10 upbeat anime characters that will always improve your mood

Joey mako and jonathan

There is often a negative trend in anime that encourages negativity and despair. This is often done to provide the protagonist with a positive environment in which to overcome and improve. The universe will reap the benefits of their efforts. At the end, there is a perfect contrast between the old and new worlds.

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Not everything is dark and lonely. Many anime characters are beacons of hope and optimism. Recognizing such characters helps us to see the positive attitude and how joy can make a difference.

10 Luffy is a beacon of hope to those he visits (one piece)

While Straw Hat Luffy may be the most powerful person in his series of characters, he’s still humble and cheerful. Luffy’s adventures bring prosperity and happiness.

This trend was evident first when Nami’s house was liberated from Arlong. His allies are also credit for Luffy’s optimism. It allows them to keep moving forward no matter what the situation may be.

9 Leone Was A Playful Member Of Night Raid (Akame Ga Kill!)

Leone was a fun member of the Night Raid group who loved gambling, drinking and living large. Tatsumi met her in a pub, and she would save his life by rescuing him from the hands of a noble family. Leone’s ability not to be too harsh when facing danger is often a strength that makes her an easy target.

Her blitheness in dealing with the fears of her friends is refreshing considering how often Night Raid members are killed to fulfill their missions. Leone, despite her survival, died before the series ended.

8 Hawk Was The Sins Talkative Scraps Captain (Seven Deadly Sins).

Hawk, “Scraps Captain”, was the mascot representing the Seven Deadly Sins. He is a fiery and charismatic character who often supports the Sins in battle, sometimes even helping directly. His mother was so significant that she served the team as their base of operations, strengthening his bond with them.

Hawk’s greatest virtue is his willingness and ability to give up his life. Hendrickson was his foe, and Hawk took a fatal hit to save his fellow fighters. Meliodas was relieved to see him reborn soon afterward.

7 Kirishima is the Manliest Student In Class 1-A (My Hero Academia).

Kirishima is a captivating character, having strived to be “manly” since his youth. His indomitable spirit as well as willingness to face fear make him compelling. Bakugo respected him even before his pseudo redemption. He was equal parts tough and kind.

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Kirshima not only takes his training seriously but he also shows kindness to those less powerful in the class. Many regard him as a gentle fledgling hero, who has already proved himself against Overhaul’s Yakuza.

6 Sasha was a rare glimmer of hope in a dark world (Attack on Titan).

Sasha is a Scouts legend since her introduction. Her zest for life and adventure was refreshingly different from the otherwise apocalyptic toned series.

Sasha loved food so much that she was willing to share the little she did eat with her friends. Scouts didn’t see their duties the way they did after her death at the Battle for Liberio. Many Marleyan volunteers, including Chef Niccolo, were shaken by her passing.

5 Rock Lee Proves What Hard Work & A Good Attitude Can Do (Naruto)

Rock Lee was told as a boy to stop dreaming of becoming a ninja, because he did not possess genjutsu nor ninjutsu. He was determined to prove himself and ignored all his critics.

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Lee, under the leadership of Might Guy, became a brilliant shinobi and was the first to land a hit against Gaara. If he had not been injured by Team Dosu, Lee may have been able to defeat him and change the course the Chunin Exams.

4 Jonathan Joestar Was A Model Gentleman (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan Joestar has lived a hard life. He grew up in luxury but was tortured by his adoptive brother. He lost his home and even his father. He never gave up on his dreams and did not dwell in sorrow.

Jonathan is a positive character who is eager to improve his life rather than dwelling on it. Speedwagon was a career criminal who loathed the rich, but he found his character so inspiring that he accepted to be his friend.

3 Joey Wheeler Is Hardedheaded & Loyal (Yu-Gi-Oh!)Joey on a bike Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

Joey Wheeler is the series’ ray of hope, even though Yami Yugi might be more proficient in a duel. Although he is not as skilled at cards as the Pharoah but he does not hesitate to support him and will protect him physically from villains such as Marik and Kaiba.

Joey’s humble, down-to earth attitude and scrappiness make the series complete. It also makes him a relatable all-man. Joey was able to save his sister from being blinded after Pegasus lost. With a positive attitude and the right friends, anything is possible.

2 Mako helped Ryuko up in hard times (Kill La Kill).

Mako was the first student who made Ryuko a friend after she enrolled at Honnoji Academy. Oafish-loving, she was an effective cheerleader for most anime. Mako can be a bit sloppy, such as when she attacked Ryuko to preserve her position as class president. However, there have been times of character growth.

Mako saved Ryuko from her hatred and life fiber outfit. Ryuko would not have survived without Mako, even though she was quite weak.

1 Gon’s Zest to Live Is The Highlight of His Story (HunterX Hunter)

Gon is a hunter who shares the same passion for adventure as his father. He is quick to forgive and make friends, and even willing to overlook Genthru’s betrayal in order to try to kill him.

Gon, a champion of Heaven’s Arena is an extraordinary talent for his age. Wing offered to teach him the secrets and character of Nen. Gon’s optimism has not diminished at all in the course of the series.

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