Alex Ross introduces new Comic-Con artwork featuring Batman, Thor, Moon Knight and More

Alex Ross Introduces New Comic-Con Artwork Featuring Batman, Thor, Moon Knight, and More

Alex Ross, an internationally acclaimed artist, is headed to San Diego Comic-Con. This artist is well-known for his iconic artwork, which can be found on covers and in titles like Kingdom Come, Marvel, JusticeAnd The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes A wide range of artwork will be brought to his Comic-Con booth (#2415). This collection features brand-new pieces that feature the Fantastic Four, Batman and Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman and Thor, as well past artwork depicting Superman, Superman and the Teen Titans.

Ross takes viewers on a tour through the inspirations behind the new pieces at San Diego Comic-Con. Have a look at the video below.

One of the featured pieces is Fantastic Four: OriginsThe following graphic novel by Ross contains the text: Fantastic Four: Full Circle. Ross talks about his struggle to find the right balance between his style, and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four co-creator.

Ross explains that this is the first example of storytelling that you will find in my FF book. We’re also printing it. This is Ross’s take on the Fantastic Four origin. It matches the origins I did for DC heroes in a series tabloid books that I published in the 2000s.”

He says, “I am inking instead painting for the purpose of trying something different.” I’ve inked projects before but this time I wanted to be more introspective and pay tribute to Jack Kirby’s classic Fantastic Four comics. My style is a way for me to connect with Jack Kirby’s works. It’s like trying to find the middle ground between slavish reality, which would be me and abstraction, which would be Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby’s work is something that I have become more obsessed with as I age.

San Diego Comic-Con will kick off on Thursday July 21st Fantastic Four: Full Circle Sale: September 6th

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