10 Things that Would Have Made Sasuke and Rock Lee Great Rivals in Naruto

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Naruto’sSasuke and Naruto Uzumaki’s legendary rivalry entertained anime fans around the world. Although Naruto and Sasuke were two very different ninjas they shared strong similarities which created a bond between them. Because of the emphasis on Naruto’s and Sasuke’s relationship, NarutoSasuke & Rock Lee did not form an iconic rivalry.

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Rock Lee looks a lot like Naruto. However, Rock Lee has many distinctive traits that make him a beloved character. Rock Lee and Sasuke had great chemistry, but their dynamic was only seen by fans early in the series. Naruto. Rock Lee and Sasuke would have been able to have one of the greatest rivalries in the franchise with more screen time and development.

10 Their first meeting already introduced their differences

Rock Lee stopped Sasuke’s attempt to kick another ninja the first time they met. Lee had snatched Sasuke’s legs and Sasuke thought Lee’s strength was chakra. Rock Lee was firm, and Sasuke was even more so. However, Lee showed his strength only when there was a fight.

This was a solid introduction, and could have laid the foundation for Sasuke & Rock Lee’s rivalry all throughout. Naruto. It showed their differing attitudes and differences well. The anime would have had more scenes with Sasuke, Lee in future episodes. This would have likely resulted in more fans calling back to the first encounter.

9 Sasuke Was “Cool” & Rock Lee Was “Lame”

Sasuke, on the other hand, was always considered “cool” by other ninjas. Rock Lee was “lame” or “a weirdo”. This allowed for fun compare-and contrast between a “cool” guy and a “dork”, but it wasn’t really explored between Lee and Sasuke.

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Sasuke was aloof and confident, but he also had moments when he felt foolish and embarrassed. Rock Lee, a ninja fighting expert, showed everyone how cool and confident he was. Although Sasuke was different from Rock Lee, they shared similar traits of confidence and skills.

8 Both had feelings for Sakura.

Rock Lee made it clear from the beginning that he loved Sakura. She rejected him, and she had feelings for Sasuke. Ironically, Sasuke wasn’t interested in a relationship.

However NarutoWhile Sasuke was not able to show his feelings, it is evident that he has feelings for Sakura. Rock Lee and Sasuke could have dealt with their feelings towards Sakura in a series that would have created an interesting love triangle. This plot could have added to their rivalry but, since the series didn’t focus on romance, it wasn’t going to happen.

7 They Both Respect Naruto

At first, neither Rock Lee or Sasuke believed highly in Naruto. Sasuke viewed him as a loser and Rock Lee was uninterested to fight Naruto. Both were more skilled than the young Jinchuriki.

Rock Lee and Sasuke both observed Naruto and noted the strong passion and refusal to give up by the blond Ninja. Both gained respect for Naruto, and they became close friends. It could have been a great plot. They would develop strong comradery and recognize one another’s strengths.

6 Sasuke Could Replicate Rock Lee’s Moves

Sasuke was able to use his Sharingan to copy other people’s moves and abilities. This made him an interesting opponent for taijutsu. Rock Lee had no proficiency in taijutsu and was therefore a huge disadvantage.

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Sasuke copied Lee’s movements with the Sharingan during their fight. Rock Lee won the fight against Sasuke, proving that Sasuke wasn’t dependent on the Sharingan. Naruto ShippudenIt would have been interesting to see a fight between Sasuke’s older self and Lee’s younger selves. It would have been fascinating to see how Sasuke would use the Sharingan against Rock Lee. Lee’s approach against Sasuke’s Mangekyo Sharingan would also be interesting.

5 Sasuke Was Talented & Lee Wasn’t

Sasuke was a talented genin and was a highly skilled one. Sasuke was a talented genin and did not have to work hard to impress his father. Rock Lee was not efficient in all areas except taijutsu which severely demotivated him. Except for Might Guy, people didn’t expect much of Rock Lee.

Might Guy taught Rock Lee extreme measures, which led to Lee becoming a strong genin. Sasuke’s confidence was shattered by fatherly neglect and hard reality checks. This was a subtle difference that made their dynamic unique. Lee wasn’t gifted but had a father figure that encouraged him. Sasuke on the other side was talented but had a father who abandoned him.

4 They Both Felt Weak & Helpless

Both Rock Lee, and Sasuke experienced moments of feeling inferior and powerless as ninjas. Rock Lee was unable to defeat Neji, and Gaara failed to win the Chunin Exams. Gaara also broke Lee’s leg, rendering him disabled. However, Sasuke was not as successful as his brother Itachi. Itachi received constant praise from their father, while Sasuke did not. Itachi humiliated Sasuke by easily defeating him, and then traumatizing the helpless Ninja with a Genjutsu.

Sasuke’s and Rock Lee’s bonding over similar experiences was a missed opportunity. While they were not close, they both felt what it was to be weaker than their rivals. They could have helped each other to be stronger and recognize that they shared similar pasts.

3 Their Teachers were Best Friends

Rock Lee and Sasuke never became close friends. However, Kakashi and Might Guy were best friends growing up and they became good friends. This could have made for a fascinating angle, watching Sasuke’s and Lee’s relationship develop into a similar friendship.

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Kakashi used, however, to dismiss Might Guy. But the latter proved himself and the pair became rivals. Kakashi, Might Guy and their families also suffered a lot together. They supported each other through difficult times. It would have been wonderful to see Rock Lee and Sasuke form that kind of bond. Sasuke even acknowledged Lee as his rival.

2 Rock Lee defeated Sasuke in Their First Fight

Rock Lee was eager to fight Sasuke and directly challenged him to a duel. Lee proved to be stronger than Sasuke, who dismissed Lee as weak.

Rock Lee showed his speed and strength by catching Sasuke off-guard. Sasuke was expecting to easily beat Rock Lee, but it turned out the opposite. Sasuke felt embarrassed and angry but it made things more interesting. Their fight did not result in any rematches, nor was Lee praised by Sasuke. Their fight should’ve been the beginning of a mutual rivalry.

1 Rock Lee Didn’t Hold Grudges & Helped His Comrades, But Sasuke Wanted Revenge & Abandoned Them

Both Rock Lee (and Sasuke) had bad experiences that made them bitter. Sasuke, however, allowed hatred to overtake him while Rock Lee adopted a positive outlook. Sasuke saw the Uchiha Clan massacre, and he was determined to exact revenge. Rock Lee, on the other hand, was almost killed in combat but didn’t lose his role as a shinobi.

Rock Lee held on to hope and eventually gained use of his left leg. Lee fought in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc despite only having had surgery. To make sure that his friends were safe, he took the risk of becoming permanently disabled. To seek revenge, Sasuke left his friends. However, NarutoThese are subtle differences viewers will appreciate after a rewatch.

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