characters. Although the popularity of Sebastian has declined over time, many fans will always remember his golden years. Although they may not wish to admit it, many people still hold a special place in their hearts for Sebastian.

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