Blue Lock Manga English Book Release Date

Blue Lock Manga English Print Gets Release Date

Following Kodansha’s initial Thursday announcement, the company has also announced the release date for the Blue Lock manga’S English print release. The company confirmed the first time that it would publish print versions of the popular soccer Manga.

Blue Lock manga, Kodansha

Kodansha is currently publishing the manga digitally. The English print copies will be available for purchase on March 16th, 2018. The website does not list additional copies. However, it only lists the 11 volumes that are available for physical purchase.

Kodansha’s website is constantly updating with information regarding Blue Lock For those who want to give the series a try, the digital-first Chapter is free.

Blue Lock’s Sports Anime Niche

Kaneshiro & Nomura, the manga’s creators, published it in Weekly for the first time. Shonen MagazineAugust 2018. Most recently, Kodansha published the manga’s 17th complied volume in December. There are over 5,000,000 copies of the manga in circulation. Blue Lock won Kodansha’s “Best Shonen Manga” award.

The story about Blue Lock This is how it’s described:

After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Japan’s team struggles to regroup. Still, what’s missing? They need an Ace Striker to guide them to victory. Japan Football Union is determined in creating a striiker who craves victory and hungers to achieve them. They are looking for someone who can turn a losing match around. They’ve gathered 300 of Japan’s best and brightest youth players to make up for the loss. Who will emerge to lead the team… and will they be able to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in their way?

The manga was announced in August 2021. It is highly inspirational. Television animeIt will be shown in the second half of 2022. Studio Eight Bit manages animation.

The manga made it to numerous “Anime of 2022″ lists. The manga’s creators have been confirmed to oversee the anime’s progress/development.

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