Boruto’s Most Powerful Jutsu

Boruto Strongest Jutsu

Boruto Umaki is the protagonist Naruto’s sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Gens. While his story is still set within the world of ninjas, it is very different than its predecessor.

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One, Boruto Uzumaki (the protagonist of the story) is a genius unlike his father Naruto back in the day. Boruto is a skilled master of many types of jutsu, even though he is young. Over the years, he has also added many effective techniques to an already extensive arsenal. Which are they? Boruto’s most powerful Jutsu?

Rei Penber, July 7, 2022.Boruto is one of series’ most powerful characters. His growth over the years has made Boruto Uzumaki one of Konoha’s strongest characters, surpassing even his father Naruto Uzumaki or his mentor Sasuke Uchiha. He has become a formidable force with the help of the Karma. Boruto learned many powerful Jutsu over the course of his journey.

13 Thunderclap Arrow

Boruto is a very skilled user of Lightning Release, and he has proven it on numerous occasions. Thunderclap Arrow is his strongest Lightning Release technique.

Boruto uses lightning chakra to shape it into an arrow and then throws it at his target. You can also use it in conjunction with Water Release, to kill anyone who has great power.

12 Boruto Stream

Boruto Stream, Boruto Uzumaki’s own creation, is a very complex jutsu. Boruto uses two Shadow Clones to launch him towards his target. He then has them use Wind Release: Gale Palm.

Boruto’s speed increases tremendously due to this and his enemies find it difficult to counter his moves. Boruto often adds another jutsu, to make it more powerful.

11 Gentle Fist

Boruto Uzumaki was the son of a skilled taijutsu practitioner in Hinata. It is not surprising that he learned the Gentle Fist technique. Boruto is more than capable of using this jutsu even though he does not have the Byakugan.

Boruto’s Gentle Fiend would enable him to end the tenketsu of his enemies in battle if he masters Dojutsu.

10 Shadow Clone Jutsu

Shadow Clone Jutsu has been a signature technique of Naruto Umaki. His son Boruto Uzumaki also learned it. Boruto created Shadow Clones as many as three during his Academy days. That is quite impressive.

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Boruto can create clones of his self, which causes huge problems for his enemies who have more people. Boruto can also allow his clones to use any Jutsu they want. Although Boruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu may not be as impressive as Naruto’s, it is still quite impressive.

9 Summoning Jutsu

Boruto Uzumaki can summon snakes in the anime. Boruto was able to sign a contract sealing with Garaga, a giant serpent akin to Aoda, in the Mitsuki Disappearance story arc.

In the same arc, he summoned Garaga to battle. Boruto, strangely enough hasn’t made much of this jutsu ever since the arc.

8 Rasengan

Rasengan is Naruto’s strongest Jutsu and was eventually passed to Boruto. Boruto was taught this Jutsu by Konohamaru but was able to perfect it all on his own.

To increase the chakra’s power, this technique compresses it into a small sphere. The chakra ball also rotates at high speeds in multiple directions, increasing its damage once it touches the target.

7 Compression Rasengan

Compression Rasengan can be quite effective.Powerful jutsuSurprisingly, this is only in Boruto anime. Boruto continues to work on his Rasengan and compresses it to increase its piercing powers.

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Because of its heavy compression, the Rasengan is able to break through strong defenses and even knock out powerful foes. Although Compression Rasengan is one of Boruto’s most powerful jutsu, it still needs to be improved.

6 Rasengan: Wind Release

Rasengan is one the most iconic techniques in the country. Naruto franchise. Minato Namikaze created this technique. It was to be completed with a nature transformation. It was eventually passed to Jiraiya who then passed it on to Naruto. The young Uzumaki added Wind Release to the original, creating Wind Release: Rasenshuriken.

Naruto was Konohamaru’s mentor and he taught Naruto the Rasengan. In turn, he passed it on to Boruto, Naruto’s son. Boruto is as skilled as his father, and it didn’t take him long to add his nature transform to this technique. Boruto, just like his father created the Wind Release: Rasengan. This Rasengan can be quite destructive and the wind-natured chakra makes it stronger.

5 Vanishing Rasengan

Boruto discovered Vanishing Rasengan accidentally while learning Rasengan. Boruto accidentally gave his Rasengan a new twist by adding Lightning Release.

This Rasengan is able to vanish in the path of an enemy when it is thrown at them by the lightning chakra. However, it still hits the target. As you would expect, it can surprise anyone, even someone as powerful as Momoshiki Ohsutsuki.

4 Karma Rift

Boruto Uzumaki received the Karma. He gained access to many new abilities. One of these is the Karma Rift. He gained the ability to use space-time and portals effectively.

Boruto initially needed Kawaki’s assistance to open portals. However, over time, he was able to take greater control of this power and use it himself. Boruto was the one that transported Isshiki Otsuki to another dimension during his fight against him.

3 Jogan

The Jogan is a mysterious Kekkei Genkai Dojutsu. It was born in Boruto Uzumaki as a young child. Toneri says that this eye is inextricably connected to Otsuki clan. Its powers are still not fully explored as Boruto doesn’t have any control over it. However, it was shown to the fans in the anime’s first arc. Boruto’s Jogan can detect distortions of space-time.

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The eye functions exactly like the Byakugan. It can see the chakra pathways clearly. It can detect weak points in the bodies of his targets, which makes it easier for him to fight. While the Jogan’s actual power is still unknown, it will be more visible in the future.

2 Purple Electricity

The Boruto Manga, Boruto Umaki is well-known to be an expert user of Purple Electricity. This jutsu is similar to the Chidori, but without the tunnel vision.

Kakashi Hatake invented Purple Electricity. It allows the user to fire a bolt of lightning with great power from their hand. Boruto used this jutsu in the anime with his shinobi-kote, but in the manga, it appears that he has good control.

1 RasendanRasendan Boruto

The Rasendan, a special Rasengan version that Boruto used when Momoshiki Otsuki had control of his body, is a variant of the Rasengan. Boruto made the Rasengan smaller and could fire it off at a rapid pace with only one finger. This technique is extremely fast and powerful and Code was unable to master it.

Although Boruto may not be able to use the Rasendan by himself, it is something he can still do. The technique should be easily accessible to Boruto, thanks to all of the Momoshiki’s experience. This technique is sure to be effective against faster and agile enemies.

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