Ana De Armas’ Marilyn Monroe Accent Backlash In Blonde Is Absurd

Ana De Armas' Marilyn Monroe Accent Backlash In Blonde Is Absurd

The trailer for Netflix’s Blonde has resulted in a backlash regarding Ana de Armas’s Cuban accent, yet the issue could actually be good for the movie.

Netflix released the trailer recently for Blonde starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, and there is a backlash over the actor’s accent in the role. Excitement has been building for the movie in part due to its NC-17 rating, the first of its kind on Netflix. However, there has also been a lot of controversy surrounding Blonde, with concerns that it will further exploit Marilyn Monroe’s life and trauma, which happened profusely when the iconic movie star was alive. Now, the release of the trailer has brought additional criticism of Ana de Armas’s portrayal of the tragic Hollywood figure, and it’s entirely absurd.


Adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’s novel of the same name, Andrew Dominik’s Blonde depicts a fictionalized version of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Oates’s novel is told from Marilyn Monroe’s perspective, and Dominik has maintained this device and expanded it to include how the world viewed Marilyn Monroe compared to how she viewed herself as Norma Jeane, her real name. Since 2010, in the making Blonde Was originally intended to star Naomi Watts (British-Australian actress), then Jessica Chastain (American actress). However, the role of Marilyn was eventually given to Ana de Armas (Cuban-Spanish actress) who transitioned into English-speaking roles in the 2015 thriller Knock Knock And who was most recently seen in Netflix’s “The Last Jedi” The Gray Man.

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As revealed in the Blonde trailer, Ana de Armas’s Cuban accent is still evident in her performance as Marilyn despite “Nine months of coaching in dialect” (via The Times). This has been met with a critical backlash, but de Armas’s accent is irrelevant to the quality of the movie. Blonde This is a fictionalized version of a true story. It is not meant to be a biopic. Besides, no movie is completely factual in every detail anyway, and de Armas’s accent is not the only discrepancy about Marilyn Monroe’s life as it’s portrayed in Blonde. Meanwhile, the trailer otherwise shows de Armas has completely transformed into Marilyn, mastering her personality traits, so her accent should not be an issue for her overall performance.

Blonde isn’t a true biopic. This Is Why It Will Be Great

Ana de Armas; Blonde; Marilyn Monroe

Blonde is based on historical fiction, which gives writer-director Andrew Dominik and his star, Ana de Armas, more creative freedom with the story. Plenty of movies use English or American actors to play international characters, including real-life figures, and not only is there rarely any backlash in response to their accents. The success of biopics or other movies based upon true stories depends on how close they are to the truth. Blonde not being a true biopic frees it from such scrutiny as well as other expectations with the portrayal of certain aspects of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Instead, it can show a version of her story from multiple perspectives.

Also, playing Marilyn Monroe breaks the trend of Ana de Armas being typecast. This opens up a much wider range of roles for the actor, who has increasingly been praised for her performances in such movies as Knives OutThere is no time to dieAnd The Gray Man. Ultimately, being able to hear de Armas’s Cuban accent as Marilyn Monroe could even be a blessing, for reminding viewers that it’s actually de Armas on screen and, in turn, that Blonde is not a biopic of Marilyn Monroe’s life and shouldn’t be understood as such.  Blonde is set to be a huge success for Dominik, de Armas, and Netflix, and the absurd backlash to her accent unfairly undermines this.

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  • Blonde (2022)Release date: Sep 23, 2022

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