10 Characters Fans Wish Were Alive In Boruto

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NarutoThese characters are some of the most beloved in shonen manga. Many characters died, and some had the most tragic stories in manga and anime. Fans grieved for the loss of their beloved characters. NarutoI wish the characters had lived happier lives.

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Boruto’sCast is loved for their passion and devotion to the shinobi way. Fans wish they could meet the characters. NarutoMake an appearance in Boruto. Fans want to see many of the characters that have died alive, especially those who are deceased. It would be wonderful to see past mentors and villains reunite with their former victims. Boruto’sLive in peace, not generation.

10 Obito Would Like To See Naruto As Hokage

Obito’s sympathetic approach to villainy, and his discovery of hope are two things that make him famous. His fans are disappointed that he didn’t achieve his goal of becoming Hokage. They were also affected by Obito’s disillusionment and wish to see him live in peace.

Fans would love to see Obito’s reactions to Konoha, and the world of Boruto’s times. Obito would likely be delighted to see Naruto be the Hokage he never could be. Obito would also love to see the world peacefully, contrary to the war-filled times he grew into.

9 Jiraiya Wants to See That Naruto Has Attained Peace

Jiraiya, Naruto’s father figure and old master, holds a special place within many fans’ hearts. Jiraiya’s passing caused a lot of grief among the fan base. He believed his life was full of failure.

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Jiraiya, who died in the pursuit of world peace, passed his mission onto Naruto. Jiraiya would have been able to see Naruto achieve world peace and unity if he was still around. Jiraiya would be a great grandfather figure to Boruto. He could teach the young ninja how he can summon powerful creatures and make stronger Rasengan.

8 Rin Could Have Been A Part Of A Family

Rin is beloved by fans because she has always supported Obito, her team, and herself. Because she sacrificed herself to protect Konoha, she gained a lot in respect. She was killed by someone she loved, and she never had the opportunity to have her own children. Rin would love to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Fans think it would’ve been sweet to have Rin and Obito marry and raise a family together. Rin could have kept her friends and supported Naruto as Hokage. Fans could have seen Rin, Obito and Kakashi again working as a team.

7 Kushina Would Make A Great Grandma

Kushina is loved by her fiery personality and caring nature. Although she is sweet, Kushina doesn’t allow others to trample on her. She is always ready to fight those who hurt her family members. She would make a great addition to any family. BorutoBecause she would have protected her grandchildren against any enemy.

Kushina would have been great as a grandmother and interact with Himawari and Boruto. Fans would have loved to see her discipline Boruto, as she might be less inclined to accept his attitude. Kushina would have also given her grandkids great advice to help them prepare for the future.

6 Kurama’s passing saddens fans

Kurama was there to support Naruto throughout his life, helping the boy become the seventh Hokage. Kurama was a terrifying beast, but he quickly became Naruto’s greatest allies.

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Kurama’s death broke fans’ hearts. Fans still miss Kurama’s interaction with Naruto’s family, despite the fact that the anime gave Kurama a well-written passing. Kurama’s conversation with Himawari and Boruto is a missed opportunity. This episode could have been a wonderful one that showed the bond Naruto has formed throughout his life. It is unlikely that such an episode will be made, as Kurama has already died.

5 Nagato Wants To See World Peace

After being forced to kill his best friend, Nagato was made the villain Pain. Ironically, Pain tried to reach peace through conflict and war. Naruto convinced Nagato, however, that he would make peace using civil means. Nagato ended the reign of Pain and revived those he had killed. He gave Naruto his blessing before Nagato died.

Nagato’s decision to believe in Naruto moved the fan base. They wanted Nagato to see Naruto achieve peace between the five villages. This would prove that Nagato was correct to believe in Naruto.

4 Itachi Could Help Sasuke With Family Problems

Itachi is a tragic hero, who sacrificed his life to save Konoha and maintain world peace. Itachi even died at the hands of his brother. Sasuke learned later that Itachi was a covert Ninja. However, Itachi was forever considered a traitor to Hidden Leaf Village.

Itachi could have been Sarada’s uncle, showing her how to use her Sharingan. He would have been appreciated by his fans for putting some sense in Sasuke’s eyes, who had neglected his fatherly duties. Itachi’s experience would have made him a great mentor for both generations of shinobi.

3 Neji Would’ve Been Head of The Hyuga Clan

Boruto’s uncle, and Naruto’s former comrade in crime, Neji is probably the one that fans long to see living. Neji was once a fiery, angry person. But he became a friend and trusted companion who loved Naruto and Hinata. Fans loved Neji’s character development, and felt that his death was quite ill-written.

Fans were delighted to see Neji once again after Boruto traveled back in time. They were sad, however, to know that he would not be able to live in the future. Fans wish that they could still see Neji, an older Neji, as the leader of the Hyuga Clan and interact with his nephew and niece. Fans believe Neji could teach Boruto or Himawari techniques such as the Gentle Fist and the Byakugan.

2 Hizashi should see The New Hyuga Clan

Hizashi hated his position in the Hyuga Clan’s lower branch, as he had to help his twin brother Hiashi. Hizashi, however, loved Hiashi enough to sacrifice his own life so Hiashi could live.

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Fans would be delighted to see Hizashi interacted with the Hyuga Clan at Boruto’s time. Hizashi would have been happy to see Hiashi change the clan and treat all members with more respect. Hizashi might have also been a close relative, making Boruto look as foolish as Hiashi. Unfortunately, Hizashi won’t be able to meet the current Hyuga Clan and Boruto probably will never see him.

1 Asuma could have raised his family

Asuma, Kurenai and Mirai had a daughter called Mirai. But Asuma passed away before Mirai was even born. Asuma also lost his life on a mission with Team 10. He had trained them personally. Asuma’s passing was a devastating blow to both his characters and the fan base. His loss is still felt by many, who wish he could have raised their children.

If Asuma had been alive in BorutoHe could have helped Mirai become a chunin or been a surrogate grandfather for Team 10’s children. Fans won’t be able to see Asuma interact. Borutocast, the characters continue to honor Asuma, paying tribute to his memory every day.

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