10 Total Slobs in Anime

Toph Beifong Yukino Miyazawa and Meow acting like slobs

There are many anime characters that come in all sizes and personalities. Although each character is unique, they all have a variety of quirks. However, some characters are more flawed than other. While anime characters tend to be tidy and orderly, not everyone is a master of organization. Some of them are total slobs. They are known for leaving their rooms in chaos, refusing to clean up, and having some very messy habits that make their peers and friends cringe.

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Sometimes a sloppy character can be funny or endearing. Their quirks earn them a spot among the fan favorites. These characters can sometimes be irritating for the audience and other characters. These anime slobs are notoriously chaotic and unapologetic.

10 L’s Messy & Disheveled Appearance Contrasts His Genius Detective Skills (Death Note)

L isn’t exactly a slob. But it’s easy to assume that when you first meet him, he’s a slob. He is one of the most brilliant minds in the world. Death NoteIt is possible to be both the most eccentric and an everyday person. L doesn’t care what occasion it is, he is always dirty and messy, with messy hair and baggy clothes. Most of the time, he doesn’t wear shoes.

He is messy and sloppy due to his odd quirks and hunched position. It’s hard to believe that he is such an amazing detective, as he doesn’t appear the part.

9 Umaru Lives the Life of a Lazy Otaku While She’s Not at School (Himouto!) Umaru-Chan)

Himouto! Umaru-chanUmaru Doma is a sweet high school student who lives two very different lives. She’s a perfect student, pretty, popular and well-liked by her classmates. When school is over, she goes home and becomes a lazy, sloppy, otaku.

Umaru eats junk food, lies around and watches the latest anime. She is such a slob she will not do any house chores. Taihei, her poor brother, takes over and gets stuck with her antics.

8 The Matsuno Brothers Are A Group Of Unmotivated NEETs (Osomatsu – San)

Osomatsu-san The sextuplet brothers are everyone’s favorite, and they all live happily ever after. Even though they’re well into their 20s the Matsuno brothers are still lazy slobs with no motivation to work or improve their lives. They spend their time giggling and trying to pick up girls.

They may occasionally find a little bit of motivation to try to get into the workforce. However, this is often temporary and they quickly return to their lazy and gross selves. Despite not having any motivation to do anything, Matsuno brothers long for popularity and to improve their social standing. It is not an easy task for them.

7 Space Dandy: Meow is the Laziest of The Group

Meow is part of the main group. Space DandyAlthough he is a more burden than a friend, he can be a problem. He is a freeloader and takes care of Dandy and his crew. He spends most of his time reading manga and playing video games.

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He is a complete mess and has no idea how to clean up. His sloppy habits make him the most lazy member of the group.

6 Surprisingly Sloppy for a Cute Girl (Sailor Moon), Usagi

A cute, magical girl is what most people associate with anime slobs. Usagi Tsukino, however, is not. Sailor Moon Famously messy and sloppy. Even more than the average teenager. She is lazy and disorganized and places food above all else.

She is often criticized by the other Senshi, and her boyfriend Mamoru for her bad habits. But it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Although Usagi is a cute, powerful, magical girl, she is also one the most obnoxious characters in the series.

5 Youhei Sunohara’s Dormroom Is Always in Shambles (Clannad).

ClannadYouhei is a typical high-schooler who lives in a messy dorm. But he goes above and beyond with his chaos, with mountains of dirty laundry and piles of trash everywhere.

His sloppy, sloppy ways make him the worst slob of the series. He often has to have his friends clean up the mess only to reappearance shortly after. His messy, sloppy habits don’t seem to get better over the years and they even continue into adulthood.

4 Ed is an Ace Hacker, but not an Ace Cleaner (Cowboy Bebop).

There are many lazy good for nothings. Cowboy BebopThe famous protagonist included. The young Radical Edward is a far more slob than any of the others. She is a talented hacker and a crucial member of the team.

Ed, despite her computer skills, is not the most skilled housekeeper. Ed is more concerned with her work than cleanliness and hygiene. Her living area is often filled with trash, dirty clothes and old computer parts.

3 Naruto’s Apartment Reflects His Messy & Disorganized Lifestyle (Naruto)

Given that Naruto is a child living alone, it shouldn’t surprise that his apartment is in such disarray. It is hard to deny that Naruto, the shonen hero, lives like a complete slob every day. He is known for leaving dirty clothes everywhere and putting up trash piles.

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This may be normal for twelve-year-olds. However, his habits don’t seem to change as he ages. Even after the time skips in Naruto ShippudenEven though he seems to live a messy, disorganized lifestyle, it’s enough for even the most orderly of fans to cringe.

2 Toph’s True Nature is The Complete Opposite of Her Upbringing (Avatar : The Last Airbender).

Toph’s first encounter with fans in Book Two Avatar for The Last AirbenderShe looks elegant, sophisticated, and proper. But that is not who she is. Toph Beifong can be messy, sloppy and even gross. She is loud and boisterous, and doesn’t mind showing others how rough she can be.

Toph has finally been able to be who she is after running away and joining Team Avatar. Toph can sometimes be a little too much, but her carefree spirit is what makes her so beloved by her fans.

1 Yukino Mishazawa’s Secret Life (Hers and Hers)

Yukino Mizawa appears perfect from the first look. Yukino is beautiful, popular and the best in her class. But viewers soon discover that Yukino is hiding something from all of her classmates. While she might have presented the ideal girl image, in reality Yukino is a huge slob who loves to lounge around and wears nothing but loungewear.

Yukino is a vain woman who longs to be worshipped, praised and celebrated by others, despite the fact that she is true to her nature. She will do anything to keep her slobby lifestyle secret. After Soichiro, a new student, captures her in her natural state of affairs and uses it against herself, this is her downfall.

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