8 Hilarious Boruto Messes Only Die-Hard Lovers Will Like

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The original Shonen anime series was the face of Shonen in the 2000s. Naruto The series was just as popular as it was. Fans who have been with the series for a long time are still loyal. BorutoThe new generation of shinobi will be following their example and making new memories. Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki have a lot more to live up after their long-running original series.

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Fans may not agree with the decision on whether or not the new series is as good as the original. However, it’s clear that both series are great for meme material. These are some of the most hilarious memes. BorutoYou will love memes that have a long history and are true to their core!

8 This is Kids Day

While it might seem crazy, it is the original. Naruto The series’ first run began in 2002, ten years ago. Many things have changed in Konoha Village over the years. Naruto was just a young ninja learning all the taijutsu and tricks he needed to be the Hokage he is today.

The series has only featured a handful of instances where modern technology was used, but this is one. BorutoThe young child may have had to use Google for some help to determine what chakra it was. Kakashi Sensei was a bit lazy but he would never have allowed his students to be so ignorant!

7 The Best of Both Worlds

It’s possible that not many fans predicted that Naruto would be reunited with Hinata by the end. Instead, they chose to have Naruto & Sakura as their pairing. But Hinata was able to speak her truth and finally spoke up. It doesn’t matter how they ended up smitten, it is clear that the two of them are very different. Because opposites tend to attract.

This little meme really shows Boruto’s perfect balance between his parents. He has both the shyness of Hinata, and the jokingness of Naruto. Boruto looks a lot like his father. But, deep down, he can bring out all the best from both of his parents with a flip of a switch.

6 Side Quests Can Still Be A Good Time!

Fillers are episodes that serve no purpose or have little effect on the overall plot. Maybe the main cast takes a vacation to the beach, or they embark on a new adventure that leaves the main plot unaffected. Whatever the case, fillers provide some relief from the intense tension and seriousness of main story.

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It may be difficult for some fans to watch events that don’t really matter in the larger picture. But, it’s important to remember that not all fans hate fluff. It’s good to get away from big battles and confrontations occasionally, for the benefit of the cast.

5 Be gentle with the kids

While Naruto Although the series did have some funny moments and episodes it is important to remember that the start of the series was very dark. Many of the first episodes of the series had heavy themes and featured the deaths of some notable characters (RIP). Haku).

In the end, it is only natural that long-term relationships are important. Naruto Fans were quick to draw a parallel between the two series. Boruto did not have to go through a similar childhood as Naruto. Naruto would actually be glad to see his son enjoying fun times with his closest friends.

4 Back in my time, we had to have two arcs and one filler.

This hilarious meme mocks the “hacks” that make daily tasks more complicated than necessary. Rasengan was first used in the Naruto series, and requires you to manifest a powerful ball full of chakra. This is something that only a few shinobi are capable.

Minato, fourth Hokage took much longer to learn the technique than Boruto. Boruto however only had to watch a handful episodes to master it. Boruto comes from two generations of Hokages. It’s no surprise that he is so natural.

3 Comparing Shinobi To Pro Heroes

Shonen is an enormous genre and one of the most beloved anime genres. A few years ago, Naruto and Goku were the faces of the genre. Now it’s time for a new generation of protagonists to take the torch.

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This hilarious meme makes fun of Boruto. It implies that My Hero AcademiaDeku is Shonen’s true new face and not Naruto. Naruto would most likely acknowledge Deku’s achievements, but he’d still prioritize his son.

2 R.I.P Uncle Itachi

Sasuke’s original series focussed on the traumatic events that took place in his clan and were apparently caused by Itachi, His older brother. Itachi, in a twist, was actually protecting his younger brother. He was the Uchiha clan’s burdened with the horrible task of killing his relatives. Sasuke was able to discover Itachi’s real motives after Itachi died by Sasuke.

Itachi would probably be quite messy if he was still alive to continue the series. It might prove difficult to explain everything to Sarada. She will hopefully realize that her uncle was honest and good-natured.

1 A Disgrace to The Uzumaki name!

The original is the most memorable (and memorable) thing ever created Naruto The “Naruto Run” was a hilarious series. “Naruto” is a ninja running style where the body leans forward to increase momentum, and the arms are held back for aerodynamics. This meme was created by Sarada.

While Sakura, Sasuke and Sarada did a great job teaching Sarada how ninjas should run, Naruto and Hinata seem lazy. Boruto would be foolish to run the “normal” way and ruin the “Naruto” tradition!

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