10 Naruto Villains That Are Blatantly Powerless

Kaguya and kisame

The NarutoThe universe is good at balancing its villains. They grow stronger with each passing day, and counter their moves with balanced Jutsu that pushes them to the limit.

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There are however a few antagonists whose moves can be so overpowered that it’s impossible to defeat them. These titans were capable of causing devastating damage and even near immortality. To defeat them, they needed either specific opponents or plotting. It’s easier to recognize the differences in skill between the average and the most deadly antagonists when you identify them.

10 Kisame eats his opponents’ Chakra

Kisame is a dangerous opponent. The “Zero Tailed Beast”, Samehada’s attacks can siphon off the chakra of his opponent and add it to his own. You might expect him to be defeated by taijutsu.

But he is also a highly skilled swordsman, which has helped him defeat Might Guy and his entire team. Kisame’s sword is an extremely deadly weapon against him, as he can command it as an extension of himself.

9 Orochimaru was Extremely Powerful, Even at His Lowest Point

Orochimaru was easily the most powerful of all three legend Sannin. He was able to defeat Jiraiya as well as Tsunade in one go despite having his arms destroyed. He relied on only mouth-based Jutsu, Kabuto and his own strength to keep his cool.

Orochimaru, as smart and versatile as his fighting skills are, is also highly unpredictable. He has defeated at least two kage level opponents (three if you count his victory over Naruto in the Forest of Death). He is able to evade death by using different escape methods and seals. That means that no matter who Orochimaru fights, it will be impossible for him to stop.

8 Sasori Killed Kage & Created Incurable Poisons

While Sasori doesn’t have the same destructive potential as other villains, he compensates by using his puppets. Each one possesses a poison that is so dangerous it rendered him medically intractable for the majority of his life. Sakura would not have been able to devise an antidote if he had executed Kankuro.

Sasori’s knowledge of the Third Kazekage’s anatomy allows him to use the Iron Sand technique as though it were his own. He now has all the power of a kage, which allows him to enhance his already impressive toolkit.

7 Obito’s Sharingan Made Him Untouchable

Obito’s sharingan was a unique access point to the kamui dimension. It seemed that Obito was “phasing out” of existence, as his opponents didn’t know the nature of his technique.

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Obito’s acute reflexes were what made him stronger. The villain was able to understand enemies at a lightning fast pace that even allowed him to outmaneuver Minato once in a while. Obito, who had the Ten Tails and the rinnegan, became the second most powerful fighter of the Forth Shinobi War.

6 Nagato Completely Mastered the Rinnegan

Nagato was the rightful leader for the Akatsuki because of several factors. He was, for example, the first person to break up the rinnegan and manage them as one fighting force.

Jiraiya trained him and he had the regenerative powers of an Uzumaki. His raw chakra output enabled him to sustain his vessels even after the Leaf was crushed in one devastating attack. Nagato was ultimately the only one to defeat Konoha and kill most of its inhabitants. This made it more meaningful to make the sacrifices necessary to end his atrocities.

5 Kabuto mastered Orochimaru’s work

Kabuto, a bright young man, continued Orochimaru’s studies after his disappearance. He also perfected the legacy of his master. His Snake Sage Mode was a formidable jutsu and he also imbued his self with the combined power of the Sound Four.

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Itachi and Sasuke combined their efforts to subdue Karin, who was able to regenerate indefinitely thanks to Karin’s Uzumaki lineage. Itachi was pushed to the limit by the fact that he had to use a prohibited sharingan jutsu to subdue the evil scientist.

4 Toneri Held His Ground Against Post Shippuden Naruto

Toneri was a highly respected Otsuki member, even though he is one of the lesser-known Otsuki. He was able to command multiple Byakugan simultaneously, which made him comparable with Naruto kage-level Naruto.

Near the end of the fight Toneri was able to endure and unleash huge chunks of moon upon his opponent. He only lost because he failed to control his own power. Naruto saved him and he accepted to be Konoha’s protector forever after.

3 Sasuke was the victim of a multitude of lethal attacks

Sasuke, one of the strongest Uchiha proved to be a formidable opponent for Naruto. He mastery the sharingan so well that he could create enormous Susanoo, inexorable Amaterassu and chidori comparable to the famous rasengan.

Sasuke also learned many techniques that gave him an advantage.

He was able to enslave Tailed Beasts to increase his power and received a huge power-up from Hagoromo. Ultimately, not even Naruto could defeat him – he simply fought his friend to a standstill.

2 Kaguya was a dimension-hopping deity that nearly defeated Team Seven

Kaguya was the Otsutsuki who made her debut. Kaguya was able to control the fight with her dimension-traveling jutsu, often placing her opponent in areas they could not defend. Any opponent could be killed by just one attack using her bone spikes.

Kaguya was so powerful that Team Seven would have lost without Obito’s sacrifices and Hagoromo’s blessing. The heroes didn’t kill her even though she was still alive. They sealed her away so she wouldn’t ever again trouble the Five Nations.

1 Madara was the Invincible patriarch Of The Uchiha Clan

Madara defeated an entire army to defeat shinobi in his debut. He has only grown stronger since then. He not only stole the rinnegan but also obtained a portion Hashirama’s chakra, and became the Ten Tails Jinchuriki.

This effectively concentrated all of the best techniques from the entire series into one powerful villain. Black Zetsu’s extraordinary betrayal was necessary to take Madara out the war. He was able to ignore everything Team Seven tried to throw at him.

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