Aaron Taylor Johnson Confirms Kraven Will be “The Hunter That All Wants” (Exclusive).

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Confirms Kraven Will Be "The Hunter That We All Want" (Exclusive)

Sony Pictures’ upcoming film will feature Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Kraven, the Hunter movie. Marvel Comics fans were offended when he called the character an “animal lover”. Fans wondered how this would work with a character who is an obsessive hunter and eventually hunts the most difficult game he can think of, Spider-Man. ComicBook.com had the chance to talk with Taylor-Johnson on the press tour of his latest film. Bullet Train. Chris Killian asked the question to every fan: Will Kraven still wear that “big-ass leopard’s mane”?

Taylor-Johnson would not confirm any details about the movie. However, he did use the opportunity to clarify his Kraven-the Hunter version. 

Taylor-Johnson states, “I cannot confirm any details or something.” “And also I think that was probably a little taken from context and then ran. You know, what I really meant was that he was a naturalist and a protector of nature. I should have stopped there. The thing I love most about this character is his ability to humanize him. Kraven is a wonderful character. Sergei Kravinov is an amazing character. He’s someone who understands himself and has flaws. This character is old and was made in an era long ago. But is he the hunter that all of us want? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.”

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Kraven The Hunter. His first appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 in 1964. That was 58 years ago. This lion’s man was there for his debut, which helped define the character visually. He was the world’s best big game hunter, and often underestimated his capabilities in his fights against Spider-Man. This led to his defeat. J.M. Mike Zeck and DeMatteis redefined the character adding depth. The filmmakers felt that he needed a little more updating in order to be relevant for the 21st Century.

J.C. Chandor is the director of Sony’s Kraven, the Hunter movie. The film will be in cinemas January 13th.

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