Boruto’s Greatest Fight is the One that Fans Will Never See

Naruto Never Deserved Hinata, & Boruto Proves it

Boruto continues Naruto’s tradition of spectacular fights. It’s a shame that the series doesn’t feature one epic brawl.

There are many amazing fight scenes in the movie. Boruto, the sequel series missed a major opportunity by not showing Hinata’s fight to save Naruto.

Even after the introduction of BorutoHinata is a fan-favorite Ninja because of that. Her kindness and willingness to go against her family’s expectations makes her extremely likable. Her greatest achievement in the original series is her willingness to stand up for Naruto after he was pinned by Pain. Even though Pain almost killed her, she was defeated by Pain. However, Hinata was proud of her courage in attempting to save someone she cares about. Naruto, Hinata and their first kiss is a sign that they are finally in love and start dating. The Last: Naruto The Movie. The time is BorutoHinata seems to have given up being an ninja and instead decided to be a stay at home mom. Although fans were disappointed to see her play a smaller part in the sequel series’, the most disappointing thing was not being able to see the time she did act.


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The first few chapters Borutothese are dedicated the Chunin Exams participant, the title character, and his friends. Just as Naruto disqualifies Boruto for cheating in Chapter 5 though, the exam is attacked by Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. The Ōtsutsuki unleashes a vicious attack to try and capture Naruto, culminating in a massive energy ball. Naruto uses all the power of Kurama to resist the attack, but it is not enough. The ball explodes and knocks Boruto out. In chapter 6, the young ninja finds Hinata lying in a nearby hospital bed. Sakura then tells a shocked Boruto that his mom tried to fight Momoshiki and save Naruto, but that she was ultimately beaten. Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to see the fight between Hinata & Momoshiki.

Hinata was hurt after trying to save Naruto in Boruto.

It’s not a secret that Naruto’sFemale ninjas are often the ones that make the series fall apart, and that is true of Boruto too. The problem is made worse by the fact that Hinata is now a full-time mother. BorutoIt isn’t often that she gives her moments to show how much she’s grown or changed as a ninja over the years. Naruto. Of course, the main focus of BorutoThe focus should have been on the title character and his new generation ninjas. However, the series still manages to give fights to older characters like Naruto and Sasuke. So it’s disappointing when readers don’t get to see Hinata throw down the first time the series gives them a valid reason.

There are no inherent problems with BorutoMaking Hinata a stay at home mom seems to be a good fit with her character. However, even though she spends most her time caring about Boruto or Himawari, that doesn’t mean there aren’t action scenes. Despite the fact Naruto’s and Hinata’s relationship not being the best, it doesn’t mean they can’t have an action scene. BorutoIt could have been a poignant callback to Naruto fighting with Pain to see Hinata again face a greater threat for her love. Unfortunately, it was not possible to see the fight. Nevertheless, it is possible to hope for more chapters in the future. BorutoHinata will have the chance to shine.

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