Bluey review-bombing. A Tweet from an executive producer sparks anime theory

Bluey review-bombing: Tweet from exec producer sparks anime theory

It’s one of Australia’s most beloved shows, but there are fears an innocent tweet has led to rival fans review-bombing Bluey.

The backlash reportedly began when Daley Pearson, the executive producer of Bluey, tweeted the joyful news that an episode of the cult series called “Sleepytime” had become the second highest-rated episode of TV ever on IMDb.

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According to IMDb, Sleepytime involves Bingo and Floppy having an “intergalactic adventure” inside Bingo’s dream.

The episode earned a coveted 10-star rating from the site.

The only show to beat Bluey to the top spot was Breaking Bad’s Ozymandias episode.

Fans were quick to share their joy on social media.

“This is wonderful. Personally, I prefer when Bluey turns into a fruit bat but it seems the people have spoken,” one person tweeted.

“My husband and our four-year-old close out the evening with this episode every night before heading up for story and lights out,” another chimed in.

It was apparent that something was wrong, but not soon enough.

IMDb had Sleepytime as the second most-watched TV episode. Credit: ABC

Three days after the news was shared, Sleepytime dropped from the top spot in ratings to number 17 – and social media sleuths were eager to speculate why.

Bluey and Breaking Bad sat in the ratings between them, and now there were many anime shows, such as Attack on Titan and Code Geass.

Bluey’s Sleepytime episode, meanwhile, saw its rating drop to 9.9, with a huge uptick in the number of people giving it one star.

Fans speculated that anime fans were review-bombing their beloved anime.

“Since this tweet went out some people went and messed up the user score,” one person complained under Daley’s tweet.

“This is why we can’t have nice things. What is wrong with some people?” another wrote.

An entire Reddit thread has now been dedicated to the matter, titled: “Anime fans might actually be review-bombing beloved children’s show ‘Bluey’”

“It’s a badge of honour really. Anything starts to get haters once it gets enough elevation,” one contributor to the thread wrote.

“The fact that it’s getting review bombed, the silly recent attacking articles – all just testament to how good this show is that it’s hit that level. And that it’s a kids show makes this all more amazing.”

“Yeah, someone bombed the reviews, every review had at least one person put “not helpful” and there are several AoT episodes on the top ten…” another added.

“If it HAS to come to this, then I HOPE us in the bluey fandom can make a rebellion over the anime fans,” a third wrote.

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