Boruto Characters Are Stronger Than Naruto Umaki

Boruto Characters Stronger Than Naruto Uzumaki

In BorutoNaruto Umaki is the Seventh Honourable of Konohagakure. He is also one of the greatest shinobi to ever live. He was at his best and could take on the Otsuki aliens with ease. The final arcs of NarutoThe opening chapters of BorutoThis iconic character could be trusted with any challenge that is posed to Hidden Leaf Village.

Sadly, Naruto has suffered a lot from his weakness in recent years, most notably after losing Kurama, one of his Tailed Beasts. There are many reasons for this. BorutoDespite the fact that the Seventh Hokage was once a legendary combat prowess, characters are stronger than him.

7 Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is the greatest shinobi in Japan. BorutoHe was once considered Naruto’s equal in the world. While he was also weaker over the years due to losing his Rinnegan and now Sasuke might have an advantage in combat against Naruto.

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He still has his Eternal Mangekyo Sharean in his right eye. Sasuke should still have access to the power of Susanoo. He also has the Seventh Honge of Konohagakure’s tricks up his sleeve. He could be even stronger than Naruto at combat.

6 Kashin Koji

Amado created Kashin Koji as a genetic model of Jiraiya’s prime. A scientist with ninja tech further enhanced his body to make him a beast in combat.

Koji was able to take on Jigen and hold his own against him when he was at his best. He could defeat Jigen using Sage Mode and even beat Isshiki Otsutsuki if he was revived. Kashin Koji has all the strength he can muster and is definitely stronger than Naruto.

5 DaemonDaemon in Boruto

Daemon is the younger brother to Eida. Although he’s not very skilled in combat, Daemon has an amazing power that allows him reflect any attack back at his opponents even if it isn’t obvious.

He can kill anyone and take on any combative opponent without having to lift a finger. It will be difficult for someone like Naruto Uzumaki to fight Daemon in combat, especially since Amado said that he was stronger than Jigen.

4 Eida

Eida, just like Daemon is one of the new characters in Boruto. Amado also created Eida. Her abilities in combat are well-known to be more than Jigen’s, making her a greater threat than Naruto. Eida is difficult to defeat in combat due to her power to make anyone infatuated, regardless of their sex.

She is a trap that forces people to do what she tells them, making it extremely difficult for anyone to handle her power. It is obvious that Eida would be extremely difficult for Naruto to fight in combat.

3 Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto, Naruto’s younger brother, is also a strong character in the anime universe. His strong connection to Otsutsuki makes him extraordinarily powerful.

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Boruto has nearly the same strength as an Otsutsuki after maturing as one. Boruto can use his Karma powers to fight almost anyone, even other Otsuki beings. Boruto’s strength and edge is unmatched by his father.

2 Kawaki

Kawaki was long ago made the vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki. Amado was later able to restore his Karma, although he lost it after the death Isshiki. Kawaki activated his Karma again to fight Code, and in so doing, gained incredible power.

He’s currently the strongest character in the story, and he has almost all the power of Isshiki within him. With his eye, he is able to use both Sukunahikona as well as Daikokuten. His combat prowess makes him a formidable opponent for the Otsuki. So, Kawaki is stronger than Naruto at the moment.

1 Code

Code is the The strongest characterIn Boruto Now. Like Kawaki he was granted a Karma by Jigen. However, he became a failure and received a White Karma. He was stronger than Jigen, however, because of this anomaly.

Code had body limiters placed on him by Amado, who finally removed them in the recent Boruto chapter. Now Code is stronger than any other character alive, and can easily destroy the likes Naruto when it comes to combat. Code’s strength will continue to increase and may eventually surpass that of Isshiki Ozutsuki.

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