Boruto: Code’s White Karma Explained

Code White Karma Boruto

Karma is a powerful power that can be used to change the world. Boruto. Boruto Uzumaki, protagonist of the series, was the first to be introduced. The Karma can only ever be bestowed by an Otsutsuki. This power allows an Otsuki to switch bodies and stay alive forever, allowing them to access the Karma. Boruto Uzumaki’s ability to transfer all the powers of the altitude to the vessel grants him tremendous power.

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Kawaki, a main character in the series, is the other character who wields Karma. Boruto possessed the Karma of Momoshiki Oksutsuki. Kawaki has one that Isshiki Oksutsuki gave him. It’s interesting to note that there are not just two people who use the Karma. Boruto You are right now. There was also Jigen, a monk used by Isshiki who is already dead, and there is also a Karma anomaly that belongs to Code of the Kara – the White Karma.

As with Kawaki’s secrets, Code’s Karma is deeply connected to Isshiki Obtsuki. Kaguya Otsuki, the latter’s mother, brought the code to Earth a millennium back with him. They wanted to plant a God tree on the planet and use its power. Kaguya Otsuki (lower rank) was supposed to feed the 10-tails so that it could bear a powerful fruit. She turned against Isshiki, and attacked him. Isshiki, who survived barely, made Jigen, a monk, his vessel and bestowed Karma on him. But he knew the monk’s weak body wasn’t strong enough to sustain his full power. So he set out to find the perfect vessel.

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Jigen searched for the perfect vessel for decades. He conducted many experiments on children with Amado, including Code. Two survivors survived after the experimentation with his Karma resulted in the death of most of those children. Kawaki, the child who carried his Karma successfully, went through a lot of pain but received Isshiki’s power in return. Code, however, was an exception to the rule. Although he was still a failure, he managed to survive. Code was a failure to complete the Karma transfer process, which would normally result in death. But Code survived and received a White Karma. The Otsutsuki can use the seals to resurrect themselves after death. The White Karma is a little different.

Although this Karma is a powerful tool for Code, it can’t be used to bring about resurrection. It exists as a weapon for mass destruction. Although the author doesn’t know why Code got White Karma, it is probable that there was a reason. Code was able to increase his strength and become one of the most powerful members of Kara.

A Karma is simply a collection of all data from an Otsuki. It is compressed into a small seal and then given to a vessel. As the seal ages, it slowly releases itself. Once the process is completed, the Otsutsuki may be resurrected. The body also gains all the knowledge, abilities and powers from the Otsutsuki as the process continues. Each Karma added to the vessel’s power increases it tremendously. Code is not a perfect vessel but he is still extremely powerful because his Karma functions like a weapon. Code was gifted with a powerful tool. His White Karma also gave him the strength to surpass Jigen. As expected, even Kara’s leader was afraid of him and the power he possessed. Jigen placed limiters on his body that greatly suppressed his powers to subdue all his threats. Code maintained his confidence that he was among the strongest Inners in the Kara and stronger that the likes Delta and Boro.

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Fans witnessed Code’s demonstration of the White Karma during the latest Boruto arc. Despite his suppressed power, he was strong enough for Naruto Uzumaki to be defeated and even keep up Boruto in his Karma status. Despite being suppressed in his power, he was able to withstand Kawaki’s Karma powers and even use Daemon as a support weapon during battle. Code’s Karma limits were finally removed after he kidnapped Amado. He is now one of the strongest characters, if not the most powerful, in the story. However, his abilities can be matched by others. Fans watched Daemon (one of the Cyborgs created to combat the threat of Jigen from Amado), deal with him quite effectively.

Code is undoubtedly stronger than Jigen. He is also most likely the strongest human on the planet right now. The cyborgs Ada and Damon created to fight Jigen are both extremely powerful and can handle his threat well. Code is still extremely powerful and a threat Konoha cannot handle right now. His White Karma will only grow stronger over time and make him more dangerous than Jigen. Code has a plan to gain more strength and eventually defeat everyone who stands in his path.

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