Black Clover Return to Hiatus Confirmed, With A Release Date

Black Clover Return From Hiatus Confirmed With A Release Date

Black Clover’s last chapters were outstanding in terms of action, suspense and twists. It seemed impossible to win the fight against Lucifero. Asta and his companions were able defeat Lucifero. After the battle, everyone thought that Black Clover’s author Tabata would be delivering a few quieter chapters. He was actually preparing for an even greater battle, and revealed the dark secrets of Lucius Zogratis’s author Tabata in the final chapter published before the manga went on hiatus.

Julias Novachrono was revealed to be the current Wizard King and host of the strongest demon Astaroth. The fans were eager to know what the next chapter of the story would bring, so the Black Clover editorial team decided to give Tabata some time off. The team decided to give Tabata a three month break. As expected, Black Clover is back on schedule.


The new chapter 332 in Black Clover will appear in the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #35. The new chapter will be available on Sunday, July 31st 2022. The news of the manga’s return from hiatus comes from Viz Media’s official website. Right after Viz Media revealed the release date for manga’s return, the news broke on the internet. And now, all of the series’ fans are looking for the upcoming chapters to see what happens next in the story.

331, which was the final chapter published before the hiatus ended the Spade Kingdom Arc. Chapter 332, which is the final chapter of The Ultimate Wizard King, will see the story begin its final arc. In it, the story’s main villain will be the eldest Zogratis brother. At the moment, it’s quite unclear how many chapters it’ll take to complete The Ultimate Wizard King Arc. It will be the final arc in the series. We can expect it to take longer than the Spade kingdom Arc which ran for a total length of 71 chapters.

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