10 Shojo Anime with an (Almost) All-Male Cast

Sanrio Boys Ouran High School Host Club and Uchitama

Shojo anime are often known for their gorgeous heroines, intense dramas, or heart-throbbing relationships. Shojo isn’t only for girls. There are many great shojo women who lead the way, but sometimes it’s the boys that steal the spotlight. The male characters in shojo anime often take the role of love interest, but not always.

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Shojo’s focus has changed and it now relies less heavily on the tropes of the genre. Fans are able to see more depth and motivation in male characters. No matter if they choose to keep the shojo’s roots intact or try something new, male characters in Shojo are as prominent as any female character.

10 Uchitama?! Have You Seen My Tama! It’s a charming series that is filled with Catboys

Uchitama?! Have You Seen My Tama!It’s a cute spin-off from the series Tama and Friends. All the characters from the original series are back with new human forms. Each episode has its own mini-story, and there is no main plot. Instead, it tells a series of stories about Tama and his friends in their day.

This anime is adorable and has many heartwarming moments as well as some tears-jerking scenes. Anyone who loves Tama and FriendsThis series will be loved by anyone who just loves catboys doing cute stuff together.

9 Shojo Gets Groundbreaking Representation With Requiem of the Rose King

Requiem for the Rose KingFans of the manga have been eagerly awaiting its release since the beginning of talk. It’s a darker version of shojo than others, with Richard III, the intersex child of the Duke.

The series is groundbreaking in LGBT representation. It focuses on Richard’s struggle with discrimination, and psychological turmoil. The series also features a number of love interests, both male and female, who are a part of his struggle with discrimination. But unlike other shojo, it is unique. Requiem for the Rose KingRichard’s internal struggles and not romance are emphasized less.

8 Shonen Hollywood Is A Cute Slice of Life About Idol Boys

Fans of the hit series Uta no Prince-samaYou will love this one. Shonen HollywoodBoth are made of the same cloth. Five boys form Shonen Hollywood, an idol group. Each episode shows the boys at Hollywood Tokyo, a famed theater where talent can be sharpened.

This story reveals their backstories, their struggles and how they got to where are today. It’s a great anime for fans of cute slice-of life anime. It’s also very entertaining. Shonen HollywoodIt stands out among other idol series by showing the more difficult side of the business.

7 Prétear Features Seven Magical Boys Who Help The Heroine Save The Day

While Prétear does feature a main heroine, alongside her are seven boys known as the Leafé Knights. After a fateful encounter with one of these Knights, Himeno Awayuki obtains the power to become the Prétear, the only one who can protect the world’s life energy and stop the Princess of Disaster.

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Each of the Leafé Knights possesses a unique elemental power, from fire to water to even light. As Prétear, Himeno can fuse with their souls and borrow these abilities to fight evil. It’s only with their magic that the Prétear is able to save the world, so their powers play a vital role in the story.

6 Girl Beats Boys Takes Place At An All-Boys Academy

The series Girl Beats BoysIt all begins when Hinako Nakayama, the heroine, discovers she is a twin sister to Hikaru. Hikaru informs Hinako about her connection to a powerful Yakuza family.

Before she knows it she is moving to Shishiku Academy with her brother. This all-boys school is full of tough boys and delinquents. She meets a diverse cast of boys who are competing to be the next yakuza boss. Each episode is short and introduces a new boy, his life, and his unique personality.

5 Ensemble Stars follows the Journey of a Boy Idol group named Trickstar

While there are many anime about cute idol groups, very few are as adorable as Ensemble Stars. The anime is modeled after an otome game. Anzu, a beautiful heroine, joins Yumenosaki Academy to become a student. Her arrival at Yumenosaki Academy as the first girl is an exciting moment.

The series follows her adventures along with Trickstar, her boy idol group, as they compete at the Dream Idol Festivals. The series is full of great music and fun performances. There are tons of cute boys for idol fans to love.

4 Pretty Boy Detective Club Features A Small Group Of Cute Boys Who Solve Cases

It’s easy for us to imagine that Pretty Boy Detective Club It’s just another cutesy shojo animation, but that could not be further from reality. Although it is typical for shojo anime, the series is quirky, outrageous, and at times just plain bizarre. The Pretty Boy Detective Club is a group of handsome boys.

The club’s only rules are to be beautiful, to be a boy, as well as be a detective. Mayumi Doujima, the female lead, is an exception. Her amazing vision made the boys very interested in her. She is made an honorary member of club and puts her eyes to work helping the boys do their best.

3 Diabolik Lovers Features A Family Of Vampire Brothers

Diabolik LoversIt is a well-known series that many found disappointing and even disturbing. It all begins when Yui Komori, the tragic heroine of the series, is offered as the sacrificial wedding to the Sakamaki brothers. As they vie for Yui’s hand in marriage, each brother treats Yui cruelly.

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Fans will not enjoy this series despite the gorgeous art style and handsome vampire boy characters. The majority of the story centers on Yui’s misery, which portrays the six brothers as a poor example. It’s considered one of the worst examples in the genre.

2 Sanrio Boys Joins Together Cute Guys & Sanrio Characters

Sanrio BoysThis adorable combination of Sanrio shojo and Sanrio gives fans a unique experience. Five high school boys are each obsessed with a particular Sanrio character. They all become friends after meeting one fateful day.

The boys plan to collaborate and perform a play for the cultural festival. They proudly show their love for Sanrio and let everyone know that there is no reason to feel ashamed about what you like. It’s a simple series that is somewhat repetitive, but it has a heartwarming story.

1 Ouran High School Host club is a classic favorite

Ouran High School Host clubPeak Shojo is a favorite among anime fans all over the world. Even those who aren’t into shojo don’t find it hard to love the hosts at Ouran Academy. Haruhi is a strong, independent heroine that fans love. Overall, however, the show’s main attraction is the boys from the host club.

Every host is different, and each has a colorful personality that fans simply cannot get enough of. Everybody has a favorite host. From Tamaki to Hikaru, to Kyoya. Each adds their own unique flair to the series. This series is made possible by these handsome boys. Ouran High School Host clubNever boring.

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