8 Best Anime Characters That Can Transform Into Animals

Boa Sandersonia in One Piece, Inuyasha in Inuyasha, Chise Hatori in The Ancient Magus' Bride

Animals have played a significant role in anime’s history. If you look hard enough, anime fans will find anything from adorable pets to powerful and superhuman animals. Sometimes, magical anime boys and girls can transform into animals and change their human form. Sometimes they do so by choice, other times due to an unfortunate accident or curse.

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The many ways that anime characters can transform into animals add excitement and flair to a show. They often determine the characters’ lives and their entire arc. These shows allow anime fans to not only discover the unique abilities of Shonen anime, but also watch their favorite characters transform into powerful beasts or even animal demons.

8 Atsushi Nakajima – Bungo Stray Dogs

Atsushi has one of the strongest abilities in the series, but it took him time to master his transformation ability. Atsushi is able to transform into a white tiger and change his human appearance. He can transform into the beautiful animal in both a partial and full transformation.

However, Bungo Stray DogsThis anime is great not only because of its interesting supernatural elements, but also because of its beautiful art style. It tells the story of a group of detectives who fight to save Yokohama’s city from the mafia.

7 Chise Hatori, The Ancient Magus’s Bride

ChiseHatori can transform herself into any animal or human shape thanks to her powerful magical fur. Ashen Eyes gave her the special pendant and she has used it many times. Chise is more adept at using her transformation magic than her human counterpart when solving a problem.

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The Ancient Magus’ BrideIt is one of the most magical and emotional anime series, taking its viewers on an incredible ride. Chise is a story about her adventures as she gives herself up to a nonhuman mage, and becomes an apprentice to this powerful supernatural creature.

6 Ebisu – Dorohedoro

Ebisu, despite her youth, is one of the most powerful characters in Japan. Dorohedoro. Because of her reptile transformation magic, she can not only transform herself into a gigantic lizard-like creature but can also transform others into it.

However, DorohedoroMany other characters have similar abilities. This anime is quite violent and bizarre, but it’s also very interesting and unique. It has amazing characters and a rich story full of surprises. DorohedoroThis story is about Caiman, a Caiman who is a human with a reptilian-like head and who attempts to figure out what made him this strange creature. He is placed in a world where dark sorcerers use their power to experiment on humans.

5 Inuyasha – Inuyasha

Inuyasha has the ability to transform into a half dog demon or a full dog, depending on how difficult it is. He’s half-dog and half-human, but eventually learned to control his demon blood. He’s stronger in his dog-demon form, so he was trying hard to become a full-demon.

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InuyashaThis anime is a fun romance adventure anime. It follows Kikyo’s adventures trying to get the Shikon jewel.

4 Kars – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Kars is one the most important characters in The Simpsons JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureHe was extremely powerful as a human, but he could transform into almost unbeatable creatures when he transformed. Kars can transform into any type of life form thanks to his special abilities. His unique ability to transform his body into animals is even more remarkable.

JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureIt is a strange and wonderful show, with amazing fights and a great visual style. The story centers on a supernatural family known as the Joesters who use their supernatural power to defeat evil supernatural enemies.

3 Boa Sandersonia, One Piece

Boa Sandersonia is an Amazon Lily rule that gives you a giant snake form. When she ate Zoan fruit, she was granted a special transformation power. There are many power-granting fruits that can be found in the world. One PieceZoan is definitely one of my favorite characters because each character can choose their favourite animal.

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One PieceLuffy also meets a few other characters, who can transform into many interesting creatures with the Zoan food. The epic series follows Luffy, who strives to be a pirate king.

2 Yoruichi Schihouin – Bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin, a powerful and intelligent warrior who can also transform into a small black cat, is an example of Yoruichi Shihouin. She has enjoyed her feline transformation skills for over 100 years. She can keep her cat shape for long periods. Yorucichi can transform her human body into one of her cats, and her voice becomes a deep male voice. She also gets bright golden eyes.

BleachThere are many transformations, but the best is the series’ memorable villains who have great final forms. BleachThis story is about Ichigo, a strong young boy who has the power of a Soul Reaper. It tells his incredible adventures and battles in which he defends innocents and helps suffering spirits.

1 Kyo Sohma- Fruits Basket

The Sohma clan are the most beloved characters in anime. They can transform into any kind of animal or human form. Kyo Sohma, the show’s most beloved character, can transform into a cute cat or a giant beast when he loses his control. Each member of the Shoma clan can transform into one of the Zodiac animal signs. When they’re hugged and held by someone of the opposing gender, they can transform into one of the zodiac animal signs.

Fruits BasketThe anime is a joy-filled, positive series that has become a favorite because of its story and the meaningful themes. The characters are lovable and well-detailed, making it easier for viewers to connect with their favorite characters. The story centers on Tohru, who is a goodhearted person who helps break the curse by becoming part of the Shoma family.

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