8 Darkest Anime Girls, Ranked

Himiko in My Hero Academia, Yuno Gasai in Future Diary, Junko Enoshima in Danganronpa

Even though some of the most beloved anime characters can be inspirational and good-hearted, in many cases the dark anime characters will be just as loved as the heroes. These homicidal and diabolical maniacs led to some of the most heroic and bravest anime female characters fighting for their lives and sometimes even dying. Although these characters are not role models they make these shows more enjoyable and, in many cases, more complex and emotionally.

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These darkly comical anime girls have become some of the greatest heroes in the anime world. There are many characters who will do anything to reach their goals, or create destruction and suffering wherever they go.


8 Kasane – Durarara!!

Kasane is one the most powerful and antagonistic characters in the series. Durarara!!. She is a skilled fighter and can use her sword fighting skills to defeat anyone. Because of her calm demeanor and ability to control emotions, no one can tell that she’s a cold-hearted, calculating villain.

Durarara!!There are some truly unique and powerful characters in the show, as well as characters that can manipulate darkness. The story takes place in a dark, fictional Tokyo where dangerous creatures live alongside humans.

7 Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

Yunogasai is one the darkest anime girls. She is also one the most popular yandere girl in anime. Although she may seem like a sweet young girl, she is a brutal murderer and would do anything to ensure Yukiteru and Yuno Gasai survive.

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Future DiaryIt is a scary anime similar to Squid Game, with lots of violence and unexpected deaths. It is about a group if young children who receive a Future Diary to help them fight off the evil God of Time and Space.

6 Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath is a powerful dark anime girl that loved to use her power and cause pain. She was particularly resentful of the weak. Her sadist personality meant that she could not only cause physical pain but also manipulate others to cause extreme emotional agony.

Akame Ga Killed This anime is action-packed and thrilling. It tells the story of Tatsumi, who flees his village to find work and a better life. Soon, however, Tatsumi decides to join Night Riad’s assassins against the corrupt Empire which causes so much suffering to its helpless citizens.

5 Himiko – My Hero Academia

Himiko is My Hero AcademiaThe Hero Killer’s darkest and most adorable character. She’s also one of The League of Villains’ strongest members. She has a strange sense of humor, a strange infatuation for Deku, but Himiko can fight and is very intelligent.

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My Hero AcademiaThis anime is very motivational and has many heartwarming moments. However, it’s not without its dark moments and epic fights. The story of Deku follows him after he receives a Quirk that makes him a hero.

4 Rize Kamishiro – Tokyo Ghoul

Rize Kamishiro has Tokyo GhostShe is a terrifying binge-eater. Although she appears to be a shy, innocent young girl, she is actually a bloodthirsty monster that can’t stop eating people. She is not only a murderer, but she also enjoys torturing her victims. Due to her sadistic personality, and large appetite, she is one of the darker characters in the series. It’s full of horrifying ghouls.

Only a few dark anime are available.Tokyo GhoulThis iconic show has a lot of scary and dangerous creatures, and there are very few. Tokyo Ghoul This story is about Ken, a young boy who is attacked by Rize. However, due to an accident, he is made into a half-ghoul.

3 Miyo Takano- Higurashi When they Cry

Miyo Takano, one of the most sinister anime girls, was able to hide her true identity not only from other characters but also from the viewers. She is a cruel mastermind behind Oyashiro’s curse and is obsessed with immortalizing her grandfather’s research. She enjoys manipulating and using people to be guineapigs.

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Higurashi when They CryThis anime series is both terrifying and heartbreaking. It also features some surprising comedy moments. It is about a young group who lives in a fictional Japanese village and are terrorized by strange curses.

2 Lucy – Elfen Lied

Because of her split personality disorder, Lucy is both the most beautiful and dangerous dark anime girl. Although Lucy is an innocent, kind-hearted young girl, her other personality is a cruel and brutal killing machine. Despite her desire to be good, Lucy is still dangerous because of her unpredictable side.

Elfen LiedThis anime is violent and thrilling and tells the story of two high school students who meet Lucy, a serial killer on the loose. They are set in a world where the Diclonii, a mutant race that wants to take over the world and kill all human beings, is at the forefront.

1 Junko Enoshima – Danganronpa

Junko’s cruelty is unmatched. She takes great pleasure at causing pain and suffering to anyone she can. Because of her highly toxic personality, and her intelligence, she is an extremely dangerous character. She is completely unremorseful and only feels the joy in seeing others suffer emotional and/or physical pain.

Danganronpa It is a disturbing series that features many sad deaths. The show follows six students who are locked in their school and forced to kill one another. They will have to undergo a trial, but they won’t be found guilty.

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