Boruto Episode Titles Indicate Uzumaki Family Vacation

Boruto Episode Titles Hint At Uzumaki Family Trip

Boruto: Naruto Next GensThe anime series has taken Team 7 on wild adventures that didn’t take place in the manga. Although the Weekly Shonen Jump story is currently focusing on the Kara Organization, which is now threatening the Ninja World, the TV series seems to be giving the Uzumaki a much-needed vacation after the events of The Land of Water Arc.       

Naruto has a history of creating “filler” stories for its anime series. This is material that doesn’t originally appear in the manga. However, the quality of these stories vary across the board. Boruto Next Generations was able to catch up on adapting the battle against Kara as well the deaths and deaths of Jigen the Nine-Tailed Fox and Jigen the Nine-Tailed Fox. So it is not surprising that original tales were created for the anime adaptation. While some of the main characters may not be able see significant changes, the latest episode has shown that Team 7 can still deliver some serious curveballs. Konoha’s ninjas saw some of their allies go to war in the Land of Water.

Episode titles for episodes 257-2558, 258, and 259 are available. Boruto: Naruto Next GensTaken as is:

“Episode 257 – Konohamaru Who Became Hokage!
Episode 258 – Uzumaki Family Hot Spring Trip
Episode 259 – Unhealing Wounds”

Ironically, hot springs will continue to be a part the Shonen franchise. The story of Kakashi and Might Guy travelling the ninja universe involved the Copy Cat Ninja trying to find a spring to heal the wounds of his best friend during the battle of Naruto Shippuden. It will be fascinating to see what surprises anime series has in store for Hidden Leaf Village fans, as the episodes are also likely to revolve around Konohamaru.

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