Actresses Akari Kitō, Nana Mori Diagnosed With COVID-19 – News

Actresses Akari Kitō, Nana Mori Diagnosed With COVID-19 - News

Talent agency Raccoon Dog announced that voice actresses and singers were being added to their roster on Friday Akari KitōCOVID-19 has been diagnosed in her. She was not feeling well by midnight Thursday, and she had a fever the following morning. She was also positive the next day. With guidance from the hospital, she is now recovering at home.

Related news: actress Nana MoriCOVID-19 has been confirmed in her. She has been diagnosed with COVID-19 for the second time. It was feeling unwell, so she took a PCR test. She is currently receiving medical treatment and ongoing follow-up according to the health center.

Kitō’s roles include Nezuko in Demon SlayerKanata in Live for Love!, Tsukasa in TONIKAWA – Over The Moon for you, Kotoko Iwanaga in In/Spectre, Adachi in Adachi und ShimamuraKaho in, Blend S, Mädchen Amick in The Battle of Kimluck: Sorcerous Stabber OrphenArma in EX-ARM.

Mori played Hina in Weathering with YouYoriko and Yoriko in live-action Tokyo Ghoul S movie.

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Sources: Raccoon Dog, TV Asahi

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