According to Ranker, Top 10 Anime Series That You Wish Could Be Streamed On Netflix

Top 10 Anime Series You Wish Were Streaming On Netflix, According To Ranker

Netflix’s anime library has grown to be more impressive than ever, and includes some of the best anime of the past few years. However, there are some shows that you might not like such as the huge Demon SlayerNetflix has yet to receive the newest season as of this writing. However, it did acquire certain exclusives such as Komi is unable to communicateSeason 2 makes it a contender even amongst top anime streaming services.

Although it cannot have every show on the list, there are still many areas that can be improved in its collection of anime content. That’s why Ranker decided to settle the issue of what the most egregious absences are by putting it to the vote, with thousands participating.

Notice: Ranker lists live and continue accumulating votes. Therefore, some rankings may have changed following publication. Netflix continues to update its library and Cowboy Bebop was one of the latest additions after the Ranker lists were last updated.


10Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Some of the central characters of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

The first anime series based on Masamune Shirow’s iconic manga, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex chose to focus on Public Security Section 9, an elite group tasked with tackling terrorism and cybercrime, and a mysterious new threat following the rise of a hacker known as the “Laughing Man”.

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Its unique blend of science fiction and animation is a great example of real science fiction. Stand Alone ComplexRanker has loved the movie ever since its release. Its absence from Netflix is notable because the streaming service does not have the most recent version. Ghost in the Shell – SAC_2045 and it’s likely the popularity of that series also contributed to its high position on Ranker.

9 My Hero Academia (2016)

One of the most popular Shounen hits in the 2010s. My Hero AcademiaFans were quickly attracted to the show’s innovative ideas and visually stunning fights. Centered on Izuku Midoriya, a boy with a single-minded desire to be a hero despite being born without any powers, the show now has over 100 episodes filled with over-the-top action.

Season 6 of the action anime is coming to Netflix this year. This has made the show a more popular choice on Ranker. But it’s been a favorite anime fan site for years. Even though Netflix didn’t secure the latest season, there is no denying that Netflix fans are passionate about it. My Hero AcademiaThis show is unmissable.

8 Elfen Lied (2004)

Close-up of the Elfen Lied anime protagonist, Lucy.

Despite its short run, the impact that Elfen LiedThe show’s success in attracting audiences shows that it has a large following of fans who are eager to see the classic 2000s series again. The anime has only 13 episodes and is well-known for its cruder elements and gore.

It was able to connect with many fans. The story of an outcast who is exploited and her friends who take in her while she’s on the run explores deep themes. Netflix has a reputation of reviving interest and preserving older gems. Elfen Lied is a great choice for voters on Ranker.

7Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995).

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

If you are interested in mecha anime, but overwhelmed by all the options out there, this is the place for you. GundamSome of the best series are franchise. Mobile Suit Gundam WingThis is a great example of a compelling story that centers on a war between the earth and its orbital colonies. It is also what initially won many fans over to the franchise.

Its plot is impressively ambitious, there aren’t any low points in its 50 episode run, and there’s plenty to enjoy with epic mecha action. With the show now well over 25 years old, it’s not surprising that many on Ranker are nostalgic for the show and like the idea of revisiting a classic.

6 Steins;Gate (2011)

Image from Steins;Gate

There are few shows that focus on time travel more highly than those that are based on it. Steins;Gate. Based on a visual story, the show follows Rintarou Okabe (a mad scientist) and his friends as they try to use time travel technology to avoid catastrophe.

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Every timeline seems to end in tragedy. It’s not an easy task. But, for many, it was the show’s ability depict some of the more horrific and heartbreaking side effects traveling to different timelines that had a major impact on its biggest fans. This is a huge reason why the show has a loyal fanbase. It’s not surprising that they came out in force and voted up Steins;Gate.

5Dragon Ball (1986).

Poster for Dragon Ball 1986

The series that introduced a lot of the world to the most popular anime character in the form of Goku, Dragon Ball has a truly legendary status for the anime fans of Ranker. The story opens with Bulma meeting him and agreeing to go on a long search together for the Dragon balls.

Although some viewers might not like the new episodes, the series’ heart is still there, and it will keep them coming back for more. Netflix already has two other Shounen series. NarutoAnd One Piece, Dragon Ball‘s absence hasn’t gone unnoticed by voters on Ranker.

4Yu Yu Hakusho (1992).

Hiei, Yusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Though outlets like Collider reported on the announcement of an upcoming live-action Netflix adaptation of the iconic 90s shonen series Yu Yu HakushoLast year, the original anime was not yet available on the site. This makes the emotions of Ranker fans even more apparent.

Even though there are still many great shounen animations in 2022 Yu Yu HakushoThe premise of the show’s protagonist, a delinquent who gets a second chance at life if he pledges to stop evil for the gods in the spirit world, is unique. Although the show isn’t as well-known as other top anime, it remains a popular choice on Ranker due to its unique charms.

3Dragon Ball Z (1989).


Ranker would like to see the series on Netflix, despite its popularity. Dragon Ball Z is where the franchise hit its stride and really started to grow into the giant it is today. Many anime fans still consider the series essential. It introduced many iconic elements, such as Goku, a warrior of the powerful Saiyan races.

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Goku and his comrades are attempting to defend the earth from a new threat. The stakes rise and the action becomes more intense than ever. It’s not just nostalgia that keeps the huge thriving franchise going. Dragon Ball ZRanker is a place where fans are still alive. This is why so many voted to support the show.

2Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

It isn’t as classic as other Netflix originals, but it is still a great show. Tokyo GhoulSince its first broadcast in 2014, it has enjoyed a loyal fan base. This alone has helped it become one of the most requested shows in the streaming library.

Centered on Ken Kaneki, a student who finds himself transformed forever after he’s attacked by a flesh-eating ghoul, the show has a uniquely dark and intriguing tone that makes it easy to be drawn in. Ranker’s anime fans love darker shows, which is why it’s a popular choice.

1Cowboy Bebop (1998)

spike and faye on cowboy bebop

Ranker’s most desired show was finally added to Netflix late last year, in a move that should encourage viewers who voted for other shows. Netflix has made the jazz-inspired series, that has been popular with adoring fans since 1998, even more talk-worthy.

It’s not as popular than other shows and actually receives fewer votes that lower-placed entries. Cowboy BebopThe show’s unique characters are hard to dislike, and this is reflected in its low number of downvotes.

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