A Forgotten Shonen-Anime From The Creator of Inuyasha

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The same year Dragon Ball Z when another anime classic, which was based upon a manga by the same author, premiered. InuyashaIt is, however, much less well-known. Ranma 1/2 It consists of 161 episodes, 12 OVAs and three movies that feature the hilarious and romantic adventures between the main characters. Unfortunately, the anime series’ animation company went bankrupt and the original anime cut short the story. The anime is still worth viewing, even though you will have to start the manga from the beginning.


Ranma 1/2 Ranma Saotome (a young boy and martial art prodigy) is the story. Despite his impressive martial arts skills, he cannot overcome a curse. He turns into a girl every time he comes in contact with cold water and then back to a boy when exposed to warm. He is married to a girl who is talented in martial arts but hates men. While living with his betrothed fiancé, he attempts to make peace with her while trying to get rid of his curse. The modern anime community has largely forgotten about this anime. However, here are some reasons why it should not be.

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The Dynamic Between the Protagonist And The Love Interest

One of the most entertaining parts of the show is the dynamic between Ranma and his betrothed fiancé, Akane. They are sometimes angry with one another, fight a lot, and they have a tendency to be chaotic. They are not the kind of loving shoujo couples you’d see in romantic comedies. Although they are initially very antagonistic to one another, it makes the series more enjoyable when they fall in love.

Instead of seeing a quick-fix relationship, we see them slowly grow and overcome their differences. By overcoming their problems, it mainly means that they can overcome their endless and hilarious bickering. Their relationship is a lot about watching them become better people together. Their relationship reminds me of Inuyasha-Kagome’s inimitable relationship. InuyashaHowever, the competitiveness and irritation are multiplied tenfold. Those who enjoyed those aspects of Kagome or Inuyasha will also find the same charm here. Ranma 1/2Just with a greater focus on this dynamic.

Bingeable Episodic Animation

Many anime nowadays focus on complex plots. Each episode contains a crucial event, which requires your full attention. Every episode has a character die, a new character comes back to life and a plot twist. In the same episode, the protagonist discovers the true plot and explores another side story that will be the main plot in several episodes. It can be difficult to keep up. There is nothing wrong in shows like these; many of the most successful anime follow this format. It is ideal for casual viewing and binging, as over 100 episodes are episodic or have very little to do the plot.

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Of course, it’s not to say that. Ranma 1/2 It doesn’t have any plot. It is gentler and more focused on the daily lives of our quirky characters. This makes it easy to watch with friends, while cleaning up, or to just zone out on rainy days. These episodes aren’t as dull as filler episodes in shonen anime. This is because it is romantic comedy. The series also keeps these elements alive throughout its run.

The Character’s Growth in the Series

Many characters in anime tend to be the same. There are only minor differences. They share the same personality, flaws and drives with no changes from the first to the fifth seasons. It can lead to characters feeling stale or repetitive, especially in anime that has so heavily focused on their daily lives. Ranma 1/2, However, it allows characters to truly grow.

Akane, a temperamental, man-hating, young girl who can’t control her violent tendencies, is the first episode of the series. As she gets to know Ranma and experiences more of life, Akane becomes more open-minded and intelligent, and is able to control her violent outbursts. Ranma starts the series with just one trait: his martial arts ability. We learn later that Ranma sees no value other than his martial arts abilities. He slowly starts to love himself and becomes more confident, but this is only temporary.

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