Boruto: Sarada uchiha Has the Greatest Potential

Sarada Uchiha in battle

Boruto: Naruto Next GensThe Konoha 11’s Naruto and other Konoha 11 characters were moved to the forefront of attention, with the new heroes taking on the responsibility of Leaf Shinobi. One of the NarutoSarada, the child of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha, is one of sequel’s most outstanding talents. Sarada wants to be the future Hokage, just like Naruto. She is slowly moving toward that goal. But, Sarada, based upon her past and the achievements she has shown so far, should be stronger than she currently seems — with the potential of growing exponentially.

Sarada, the daughter Konoha’s strongest Kunoichi and the most powerful Uchiha alive, has big shoes to fill. Sarada struggled at first to unlock and use her Sharingan, but after a fierce fight with Boro of Kara’s group Sarada finally unlocked the third Tomoe. A three-tomoe Sharingan, the highest level of maturity that Uchiha attain, means that she has all the base abilities including movement tracing, jutsu mimicry and genjutsu immunity. Her eyes’ maturation, despite its obvious benefits, is not her only advantage. Sarada’s experience and physical strength still needs to catch up with her abilities.

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The Uchiha bloodline also has a cheat code. BorutoSakura is also attempting to instil the chakra control and medical ninjutsu skills into Sarada. Sakura’s forbidden One Hundred Healing Jutsu should be her ultimate goal, but her journey to the forehead seal will give her considerable benefits.

First and foremost, Sarada should recognize the incredible brute strength Sakura and Tsunade are known for. Sarada is slowly taking advantage of this. The second is the fine art of chakra control, something even Sasuke could not master at her age. Her ability to optimize her chakra consumption and deliver devastating melee hits is the best of both her parents’ worlds.

Sarada would have more power than her base Sharingan, combined with her brute force and future Hundred Healings marks, to challenge for the title Hokage. Masashi Kishimoto has suggested that Sarada might be able to use the Mangekyo Sharingan. Sarada could be able to counter the Mangekyo sharingan’s worst effects with the continuous regeneration Hundred Healings. Or at least, she might be able use her new abilities without as much discomfort as other Uchiha. She would be able to unlock unique abilities in every Mangekyo Sharingan eyes, as well as another strength boost from the Susanoo.

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Sarada may not have needed a full-bodied Susanoo. The trend is in BorutoThis has led to the series moving away kaiju-like monsters in favor of absolute power. Jigen’s defeat against Naruto, Sasuke and their gigantic forms showed how ineffective they had become against Otsuki. This is an enemy Sarada might need to continue facing. Sarada may be more interested than the others in Team 7 in jutsus that dramatically increase her strength, but not necessarily increase her size.

If Rasengan rules are any indication, even compressing a small amount of a full-bodied Susanoo’s chakra into a form-fitting avatar could result in explosive force from her casual movements. If her One Hundred Healings mark doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of Mangekyo sharingan blindness, it would be a good idea to avoid using a huge Susanoo.

This has not been confirmed by the BorutoSo for now, Sarada has “full potential”. It’s hard to imagine how talented she could be, given that she is arguably more gifted than her parents. It will be hard to match up with special cases like Boruto, Kawaki and others. However, their Otsutsukification isn’t enough to justify how far they’ve fallen from Sarada. It is expected that the future Hokage will be able handle threats similar to theirs.

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