Apex Legends Event Release Date & Time – Gaiden Anime Skins

Apex Legends Event Release Date & Time – Gaiden Anime Skins

This week’s Apex Legends Today is the Gaiden Event. More Anime skins have been confirmed for this week. Respawn will also release a new update that brings back the Armed and Dangerous LTM.

Gaiden will also introduce Flash events, which will be available for short periods of time during the two-week event.

And that’s without mentioning the new limited items, with 40 cosmetics confirmed as arriving in July for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Revenant, Mirage and Octane will get new Legendary skins. There are also complementary skins available for the Flatline and Wingman as well as EVA-8, Charge Rifle, and EVA-8 skins.

Apex Legends | Awakening Collection Event



Apex Legends | Awakening Collection Event






What Time Is The Apex Legends Anime Event

Respawn will update its Battle Royale experience by adding the Apex Legends Anime-themed Gaiden Event to its Battle Royale game on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. The development team hasn’t shared an exact launch schedule, but based on previous updates, the rollout is expected to start at the usual time of 6pm BST, or 10am PDT if you live in North America.

The patch notes have not yet been released, so fans will have to wait for more information about the planned background changes. Respawn often makes balance changes to leading characters and weapons during events. Fans can expect more details to come in the coming days.

As we mentioned, Armed and Dangerous LTM will be returning to Battle Royale on July 19. It follows different rules than the regular Battle Royale experience. Official announcement confirms that AAD requires players only to use shotguns and snipers, and very little loot is available on the map. The official announcement also states that AAD will reduce the spawn rates of key items, though ammo should not be diminished.

There will be three different maps on which these rules will be available, including World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point. A rotation system will be used, meaning that you won’t get stuck playing the same map over and over.

This week’s Gaiden event also contains some pretty special Anime themed skins, with the recent game reveals confirming Legendary designs for Wattson, Revenant, Mirage, and Octane. For each new design, matching reveals were made for the weapon and banner skins.

Below is a description about how the Gaiden event will be able to unlock some of the cosmetic locks and new skin.

You can summon your inner hero by playing two weekly challenges to unlock event-themed cosmetics.

If you collect all 40 event items, you’ll unlock the newest Prestige skin, Bangalore’s “Apex Commander”! Prestige Skins, Mythic cosmetic legend skins, have three tiers (three versions) of each Prestige Skin. After unlocking Tier 1 of a Prestige Skin, players will be able complete challenges to unlock Tier 2 & Tier 3 at no additional cost. These challenges can be completed by players even after the event ends. Once a Prestige Skin Tier’s challenge is completed a player will unlock that respective tier’s version of the Legend skin which can then be equipped.

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