10 Times an Anime Hero Really Needed a Partner

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There are many iconic and dynamic duos in anime: Vegeta and Goku’s rivalry in Dragon BallGon and Killua’s friendship Hunter x Hunter, and the never ending mission of Naruto’s search for Sasuke Naruto. A friend or rival cheering on a hero to power is often what causes them to achieve their goal. These duos often take responsibility for the preservation of their partner, saving them time and again.

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There are many protagonists who would rather work alone. They pay the price of sacrificing partnership by doing everything themselves. Their efforts could have led to entirely different outcomes if they accepted help and let go of their pride. Many of these are better than the ones they got.

10 L’s Left Hand Man Must Not Be Kira

L was the internationally renowned detective charged with finding Kira Death Note. After determining that Kira was a Kanto student with links to law enforcement, he became suspicious of Light Yagami. L wanted to observe Light and allowed him to join the Kira taskforce, but L was later murdered by Light’s wicked manipulation of a shnigami.

Despite L’s incredible intelligence, he failed to consider the consequences of choosing Kira as his protégée. Light had access to all the information concerning the investigation which enabled him to plan ahead. L could have found Kira’s identity if he had rely upon Watari, Soichiro or any other member of the task force.

9 Carrion Refused Rimuru’s Help Against Milim & Frey (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Carrion was the king in Beast Kingdom Eurazania as well one of ten Demon Lords. That time I was reincarnated as a slime. After Demon Lord Milim declared war, Carrion evacuated his people, but he remained behind in order to protect his country. Milim defeated him quickly and destroyed the capital city in one blast, while Demon Lord Frey captured Carrion.

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Frey was not able to stop Carrion from defeating Milim. Had he invoked Rimuru or fought with the Beastketeers, Carrion could have effectively protected his city and kept Milim away. Carrion was responsible for most of Eurazania being destroyed because he refused to ask for help.

8 Team Avatar failed during Korra’s Clash Against Unalaq (“The Legend Of Korra”)

Book Two’s final chapter is the climax. The Legend Of KorraUnalaq was released and fused with Vaatu, becoming the Dark Avatar. Korra declared his intent to rule the world and subjugate it, and was forced to defeat Unalaq using spiritual energy. But, due to their battle, she lost all connection with the past Avatars.

Although Korra was Avatar, Unalaq wasn’t her only challenge. Although Team Avatar could have tipped the balance if they had arrived in time to stop the villain’s fusion of the elements, when the villain needed them most they vanished. Unalaq would not have been a threat to the world if they had performed their duty, and Korra’s controversial severed connection could have been avoided.

7 Utakata was Traveling Alone, and The Akatsuki Popped Utakata’s Bubble (Naruto Shippuden).

Utakata, a rougue jainchuriki in Kirigakure was Naruto Shippuden. Hotaru was saved by Utakada and Naruto thanks to his partnership with Naruto. Utakada became Hotaru’s master after he returned to Kirigakure. But he was killed by the Six Paths of Pain.

Utakata was the Six Tails but he proved no match to Pain. He managed to kill two of the six, before being defeated. Utaka may have been able to escape if he allowed Hotaru to or Naruto along with him to Kirigakure. His survival would have effectively stopped the resurrection of Ten-Tails as well as the Fourth Great Ninja War.

6 Piccolo’s defeat would have been prevented by the Androids’ assistance (Dragon Ball Z).

In Dragon Ball ZPiccolo was forced by Imperfect Cell to fight him after he found Androids 17-18 and tried to absorb them. Piccolo tried to stop Cell from becoming his Perfect form using his Super Namek power, but he failed. Fighting alone, Imperfect Cell rapidly overwhelmed Piccolo, broke his neck and tossed him into the ocean.

Piccolo’s fate might have been prevented if his watchers had assisted; instead they watched the one-sided battle unfold and did not send a ki blast to Cell. Despite 16 declaring that Cell’s power was equaled to Android 17’s, neither thought of joining the fray to defeat Cell. Cell took 16 and 17 into its own hands, and then absorbed 18 and created Perfect form.

5 Goku Bungled Buu’s Death By Refusing Fusion [Dragon Ball Z]

Goku and Gohan, the last Earthlings remaining after Buu had destroyed almost all life on Earth’s surface, were left. Their chances of winning increased after Gotenk’s fusion inside Buu ended. This resulted in a dramatic decline in Majin’s power. The Potara earrings were also available to the Saiyan duo. They allowed two people to combine their power.

Goku chose to fight alone when Gohan was ready to wear the earring. Another example of Saiyan hubris was Goku’s inability work in a team. This resulted Gohan being absorbed and a huge increase in Buu’s power. The desperate fight for Earth’s salvation ensued. However, it could’ve been avoided if Goku swallowed all his pride and fused for just an hour.

4 Kyujiro Killed in Defense of Damaged Demon Slayers (Demon Slayer).

Kyujiro Rengoku was the Flame Hashira. Demon Slayer. He was the Mugen Train’s first arc commander, and fought two of the Twelve Kizuki. He had to defend Tanjiro, an injured Tanjiro, against Akaza, the Upper Rank Three. He happily gave his life for his injured friends.

Despite Kyujiro’s strength and ability to counter Akaza’s attacks, he was unable to overcome the demon’s regenerative abilities. As a defensive fighter, Kyujiro risked his life to save Tanjiro or Inosuke. If they hadn’t been incapacitated, the two might have helped to finish Akaza. The two failed to reach Kyujiro in time, so the Hashira’s sacrifice was rendered meaningless.

3 Netero needed Zeno’s assistance against Meruem (Hunter X Hunter).

Netero was the Chairman, and one of the most powerful Hunters alive. Hunter x Hunter. Meruem, also known as the Ant King, confronted him when he launched his plan to end humanity. After Meruem was defeated by the Bodhisattva Zero hand, Netero used Netero’s Poor Man’s Rose against Meruem. This set off an explosion that ensured their mutual death.

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Meruem discovered Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva’s secret by watching his movements during fights. Meruem would have been faced with two opposing forces if Zeno Zoldyck had not accompanied Netero. This would have saved Netero’s arm and leg, and allowed them to develop a strategy that didn’t require self sacrifice.

2 LeMillion Lose His Quirk, Deku Was Distracted (My Hero Academia).

Mirio Togata or LeMillion was the leader in The Big Three. My Hero Academia. LeMillion put his life at risk to protect Eri from Overhaul the leader of Shie Hassaikai. To defeat Overhaul, he used his quirk Permeation to almost win. To save Eri from a Quirk-erasing bullet, however, he gave up this ability.

LeMillion won Overhaul’s favor, but he lost to Overhaul because he was without a partner. Eri could not simultaneously be attacked by Overhaul and defended effectively by Eri. Deku didn’t reach LeMillion in the time he needed. Deku could’ve used one for all to remove Eri, which would have given LeMillion the ability to use his quirk to defeat Overhaul.

1 Jiraiya Would Have Lived If He’d Listened to Tsunade, (Naruto Shippuden).

Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannin from Konohagakure, spent his time tracking Konohagakure’s major enemies including Orochimaru (and the Akatsuki). He traveled alone to Amegakure in search of the Akatsuki leader. He fought valiantly against him and learned the secrets of the Six Paths of Pain.

Jiraiya refused to accompany Tsunade and chose to face Pain by herself. Tsunade, a Sannin member, would have helped turn the tide of war. Tsunade is a well-known kunoichi, and the greatest medical ninja in the world. His power would have compensated for the disadvantage of the duo.

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