Black Adam, Shazam! Hall H Panel (Live Updates).

Black Adam, Shazam!, Hall H Panel (Live Updates)

DC Comics was open Saturday morning. Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of GodsSan Diego Comic-Con: More! The films took the Hall H stage, as is the tradition, in front of over 7,000 attendees. There were also celebrity guests and filmmakers sharing their thoughts about the upcoming projects. You can also see sneak peeks of the titles that will be released later in the year. was there throughout the panel. Below is a live summary of the DC Comics movie panel at 2022’s SDCC.

Tiffany Smith moderates the panel. She kicks things off by introducing herself. Shazam! Fury of Gods. A sizzle reel features some new footage. It includes the Shazamily telling their friend about Comic-Con. After the reel has been completed, Zachary Levi steps on to the podium.

Levi said, “We got a really cool glimpse into all the kids getting super powers at end of the first film…we’ve all flown around doing different missions trying to aid the city of Philadelphia as well as the world.” The superpowers are still being figured out by the kids. He stated, “We are all trying to figure it all.” “It makes for an interesting and fascinating bedrock rf reality that is easy to connect with as a human being. Although we are super heroes, we are also human beings. Levi introduces the film’s frailer.

Shazam! Shazam! Billy thinks that they are better than him and flashes the Flash, Aquaman, Batman, as well as other superheroes. He feels like a fraud and crashes down below cars on the street. He recalls that his parents and his family were granted powers, and the parents watched as their kids became heroes and went to help people on a bridge. He told the whole story to a pediatrician. Djimon Hounsou returns to tell the story of the villains. Helen Mirren takes a staff and goes for Shazam! It is very personal, they claim. They have a delicious meal and Shazam! tells her he knows he can win because he’s seen Fast & Furios and knows its “all about family.” Philadelphia is the scene of action, with a dragon landing at the Phillies’ baseball stadium and the environment shaping. The Wizard tells Billy that he must fight for his family, and the entire world. Shazam! He throws a truck at a dragon, and then narrates the story. It’s set to Eminem’s “Let’s Get Down to Business”.

Asher Angel and Dylan Grazer take to the stage. Grazer makes a joke about Freddy, saying, “Damn, my star is not anymore.” 

Angel stated that Angel has been involved in the super hero phenomenon for some time. “Adulthood is on the horizon for his and that’s a little frightening because he doesn’t know what’s going to happen when he’s 18….I’d guess Billy’s primary focus is maintaining the Shazam dynamic! family.”

Grazer stated, “Hes leading a teenager life.” “He’s doing exactly as I would if I had the power to keep it secret. They would probably be shown to a few people.

Liu stated that they had a wonderful time. She teases Calypso that she and her sisters are on an assignment, but she can’t tell you more. She then presents a message from Rachel Zegler and Helen Mirren. Mirren laughs about not being at Comic-Con because she got into a fight with someone once here over cutting a line. She says that it wasn’t a fight as “he went down immediately.”

She said, “I loved playing Hespera.” “She’s such an evil-ass and baddie. Zach, it was a great time!

“I can’t confirm or deny any of these claims, and these aren’t questions you have the right to ask me here at this moment. But no.” He laughed and smiled at the fan.

Sandberg dodged the question about whether there would be a DC appearance in the film. He said, “There’s lots going on in the movie.”

Liu said that everyone was warm and friendly on the set, which was filmed during the pandemic. “It was an exciting time to be together, and create something that’s going to be entertaining and enjoyed and enjoyed by everyone.

A fan wants to know if there will ever be a Shazam! 3. Levi responded, “Okay. Fine, we’ll make another one.” “If you guys like this one, there’s a good possibility that the bosses would love it,” Levi said. He says he enjoys the role. The crew dodges questions about Black Adam crossovers.

Levi is proud to share that his ChuckIf he had the power of Shazam, his character would be “unstoppable”. A fan questions if Shazmily would host a large party with Justice League. Levi replied, “Heck yeah,” 

Liu is asked by a fan if this is her favorite role. She said, “I love being a goddess.” “Being part of DC Universe and this world is probably the most exciting thing I have ever done in my career.” She said. Being a woman and a person of color in this place, it is an honor to have such a wonderful career. It makes me feel like I am at home.

The panel moves to Black Adam. Black Adam appears on stage. Jaume Collett–Serra, Aldis Holge, Noah Centineo and Quintessa Swingell all appear on the stage. Before coming to Comic-Con, the crew watched the movie. The movie has been completed. “This is something else.” Hodge spoke of the movie. “Y’all are not ready!” Dwayne John Johnson is welcome to the stage. He has already changed into normal clothing.

He said, “I would like to come here and bring movies here and thought, ‘I hope people enjoy it, maybe’.” “To be there, to today, to see Black Adam levitate, throw lightning, like he was tossing around candy, means so much.”

Director discusses returning to work with Dwayne again. He was attracted to Black Adam’s character and the challenges it presented. Johnson was credited for encouraging everyone to do things differently and to do it better. They wanted to “blow minds” with this movie. Johnson, who is shy, praises his director and calls this stage his “worst nightmare” with a laugh. 

Johnson stated that their goal was to “usher in a new age in the DC Universe.” He hopes to unite the DC Universe with the Justice Society, and he thanks the director for being so successful in that endeavor. 

Hodge stated, “Hawkman, the savaghe the best, and the most formidable warrior,” This is an incredible honor and privilege. It’s because Hawkman is Hawkman, Carter Hall is…to be part of the JSA we started this! It’s amazing. It’s truly amazing. It’s a great thing. This world is so beautiful to me. The energy is what I love. Because it makes me believe in creation, I love what it’s like. It’s amazing to me to see movies like this. When I look at what we did, it’s quite an experience. 

Centineo claims it was an “exciting” decision to join the project and become a part this “resurgence”. They wanted to see a “youthful side of the Justice Society,” he was told. “If you have read the comics you will know that he has a history of heroism, some villainy, and he really wants his life to be a hero…you usually see super heroes who are fully formed versions of themselves. In this film, you can see two heroes trying to figure out what it means to be a super hero.”

Swindell fought back tears by saying, “Playing Cyclone is, to be truthful, the greatest honor of my entire life.” The character is so… She’s so different and in a certain way I’m just very protective about her because there’s this bright light that she has. That’s her story, the way her powers came about and how she chooses to live them…that’s just incredible.”

One fan wanted to know who would win in the fight between Black Adam or Superman. Johnson said, “It all depends on who’s playing Superman.”

Black Adam footage is shown on the screen. The tomb is found by the explorers. The floor starts glowing first, and pendants glow before it. They are lithning above them. Something crashes down, sending soldiers flying. Adrianna may have accidentally hacked something. Black Adam raises a soldier and roasts him with electricity until he is reduced to a skeleton. The camera frames are opened and the skull is rolled into them. The soldiers open fire. Black Adam is shot once more. He sweeps the floor with them. He throws one in the air, jumps and then throws him back.

Doctor Fate says he can see into the future. The JSA gathers under Amanda Waller’s direction to stop Black Adam, also known as a loose cannon. Hawkman and Doctor Fate are part of a ship raising from under a house. Doctor Fate attempts to reason with Black Adam, but he refuses to be reasoned. Hawkman and Black Adam battle. Cyclone’s powers are stunning on screen. Fate claims that Cyclone is not prone to making mistakes. Fire and action pieces ensure. Teth has two options: be the destoyer or save the world. 


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