8 Orochimaru Moments Which Go Too Far With Naruto

8 Orochimaru Moments That Went Too Far On Naruto

It’s an anime-only story but the life and death o the Iburi Clan are a great example of Orochimaru cruelty. Because they could transform into smoke, the Iburi Clan was a rare people. Their ability to transform into smoke was not perfect. They often transformed unintentionally in unsafe environments. They could be dispersed and become smoke-like by the wind. They lived under the Land of Fire because wind was rare.

Orochimaru took advantage the Iburi Clan’s predicament and offered them the chance of better controlling their powers through his cursed sealings. Orochimaru offered them their children as subjects to his experiments in exchange. To make sure he could get his smoke-changing power, Orochimaru almost destroyed the entire Iburi Clan. Yukimi, a young girl of the Iburi Clan was the only survivor.

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