10 Boruto Characters That Should Be Killed

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BorutoThere are many engaging characters in the cast. Because of the peaceful times, many characters haven’t had to go through the same struggles as Naruto Uzumaki’s generation. So, there are less people in. BorutoThey have all died leaving behind fewer memorable death scenes in the series. Naruto.

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Borutocould give its characters memorable death experiences. Naruto. Boruto’sYou can create story arcs for cast that help them develop and culminate in their death. Their deaths should represent their individual arcs, and be symbolic of who these people are. Fans should be surprised and emotionally connected to their deaths.

Rock Lee and Might Guy shared some scary moments in NarutoWhen it seemed like they would die. Rock and Might demonstrated that they were willing to risk everything to win a fight. It is fitting that Metal Lee, their successor, should have a similar moment.

Metal Lee can fight with the Eighth Gate and sacrifice himself to Konoha. It would be a tribute to his predecessors. BorutoMetal Lee can actually die, which could surprise fans. Metal Lee dying would be a fantastic writing choice, as fans were disappointed by the deaths of Might Guy and Rock Lee during World War II.

9 Iwabee can prove that he could have been a hokage

Iwabee Yanino is unique because he has overcome his pride and learned to cooperate with others. He longs to be a Hokage, and has a friendly rivalry for Sarada Uchiha.

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Iwabe is a Hokage who views the village as their family. He can also die for his village and friends, which proves that he is a Hokage. He can also grant Sarada the blessing to become a Hokage, which is a very touching moment. His death would be very fitting and would earn him more admirers.

8 Tsubaki Shows Her Love for Konoha

Tsubaki Kurogane initially felt alienated from Konoha’s team. As time went by, she began to appreciate Konoha and form a close bond with her fellow teammates. Tsubaki wanted to be a chunin and decided to stay in Konoha.

Tsubaki should commit suicide to show her love for Konoha. She should be willing to sacrifice her own life in order to save Konoha, her village friends and show Konoha her love for her family. Tsubaki’s passing can be a beautiful way to express her growth. Boruto. Tsubaki’s passing would also shock because she is a fan favorite and gives the audience a scene that they didn’t expect.

7 Sumire Can Risk Her Life For Boruto

Sumire Kakei was a traitor to the village, but she attempted to make amends. Boruto Uzumaki has become a romantic friend of Sumire Kakei, an ally of Team 7, and she has developed romantic feelings for her.

Due to their similar personalities, Sumire and Hinata are often compared. BorutoYou can experiment with this similarity, and refer to Hinata’s fight for Pain in Naruto Shippuden. Sumire could risk her life in order to save Boruto. But the show should kill her off. Boruto may also have a plot where he discovers his feelings for her shortly before her death. Sumire’s death would be shocking. It would pay tribute to the Pain battle, but also make it stand alone.

6 Shikadai Can Die A True Leader

Shikadai Naru was almost killed by his father Shikamaru Naru. Naruto. Like his father, Shikadai can be described as chunin. He is a strategist and leader. Shikadai can die on a mission that he must lead.

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Shikadai may try to lead his team in a fight against an overwhelming threat. Shikadai will push beyond his limits and become a strong leader like Shikamaru. Even when things seem dire and people are dying, Shikadai still has the ability to lead the team towards victory. Shikadai is able to go to his grave, fulfilling his mission of honoring Nara’s legacy. He will earn the respect and love of the fans and be loved more by the community.

5 Shinki Can Prove He’s A Worthy Kazekage

Gaara’s adopted son Shinki is Shinki, his pupil. Gaara teaches him how to manage his powers and build bonds with others. Shinki grew to be a great chunin over time and formed a bond with Boruto. Shinki even tried hard to get Kawaki open to other shinobi.

Shinki, Gaara’s pupil might one day become the Kazekage. He can even sacrifice his life to save the Sand Village if he does. Fans would love to hear such a story. Shinki would prove himself worthy of Kazegage and shinobi because he made bonds with the villages. Shinki took Gaara’s teachings seriously and continued to honor them.

4 Boruto should be a tragic hero

Boruto will be fighting Kawaki in a destroyed Konoha. Many believe Boruto is a tragic hero that will die to save the village, and the whole world.

Boruto’s death as a tragic hero is a great subversion, since he is the main character. Shonen main protagonists, Naruto and others, are able to survive even the harshest conditions. BorutoYou can make your company stand out by killing the main character. He will die the same death Naruto did. Boruto has come under much criticism. However, the tragic death of his hero can win over his detractors.

3 Boruto Should Kill Kawaki

A big plot in Naruto ShippudenIt was possible that Naruto would have to kill Sasuke Umchiha. Naruto saved his friend from the darkness by not killing Sasuke Uchiha. BorutoThis plot point can be subverted by having the title character kill Kawaki.

Kawaki seems to be willing and able to fight Boruto, despite his village loyalty. It would be a great twist for Kawaki not to be a villain, even though Sasuke eventually reformed. The idealism was embraced by the fan base. Naruto franchise. Boruto cannot help but kill Kawaki, shocking the fan base.

2 Koji Can Die Like Jiraiya

Koji Kashin is a Jiraiya clone, designed to kill Isshiki. Koji was unsuccessful in his goal but proved to be a determined fighter who wouldn’t quit. Koji has the potential to create a character arc leading to a dramatic ending.

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Koji has the potential to be a great character and have an emotional death. Koji is a great character, but it’s not all bad. BorutoKoji needs to be developed and his motivations expanded. Koji could be a hero and experience a memorable death. Koji’s demise can reflect his choices, successes and failures. Koji’s passing would be similar to Jiraiya’s but the journey can be different.

1 Katasuke can have a symbolic death

Katasuke may die from his inventions. He had created the Scientific Ninja Tools in an attempt to help Konoha. His tools were used to combat and improve prosthetics but enemies also used them to attack Konoha. Katasuke felt guilt about his Ninja Tools until Boruto reminded Katasuke that they had also done good things.

Katasuke has the Scientific Ninja Tools to protect Konoha. Katasuke has his own tools that can be used against a villain to kill him. Katasuke, however, can take the enemy down and save Konoha. Katasuke’s guilt over his inventions would be symbolized by a death like this. Katasuke may still feel guilty about the misused Ninja Tools. Katsuke’s final moments can be a happy time for having invented the Ninja Tools.

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