10 Top Anime Boys with Purple Hair, Ranked

Atsushi Murasakibara, Trunks, and Josuke Higashikata

There are many different types of anime hair. The more bizarre a character’s hairstyle is, the easier it will be for fans to remember them and the anime that they are from. You might have the crazy spikes of Yugimuto or one of many different hair colors that represent all the colors in the rainbow.

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While anime hair colors might be used to distinguish between characters more easily, they also serve to enhance the character’s personality. Fans want to learn more about the purple-haired anime boys.

10 The Dark Magician is Unwavering in His Loyalty (YuGi-Oh!

The Dark Magician is not a character who speaks often. He appears most often in Duel Monsters games as Yugi Muto’s favorite and most trusted card. This bond between them feels strong.

Yugi is able to rely on Dark Magician for the toughest duels. Their bond grows deeper when Yugi discovers the true history of Dark Magician in ancient Egypt and the Pharaoh. His most loyal friend has always been the sorcerer.

9 Mephisto Pheles Is More Knowledgeable Than He Allows (Blue Exorcist).

Numerous anime series have featured schools that teach supernatural skills to teenagers. Blue Exorcist is no different. These schools are often run eccentrically, as in the case with this anime, Mephisto Pheles.

His extravagant attire speaks volumes about the eccentric personality of True Cross Academy. However, everything he does is for an important reason. True Cross Academy students eventually learn that he will always remain a great friend, even though they may not understand his thinking process at times.

8 Takasugi Shinsuke Is A True Match For Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

While Gintoki Sakata has seen many villains, few are as memorable than Takasugi Shinsuke. He became disillusioned at the state of other samurai, and his underground activities in a Joui faction were done with the purpose of destroying Japan.

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His charisma leads people to follow him with ease, but he’s also aware of his own unstable and bitter nature. He is slow to get his bearings but his combat skills rival those of Gintoki. His swordsmanship is impressive and durable.

7 Lucifer Just Wants to Chill (The Devil Is a Part-Timer).

Hanzo Urushihara, also known as Lucifer, was one of the Demon King’s generals. The Demon Lord was what the fallen angel wanted most. He had his endurance, flying abilities, and energy projectiles which gave him a chance.

That was before Lucifer lost to him and had to move into his Tokyo apartment. Lucifer is clever and mischievous. He is capable of great feats, provided he is not distracted by food, video games and living a closed-in lifestyle.

6 Sinbad Is Too Good At What he Does (Magi:The Labyrinth Of Magic).

Sinbad is a man of many titles. He was once King of Sindria, the head of International Alliance and president of Sindria Trading Company. Above all though, he’s an easy-going free spirit who prefers to do things at his own pace.

He can be both an honourable king or a charming flirt. He does what it takes to accomplish his goals. Sinbad is clearly a confident person. This confidence stems partly from his ability to see the flow of fate.

5 Charlotte Katakuri Pushed Monkey D. Luffy To His Limits (One Piece)

Monkey D. Luffy needed to rescue Vinsmoke Sanji on Whole Cake Island. That meant taking on Big Mom Pirates. It was the mother wall metaphorically.

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It meant that Luffy would eventually come across Charlotte Katakuri, Big Mom’s most fearsome child. This formidable figure is Luffy’s strongest foe and pushes him to the limit to win. But, underneath all that strength is an embarrassing secret that nobody can see.

4 James Prepared Audiences to Laugh (Pokemon).

Fans have enjoyed Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon catching adventure for decades now, but it wouldn’t have been the same without Team Rocket as his reoccurring villains.

Jessie and James are two of the most famous bad guys in anime. James’s likable humor makes it all work. He is a confident, yet bumbling character who makes it easy to forget that he is not really evil.

3 Atsushi Murasebara Only Wanted a True Basketball Showdown. (Kuroko’s basketball)

Atsushi Murasebara was one of the most powerful young Japanese basketball players. His imposing stature wasn’t just for show either. His large physique makes him well-suited for the sport. And his defense is even more powerful.

While his personality may seem surprisingly lazy and childlike and he claims that he doesn’t care for basketball, the truth is that he has a passion for offensive plays. Due to his size, he has not been able to play at his highest due to injuries to other players.

2 Josuke Higashikata is a great helper (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Diamond Is Unbreakable).

Joestar is home to many eccentric characters with strong senses of justice. Josuke’s is one of the most colorful.

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The Morioh-based teenager wants nothing more than to have fun, make quick cash, and heal others with his Crazy Diamond Stand. When push comes to shove, he’ll always do the right thing. Just as long as people don’t make fun of his hairstyle.

1 Trunks Shocked Everyone with His Skills and Origin (Dragon Ball Z).

One of the most memorable shonen anime episodes is Son Goku fighting Frieza. Frieza, still barely alive but eager to take revenge, appears shortly after. That’s when, out of nowhere, a strange purple-haired Saiyan uses a sword to make short work of the villain who had threatened everyone up until that point.

Cool, calm, and collected, Trunks was an intriguing new character. And, for the audiences, finding out that he was the future offspring Vegeta and Bulma was even more shocking.

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