10 Music Anime to Watch If You Love Your Boy Kongming!

Ya Boy Kongming Feature

Kongming, Ya Boy!It started out as an obscure anime, but it quickly became one the most popular anime of Spring 2022. The amusing absurdity of a well-known war general using military tactics in order to help a young girl be a singer is so bizarre it works.

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It might seem that there aren’t many shows like this show because of its unique premise. Animation has an abundance of content about music that can capture some of the magic. Ya Boy KongmingIt offers.

10 Carole & Tuesday

Carole & TuesdayIt is one of the most famous music anime ever, and for good reason. A chance encounter between two music-loving girls leads to them working together to create music that is better than the AI singers. The soundtrack includes songs so good, even for people who have never seen it, that they are worth listening too. Cowboy Bebop!

9 Sound! Euphonium

It’s reasonable to think that an anime with a focus on a euphonium — no that isn’t the same thing as a tuba — might be a hard sell. However, Sound! EuphoniumHe has survived multiple seasons and is loved by many.

The drama about a young girl trying to avoid making the same mistakes as her middle school self is captivating, funny, and incredibly musical. It was also directed by the same person who made it. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid!This speaks volumes about the quality of its products.

8 Given

The series became so popular that it was made into a movie. GivenIt is an excellent anime that does not just focus on music but also explores a budding gay relationship. This slice of life romance has a lot of drama as it shows how a band forms after a chance meeting between two high school boys. A Gibson guitar is a great way to show your support for anime.

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Hikaru Yamaguchi directed her first directorial film. Given.It is her most well-known work in the anime industry.

7 Looking for the Full Moon

One of the most important parts of Ya Boy KongmingHere’s how a young female artist attempts to fulfill her dream of becoming a well-known singer. Looking for the Full Moon does this as well but with an even harsher twist — the main character has throat cancer and a limited amount of time left to live.

This extraordinary piece of Shojo anime isn’t afraid to show emotion and will make viewers cry. Everyone who watches this anime will feel their heartstrings tugged at the maximum and still find it worth it.

6 ClassicaLoid

The key to what makes it great is the people who make it. Ya Boy Kongming It is amazing how a historical figure can be given such an extraordinary personality in a world unlike any other. ClassicaLoidIt does something similar but instead of using a well-known military tactician, it uses famous composers. All the actors are able to harness the extraordinary power of the “Musik” and include Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Chopin, as well as Mozart. They are both entertaining to watch because of their quirky off-the wall energy.

5 D4DJ – First Mix

If you want to see a young girl work hard to realize her musical dreams, Rinku and her friends will delight. D4DJ First Mix. The title implies that the show is about DJing. There’s a lot of dance and pop music in the story. The anime is also done with heavy CG — which anime fans normally hate — but still manages to look incredibly good.

4 Nana

NanaThe shojo genre has been defined for many years by anime. This story of Nana, a girl who sings in a punk band, and Nana, a girl who moves to the city as a tourist, is one that has been captivated audiences ever since its release.

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The anime’s ending is the only thing that is sad. The creator of NanaAfter falling ill, the manga was left unfinished for over ten year. It’s still worth seeing this dramatized story about two women who try to realize their dreams.

3 Zombieland Saga

Imagine if literal Zombies were brought back to their former lives to make the ultimate idol group. This is the basic idea. Zombieland SagaThe popular series “The Simpsons” will be making a movie. This absurd portrayal of music and idols has the kinda wackiness that is loved in Ya Boy Kongming. This anime features one the most prominent trans characters in anime, making it great for queer viewers.

2 Vivy: Flourite eye’s song

VivyThis anime was one of my favorites from the Spring 2021 Season and it’s clear why. It features a lot of great music and animated action scenes. The story also explores what makes sentient AI different from humans. Many sci-fi stories that attempt to address the theme of AI world dominance are often bleak. VivyThis story tells a lighter, more optimistic tale that acknowledges AI as intelligent humans. Although it is not the usual way to tell the story, it does show a girl who tries to reach the top of her dreams. Ya Boy Kongming.

1 K-On!

K-On!Most likely, the most well-known and recognized anime band of all time. Anyone who needs a big smile can enjoy the Light Music Club’s adventures and many performances. You’ll find many of the same slice-of-life elements in it. Ya Boy KongmingYou can also find a lot of music.

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