An Anime Classic That Laid The Foundations For ‘Evangelion’

An Anime Classic That Laid The Foundations For ‘Evangelion’

The 90s were just beginning. Nadia: The Secret to Blue WaterJapanese television aired the episode. It became a major hit and a key work for Gainax. This Blu-ray version of one of the most enduring anime series has a lot of work ahead of it.

Nadia This anime was and remains a fascinating one. It explores the life and times of its protagonist.Th century. With ships being destroyed by supposed “sea monsters”, but there’s more going on here than first appears.

This sounds familiar? 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne would be proud. This anime indeed features a Captain Nemo and a submarine brimming with advanced technology called the Nautilus, but that’s where the similarities end.

The real villains here are in fact those from Neo Atlantis and the technology that runs the Nautilus is not of Nemo’s creation. In fact, Nadia This pulls from nearly every ancient culture myth and more. Talking whales and aliens are also included.

What did you do? Nadia The story’s pace was also very special. Each episode covered the story in detail and was concisely presented within each episode. It also revealed some of the secrets behind Gargoyle, the evil leader of Neo Atlantis, and Nemo.

But, it is not enough. Nadia NHK, NHK’s broadcaster and investor, requested more episodes after the series became so popular. This resulted in some of the most criminal types of filler episodes ever made, known amongst fans as the “Island Episodes”.

They usually occur at the halfway mark, but have very little effect on main plot. There is also a noticeable decrease in the production quality. These episodes can be skipped and you can still watch the incredible finale. It is certainly one of the most memorable endings for an anime series.

Speaking of endings, spoilers notwithstanding, the introduction to the New Nautilus remains one of my most memorable anime moments. Shoichi Masuo designed the Nautilus, which he would later use to design other anime. The Unresponsible Captain TylorIts sleek silhouette is still one of the most beautiful in anime.

It would be a great world if Bandai Spirits would release their Soul of Chogokin New Nautilus toys. It was still a great addition to the collection. Super Robot Wars X.

Despite Nadia It was a very difficult production for Gainax but it turned out to have been a great series, even with the filler episode. This is not surprising considering how many of the production materials were for. Nadia This led to the creation of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

GKIDS should be picked up Nadia You will be greatly appreciated if you are able to undertake a 4K restoration.

You may recall me covering the Blu-ray release by Sentai Filmworks in 2015, which was fantastic. The new collection, however is better. Despite being identical in resolution, the GKIDS release has a better visual clarity than the previous version. This is because the source material is more accurate. The set also includes a small artbook.

This is the most complete version of Nadia It is the best episode to date and highly recommended for both fans of the show as well new viewers who want the full story.

Nadia: The Secret to Blue WaterThe Blu-ray version of the film will be released on August 2, and pre-ordered by GKIDS at $39.48.

Disclosure: GKIDS sent me this Blu-ray set in exchange for this review.

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