A new spin-off New Spin-off?

New Spin-off? Release Date & More To Know


Kaguya Sama Love is War fans don’t have to worry anymore about the manga’s conclusion. The last update revealed that there were only two to three more months before the end of the series. The speculations about a spinoff grew at this point. Now the chatter is solid news. Kaguya Sama New Manga has made it back into the news. This is all you need to know about the forthcoming text.

It was confirmed in the last update that the text would conclude with the Fall 2022 Slate. Aka Akasaka began work on Oshi No Ko in the interim, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Continue reading to learn more about what’s next!

Kaguya-Sama New Manga

Kaguya-Sama New Manga: Official Announcement!

As of now, there has been no official announcement from the makers. Manga Mogura RE has posted the news on Twitter. This page is one the most trusted sources of manga news in this industry. According to the page, manga artist Aka Akasaka was working on a new Manga. Additionally, he is looking for an artist to illustrate his story. Check out the post here.

What will the Manga be about?

Aka Akasaka works currently on three mangas. The main manga is also available. Kaguya Sama love is war Text, he is also involved with the works of We Want to Know More About Kaguya. This is the fan favorite at the moment. Oshi No Ko. Therefore, a new text cannot be started until the last one is finished. Love Is War will not be available for some time after the last update.

The mangaka could begin work on his next novel after completing his main work. At this time, the title or genre of the novel has not been released. Fans will have to wait until the publisher makes an official announcement.

Kaguya-Sama New Manga

Kaguya-Sama New Manga: Release Date

The title and release date of the manga have not been made public yet. Manga Mogura has confirmed the news and fans are hopeful that the text will be out soon. As soon as we have more information on the Kaguya Sama New Manga launch, this section will be updated. Keep checking The Anime Daily for all the latest information.


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