Apple TV+: ‘Luck’ is now ‘Toy Story””s fallen exec makes a comeback

Apple TV+ counts its 'Luck' as fallen 'Toy Story' exec makes comeback

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Los Angeles (AFP) – Like many animated family films, “Luck,” has a very optimistic premise. It teaches that no matter what your circumstances, there will be something positive.

Apple TV+ will hope the same for John Lasseter. John Lasseter was a former Pixar guru and then became the head of Skydance Animation.

“Luck”, the first movie from the studio, is streaming on Friday. The film follows Sam, an 18 year old girl, along with Bob, a talking cat named Bob, as they explore the wonderful Land of Luck.

This land of perfect fortune is home to magical creatures such as leprechauns and dragons, unicorns, goblins, and even unicorns. They then channel it down to Earth.

The movie stars Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Simon Pegg, and Eva Noblezada as Sam, the unluckiest girl in the world.

Emma Thompson had not publicly resigned over Lasseter’s hire in 2019, publishing her resignation letter to the Los Angeles Times.

Pegg told AFP that he had “initially” doubts about the decision before deciding to go ahead.

He told AFP that it was dangerous to immediately write off people.


Lasseter was the man who turned Pixar’s Lucasfilm graphics department into the largest animation studio in the world, with hits like “Toy Story.” He was also accused of misconduct during the height of #MeToo 2017.

The studio’s powerful president apologized for ever being on the receiving end a unwelcome hug and for not fostering a culture that values trust and respect.

In an internal memo, he acknowledged that he had made staff “disrespected” or “uncomfortable” the year before he resigned.

Multiple sources claim that Lasseter was a heavy-drinker at company social events. He would attempt to kiss women, put his hands on their thighs, and hug them during meetings.

Thompson wrote that Lasseter’s case was “complicated” in her letter.

Thompson informed Skydance that he was being hired by the company and stated that any Skydance employees refusing to give Thompson another chance must either stay or be made uncomfortable.

Pegg felt it important that Lasseter “admitted responsibility for the things that were directed at him.”

“We all are doomed to be banished for things we regret and apologize, and that we mean by. That’s what is most important.

Goldberg offered a succinct explanation: “Everybody steps into it sometime,” she told AFP.

‘Real-world stakes’

The film features Sam, an orphan who is now adult but has not found a permanent foster family. He follows Bob (Pegg), into the Land of Luck to find a lucky penny.

She hopes the magical coin can help Hazel, her young friend, find the “forever families” she has never known.

It is not easy to get her hands on it. Sam takes Sam on an emotional journey through the Rube Goldberg machines, glittering waterfalls, and whirling Rube Goldberg machines of the realm.

“I really like that element. Pegg stated that it’s a film with the most bizarre environments and concepts, but is paired with real-world stakes regarding friendship.

Sometimes, what looks like bad luck may turn out to be great luck. Sam is an example of this, having lived a life of poor luck and then finding the right thing for her.

For the filmmakers, Thompson’s withdrawal led to Jane Fonda being hired as an Oscar-winner, social activist, and actress. Jane Fonda is Jane Fonda’s elegant dragon and CEO of the luck-making business.

Pegg said, “When Jane joined our cast, I looked at her as such a legendary feminist activist and feminist.”

“I felt she was a great person to lead from. Her involvement in the film was what made me decide to do it.

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