7 times Plot Armor Saved Sasuke in Naruto

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Sasuke enjoys the thick layer he has of plot armor whenever a situation is too dangerous to handle. He is protected from death by his crucial role in the plot, since he represents the remnants and hatred that have persisted throughout the ninja universe. His importance to Naruto Uzumaki’s mission is unrivalled.

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Sasuke is protected by plot armor in a way that is not obvious. It seems like he can live wherever he goes, no matter what happens. Despite this, NarutoIt uses plot armor to intertwine tropes with multiple narratives.

7 Sasuke awakens the Curse Mark in The Forest Of Death

Orochimaru invades the Forest of Death in an attempt to entice Sasuke towards his power. Orochimaru makes it into the forest and places a Curse Mark against Sasuke without the attention of any exam administrators. Sakura has to conceal Sasuke in a safe spot while he lies on the floor, and then the Curse Mark knocks him out.

The Sound Ninjas see Sasuke’s vulnerable state and decide they will attack. However, the Curse Mark instantly invigorates Sasuke. Sasuke is wiped clean by the Sound ninjas who will never again mess with him.

6 Sasuke capitalizes on Orochimaru’s Health Condition

Orochimaru surpasses Sasuke at every level of being an ninja, even before his health begins to decline. Orochimaru is in a declining health state which coincides with Sasuke’s decision not to continue with Orochimaru but to kill Itachi. To remedy his precarious condition, Orochimaru needs a new vessel in Sasuke.

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Sasuke knows Orochimaru’s real intentions and prepares for an unexpected attack to stop Orochimaru blocking his path to revenge. Orochimaru takes too much pride in his abilities, which leads to his defeat. Sasuke reverses Orochimaru’s Jutsu and leaves the fight victorious.

5 Sasuke Survives Deidara’s Most Ridiculously Powerful Attacks

Deidara meets Sasuke when he is searching for Itachi. Deidara’s excitement surges through his veins. Deidara was already defeated by Itachi’s Sharingan so he tries to win over Sasuke, another Sharingan user. Deidara performs jutsu that are almost impossible to stop. Deidara, for example, infuses invisible bombs into all organisms and explodes everything with a single command.

Deidara’s moves are countered by Sasuke, who uses a simple Sharingan Genjutsu viewers have seen many times before. Sasuke’s Genjutsu takes away the hype Deidara’s attacks bring to the fight scenes, showing that even a boring genjutsu could counter an impressive attack that wipes out everything in its vicinity in a matter minutes.

4 Sasuke Needs To Be Saved By Team Taka Multiple Times from Killer Bees

After learning the truth about Itachi’s massacre of the Uchiha Clan by Itachi, Sasuke awakens to his Mangekyo sharingan. He is still not used to his new abilities and must continue to use his ocular Jutsu to adapt.

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Sasuke, who is struggling to fight Killer Bee, often relies on his fellow teammates to save the day. Karin and Jugo help Sasuke to heal with their chakra, and Suigetsu delays Bee’s Tailed Beast Bomb attack. They form a huge wave that flies Sasuke away. Sasuke wins, but it is impossible to ignore the many times Sasuke must be saved during this fight.

3 Mei Almost Melts Sasuke

Sasuke is able to defeat every Kage at Kage Summit, yet still manages survival. This is due to the thick layer plot armor he has. Sasuke can defeat the Raikage. Gaara doesn’t hurt Sasuke either, because Gaara understands his pain. Sasuke is unable to defeat Mei, the fourth Mizukage.

Chojuro is Mei’s assistant and he hammers Sasuke in a room. Mei then seals off the exit with her lava, to trap Sasuke. Sasuke’s stamina hits its limit as he has already used a lot of chakra in order to defeat the Raikage. Mei then uses her Boil Release as the final attack. Zetsu arrives to save Sasuke and replenishes Sasuke’s chakra reserves.

2 Obito Takes Sasuke Away before Onoki Can Use the Particle Release

Onoki is the Third Tsuchikage and has an arsenal that no other Kage can match. Particle Release is his weapon of choice. It unleashes a beam which turns everything it touches into dust. Onoki uses Particle Style to meet Sasuke at Kage Summit.

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Sasuke appears helpless as he lacks the speed or jutsu necessary to defeat Onoki. Onoki is convinced that Sasuke disappeared in a flash and that he had successfully turned Sasuke to dust. Obito, however, jumps in to save Sasuke’s life so fast that nobody notices.

1 Hagoromo Bestows The Six Paths Power

Madara, once he has returned to his human form, receives a Rinnegan and is made the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. Even though Might Guy opens a Gate of Death and gets help from other Ninjas, Madara regenerates easily and almost kills Guy. Madara is also not threatened by The Hokage.

Madara’s incredible power can be handled by no one. Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan does not suffice, as Madara stabs him in a matter of seconds. Hagoromo grants Sasuke his power, giving him the power boost he needs to face Madara.

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