Boruto: Kawaki And Boruto Have Solidified Their Brotherly Relationship

kawaki boruto fight episode 255

Spoilers: Boruto Episode 255 and related chapters in the Manga.

Boruto It has been a solid follow-up to Naruto:Shippuden In many different ways. One example is the similarity between Naruto-Sasuke’s relationships and Boruto-Kawaki. Like Kawaki and Boruto, the prior also had a brotherly bond.

Although Kawaki was introduced later in the anime and manga, he and Boruto are on their way to solidifying a friendship that’s more like brotherhood. This is illustrated in Episode 255 by the characters actions. Two boys can communicate more efficiently than ever because they have deep understandings of each other.

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Kawaki sat silently during the Funato War To Naruto debriefing because he couldn’t express his thoughts properly in words. Boruto speaks back when Kawaki tells Boruto Ikawa should get punished for what they did. Not wanting to have the punishment of Ikawa who was leading the Funato spark another war with the Hidden Mist, Kawaki reaffirms that they “were just lucky this time” and then stops speaking on the matter.

The way Kawaki looks on Boruto is an example of their bond. He’s not glaring or looking on with a disdain that was palpable earlier in the series; now it appears that Kawaki is carefully watching him, much like a big brother would do. There’s more that Kawaki wanted to say, but he’s unsure of how to go about it. It’s not until he meets up with Metal Lee, Iwabe and Denki that the connection is made between Boruto and his sour mood. Iwabe is able to read him and then confront him about it, to which Kawaki says, “If we could end conflicts just by talking, there’d be no need for shinobi.”

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Boruto tells Boruto to get along with Kawaki after a heart-to – a conversation Naruto has with Boruto Naruto tells his son that Kawaki is a special person. Boruto then goes on a quest to find Kawaki and confronts him. After he has spoken with him, they begin to fight. Kawaki claims that he doesn’t care about his fate during the battle. This means that he cannot rely on him to make risky choices on missions. Sometimes, the world of Naruto, there’s no better way to express your true feelings other than fighting it out. You can think back to all the instances Naruto tried during his time with Sasuke to express his feelings. Shippuden.

The boys now have a solid brotherhood. Although they may not have had the best of intentions, they quickly became family. They have a deep respect for one another, much like a family. Kawaki regards Naruto as a father figure. This partly explains why he is so deeply in love with him. He’s fully integrated into the Uzumaki family and that’s going to make the story much stronger in the end.

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